Music Teachers Advertise Game Of Thrones Theme Song Tutorials

Just in time for the final season of Game of Thrones which premieres April 14, musically-astute Game of Thrones enthusiasts can learn how to play the theme song of the hit show!

To help enthusiasts learn the theme song, music teachers will be offering their services to Game of Thrones fans via one-to-one tutorials hosted by Bidvine.

The service is available across the UK for fans of the show and is available from £30 per hour. The tutorials are available to book now and will continue throughout the duration of the final season.

What Instruments Can You Choose?

The main instrument featured in the iconic theme song – which was composed by Ramin Djawadi – is the cello, though a number of different instruments complete the orchestral number.

The special one-to-one tutorials will be taught on four instruments: the cello, the violin, the guitar and the piano, but fans are also able to reach out to the 1000’s of music teachers on Bidvine’s site to request further lessons.

However, in honour of the composer Djawadi, the theme song will not be taught on the flute as this instrument was purposefully omitted from the composition.

The tutorials will be taught on an hourly basis, but can take as long or be as short as each individual needs.

Sign Up For a Game of Thrones Musical Tutorial

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