9 Loft Storage Ideas and Hacks (Make The Most of Your Space!)

When you live in a loft, finding adequate storage space for all of your things can be difficult, to say the least. However, it doesn’t always have to be a challenge. We’ve included 9 top loft storage ideas below to prove just that. Have a read through to discover how to optimise every nook of your loft into an effective storage area.

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Cupboards for lofts

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1. Cupboards

Cupboards are a simple and easy solution to your storage woes. You can tuck custom-built cupboards beneath the eaves of the loft. This will keep them out of the way and the floor space open. There’s no need for storage solutions to reduce the living space in your loft.

Then, when you tuck your things away into your in wall cupboards, it will keep your clutter hidden so that your home remains neatly organised.

Shelves For a Loft

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2. Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a fun way to store knick knacks and books. It is best to place these on an empty wall. These adorable shelves are also quite easy to install.

When you pick them out at your local Ikea or home decor store, they should come with everything you need to mount them on the wall. This usually means a few brackets and screws are included in the shelving package.

The best part is, that there are endless options available when it comes to choosing the style of your shelves. From wood to metal you are sure to find a floating shelf that suits the aesthetic of your loft!

Custom wall storage unit for your loft

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3. Custom Wall Storage Units

Already know that you will need a substantial amount of storage space? Then custom wall storage units are the way to go.

You can build these units to span the entirety of your wall so that no space goes unused. Depending on your needs, you can then choose between cubbies, closed cupboards doors, drawers, shelves or a combination of all of these.

Keep in mind that both cubbies and shelves work best when you are placing tidy items like books there. For miscellaneous clothing like socks and shirts, closed cupboard drawers are a better option. That way if your socks aren’t the most organised you can still tuck them away tidily.

Bed Frame With Storage

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4. Classic Under-Bed Storage

Where would we be without the brilliant organisational hack of classic under-bed storage containers? Whether you live in a loft or apartment, this storage option can be an organisational lifesaver.

There are two options when it comes to under-bed storage, sealed plastic tubs or drawers that are built into the bed frame.

If you already have a bed frame that you love, sealed plastic tubs are your best option. These are usually relatively easy to find in organisational stores and don’t require any installation. To put these in place, you simply need to open the bin, fill it with your things, close it and slide it under the bed.

On the other hand, if your bed frame could do with an upgrade you may want to consider built-in bed frame drawers. As their name suggests, these drawers are built directly into the bedframe.

Ikea offers flatpack furniture options which allow you to assemble a bed frame that includes these drawers. Once your new bed frame is installed, simply pull out the drawer and place your things inside!

Some bed frames even come with a storage option where the bed lifts up to reveal the storage space. This can be handy for storing blankets and linens.

One of the great things about choosing a bed frame with built-in drawers is that it will refresh the loft’s aesthetic. So, you’ll get extra storage and the opportunity to update your bedroom all at the same time!

Bed Above Storage

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5. Raise Your Bed Up

Speaking of beds and storage, you don’t just have to stop at under bed storage containers or drawers. If you raise your entire bed up you’ll discover a whole world of space.

This style is similar to a bunk bed, except that instead of having a bed on the top and bottom you’ll just have a bed on the top. Then you can transform all of that space under your bed into a nifty storage area.

If you are in need of a home office you can even take it to the next level and tuck a desk in their too. To complete the process and truly make your space your own, just add a few decorative touches.

Then you can say goodbye to clutter and a lack of space, and hello to a gorgeous and tidy, optimised loft!

Built-In Wardrobe

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6. Built-in Wardrobe

When your loft is your bedroom you will need storage space for your clothes. Considering that clothes can take up quite a bit of space this can be tricky.

A good way to avoid this conundrum is with a built-in wardrobe. Like custom wall storage units, these are uniquely designed for each loft.

Plus, with a built-in wardrobe, you won’t need to worry about using a dresser or armoire which would take up too much space in a loft.

To further optimise your built-in loft wardrobe, choose sliding doors that discretely tuck away.

Folding Doors

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7. Folding and Sliding Doors

Whether you have a door at the entrance to the loft, or you are contemplating the best wardrobe doors, folding and sliding doors are a top option.

When you have traditional hinged doors which open inwards or outwards, you have to leave a certain amount of space empty. Without this space, you won’t be able to open the door properly. Having to account for this space could hinder your design plans for the layout of the room.

In contrast, folding or sliding doors, tuck away easily. With folding doors, the door will often fold into itself in a corner of the room. Sliding doors don’t take up much space either. You may even be able to arrange for these doors to slide into the wall. How’s that for maximising your space?!

Corner Cabinet

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8. Corner Units

When you’re in a loft, no area must be left unaccounted for when it comes to the hunt for storage solutions. Corner units are a perfect example of this.

With a corner unit, not space is wasted. These adorable storage cabinets can slide directly into the corner. For a unique look, choose glass doors. Then you can showcase any memorabilia, favoured books, or other trinkets without worrying that they will collect dust.

Fireplace storage

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9. Convert Old Fireplaces

Is there an unused fireplace in your loft? Don’t let this hinder your organisational goals!

Unused fireplaces are the perfect spot to tuck a dresser away. Not only will it add an elegant touch, but it will also ensure that your dresser isn’t placed somewhere inconvenient.

You can even paint the dresser and fireplace in a matching colour so that they blend in together!

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