Top Loft Conversion Ideas That Will Transform Your Attic

Are you considering renovating your loft? If you are, you’re in the right place! We’ve collected our favourite loft conversion ideas from across the web to help inspire your next renovation. These conversions include small loft conversion ideas, loft storage ideas, bedrooms, and bathrooms! We want to make sure you’re using the space in your home in the best way possible, after all.

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Now, let’s get into our top loft conversion ideas!

Small Loft Conversion Ideas

Top Loft Conversion Ideas That Will Transform Your Attic - Reading Nook in Loft

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Tiny Reading Nook

If your loft doesn’t have much room to spare, you can still transform it into livable space. This tiny loft conversion takes the form of a reading nook featuring a wall of bookshelves. The best part of this design is that you can style it towards any member of your family. If you have kids, you can outfit the nook with bright colours and toys, or if you don’t, we think the pictured design looks great! It’s really up to you.

Top Loft Conversion Ideas That Will Transform Your Attic - Home Office With a View

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Home Office with a View

If you’re considering undertaking a loft conversion, you may be struggling to find a good use for the areas with sloped ceilings. That’s why we love this small loft conversion, as it uses that space in a productive way.

This loft features a built-in desk in the loft’s hallway with built-in storage at the end of the hall. We love that the window sill doubles as a storage space. Plus, what’s better than a home office with natural light and a view of the outdoors? This space would be perfect if you have children at home or you find yourself working at home on a regular basis.

Top Loft Conversion Ideas That Will Transform Your Attic - Lounge in Your Tiny Attic

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Lounge in Your Tiny Attic

If the ceiling in your loft is too low for a full bedroom or bathroom, why not use it as extra living space? Your kids are sure to love lounging in the attic and you’re sure to love having your own space on the main floor! This loft conversion features budget-friendly vinyl siding on the ceiling and walls and a built-in bench under the window. The bean bags and scattered toys make it the perfect place for kids to hang out and relax.

Why not add some lovely rugs for extra decor and protection? If you have hardwood floors covering your attic floor, the sound of tiny feet can still sound… well… not-so-quiet from downstairs. Rugs are a great way to make any room cosier and have the added benefit of absorbing the sound of footsteps. We’re especially big fans of the shaggy rugs for attics, but there are plenty choose from whether you’re browsing online or in a high street shop near you.

Loft Storage Ideas

Top Loft Conversion Ideas That Will Transform Your Attic - Build a New Closet

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Build a New Closet

If your master bedroom has a connecting staircase to your loft, why not use the loft as a beautiful walk-in closet? You can install custom cabinetry along the walls of the loft and skylights in the ceiling to bring in plenty of natural light. This walk-in closet is clean and modern, but you can tailor it to whatever style you prefer. If your loft is large enough for a bedroom with a dormer that extends off of the side, use the dormer as a closet instead!

Top Loft Conversion Ideas That Will Transform Your Attic - Install Sliding Doors

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Install Sliding Doors

This loft conversion really maximises the space available in the room. Given how low the ceilings are on the sides of your loft conversion, it can be easy to ignore this space or make it look messy and forgotten. During this renovation, the homeowners decided to install shelving and storage spaces in the space below the roof.

Behind the first barn door, you can see that there is shelving installed in the space. The barn doors, shelves, and flooring all stick to a consistent colour palette, making the room look cohesive and intentional. With this renovation, the homeowners are able to store their less-than-beautiful belongings behind sliding doors while still displaying their knick knacks and essentials.

Top Loft Conversion Ideas That Will Transform Your Attic - Use the Space You Have

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Use the Space You Have

If your loft conversion has more of an industrial vibe, this hack is for you! You can use metal piping to create a makeshift closet in your open loft. Just install the piping on your sloped ceiling and hang up your clothes on it. It’s as simple as that.

To change the aesthetic of this makeshift closet, all you need to do is install a different colour of pipe (or just paint it!). We love this idea because it doesn’t require building new walls or installing custom cabinetry and can be removed easily if you want to change the purpose of your loft.

Loft Conversion Bedroom Ideas

Top Loft Conversion Ideas That Will Transform Your Attic - Create a Master Suite

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Create a Master Suite

If you’re lucky enough to have this much space in your loft, you should put it to good use! This master suite features a neutral colour palette and natural wood accents. The homeowners have also utilised the lower ceiling in an efficient way, installing built-in storage along an entire wall.

The skylights in the ceiling bring natural light into this beautiful master suite. From what we can see of the bathroom, it features a large window and full bathtub. That sounds like a pretty nice master suite to us!

Top Loft Conversion Ideas That Will Transform Your Attic - Monotone Shiplap Cladding

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Monotone Shiplap Cladding

While this cosy room would be a perfect master suite, we think it also works as a guest or rental suite. If you have all the space you need for your family in your home but lack a guest room, why not convert your loft into a fully functional suite for your guests? Your family and friends can stay in your loft when they’re in town, and you can even rent it out on Airbnb when you don’t have visitors.

We love the monotone shiplap cladding in this loft conversion, as well as the hardwood flooring that ties the bedroom and bathroom together. You can even see that there is hidden storage in the shorter area of the room. We’re sure that any of your guests (whether they’re family or not) will love this guest suite!

Top Loft Conversion Ideas That Will Transform Your Attic - Build a Sleepover Room With Built-in Beds

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Build a Sleepover Room with Built-in Beds

This loft conversion is definitely extravagant, but will soon become the talk of the town. If you have a large family that visits often or simply want to build a room dedicated to sleepovers, this conversion is perfect for you. This room features multiple single beds, perfect for children and adults alike. The beds also feature built-in storage, making sure space is used in the best way possible.

Bathroom Loft Conversion Ideas

Top Loft Conversion Ideas That Will Transform Your Attic - Use a Dormer to Add Headspace to Your Shower

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Use a Dormer to Add Headspace to Your Shower

Having a lower ceiling doesn’t have to mean that you have less space. This loft conversion uses the lower ceiling (and dormer) to its advantage, creating this beautiful and sunny bathroom. In most bathrooms, you’ll see the shower head installed on the exterior wall or ceiling, which would cause some trouble in a room with sloped ceilings.

However, the owners of this home have installed the shower’s plumbing in a piping system independent from the walls of the room. This shift, along with the dormer, creates extra headspace for whoever is in the shower, a luxury not commonly found in attic bathrooms.

Top Loft Conversion Ideas That Will Transform Your Attic - Luxurious Master Bathroom

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Luxurious Master Bathroom

If you have the space to spare, why not create a master bathroom this large? This beautiful bathroom features glossy white tiles, hardwood flooring on the steps, and brass fixtures. The resulting product is a bathroom that is both modern and vintage. We love that the homeowners used a fabric shower curtain instead of a glass wall, creating a more comfortable look.

The white tile flooring is also accented with small black tiles, defining the space and making it look more custom. To increase the available storage space in the bathroom, you could also install drawers in the steps for linens and towels.

Top Loft Conversion Ideas That Will Transform Your Attic - Shower Room in Your Attic

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Shower Room in the Attic

This shower room in a converted loft uses all the space it has in an efficient way. By not installing a swinging door in the shower, and turning the entire room into a shower room, the homeowners have added space to the bathroom. They’ve also installed a sink that hugs the wall closely with open storage underneath instead of a full vanity.

What really sets this bathroom apart from the crowd is the tile flooring that makes the room look softer and less modern. We love how the blue flowers in the tile flooring tones down the stark white and black features of the rest of the bathroom.

We hope our loft conversion ideas have inspired you to transform your loft into a space your family will love. If we have, you can request bids from local contractors on Bidvine for free! All you need to do is answer a few questions about your renovation project and we’ll shortlist custom bids from interested pros for you. Hit the button below the get started:

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