Lawn Edging Ideas – Get Inspired With These 9 Delightful Tips

When planning out your green space it’s important to keep things tidy. With these delightful lawn edging ideas, you’ll soon be crafting an inspiring garden that you’ll enjoy all summer long!
Nicer weather draws us all outdoors. With a bit of care, your lawn will look vibrant and fresh throughout the upcoming months. You’ll want to spend all of your time there!

But as much fun as choosing beautiful plants for your garden is, it’s the small touches that will make your yard stand out from your neighbours.

Lawn edging is one of the best ways to help your yard look neat and tidy. Even when you might not have time to tend it, this outdoor product will help delineate your gardens from your lawn. It keeps pesky grass from growing out of your flower beds too.
From concrete to plastic to the unusual, you’re sure to find lawn edging that will fit your style and budget. But you may be looking for inspiration to help get started. We’ve rounded up 9 lawn edging ideas to help you transform your yard!

Lawn Edging Ideas

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Plastic Lawn Edging Ideas

If cost is a concern, you’ll want to find lawn edging ideas and options that work with your budget and still allow you to express your style in your garden. Readily available, preformed plastic options for fencing are a simple way to clean up and define the edges in any yard.
Like the mini metal fencing we talk about next, plastic fences come in shorter pieces that allow you to work around your garden’s curves. They may fit together with plastic slats to connect and stay upright.
Plastic lawn edging comes in a variety of designs. Some of the most popular styles include a miniature picket fence in white. This provides a clear, defined edge that’s easy to keep tidy. But if you’re concerned that the white will show signs of dirt and wear, you may be interested in a cobblestone look instead. This will give you the look of a stone border without the heavyweight or width.

Patio Brick Edging

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Patio Brick Installations

A traditional material can be a classic choice for your yard and can suit nearly any type of home. Patio bricks come in many different shades so they are sure to look at home in your yard. After all, they are meant for this purpose! 

Their rectangular shape will allow you to build around any shape in your yard. While you can get other shapes, rectangles are the easiest to work within your design. Plus, they’re easy to install too. 

Dig a shallow trench, one that is deep enough and wide enough to fit your patio bricks. Then, line it with gravel to make the surface even. Install your bricks and add sand to prevent the bricks from shifting over time. Sand in between the bricks can also keep stray grass or weeds from sprouting.


Patio bricks can be used the traditional way, creating a defined edge to any yard. It also makes it easier to mow as your mower can simply ride overtop like with any path when you take care of your yard. You can also use patio bricks as a border for your garden. Or use bricks to create a new space to build up the character in your yard! 


You can also use the patio bricks by positioning them upright, running perpendicular to your grass. This creates a great tall edge that will help contain your garden’s growth. 

Wooden Fence lawn edging ideas

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Mini Fence Edging

This specially made fencing is perfect for any of your yard’s edges! It provides a classic look, in traditional shades like black, white, or more rustic finishes. With the proper paint, you can even create a statement with a fence in your favourite colour! 

Made out of wire, fences will come in different decorative options. You can choose a simple wire frame with scallops or other designs built it, or something more decorative with vines or metal flowers that are woven into the design. These pre-made pieces have prongs to set them into the ground and make them secure. All you’ll need to do is pick up the pieces and get ready to install. 

Mini fences are great for gardens with tall or leafy plants that need a taller edge for definition. The small sections it comes in made it easy to go around curves or any garden shape! 

Lawn Edging Ideas

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Use Plant Pots As Lawn Edging

Over the years, you may find yourself with quite a collection of plant pots. You may even have more than you could possibly hope to fill with plants. So take any old, unused terracotta pots laying around and give them new life. This can be one of the most creative – and inexpensive –  lawn edging options!
Using plant pots in this way is very simple. Dig a shallow, rounded trench along the edge of your lawn. This will help keep your pots in place and prevent them from rolling. Then, nest your pots inside each other and lay them on their side. Choose pots that are all the same colour for a uniform look that looks fantastic.
You can also use your pots in a more traditional format as a home for plants! Again, dig a trench that is deep enough to brace your pot. Pack dirt around and in the pots to keep them steady. Then, you can use the pots to home hardy, low maintenance plants or leave them empty for a unique garden edging.
Then, you can also combine pots with a small stone garden wall, if you simply can’t decide which of the lawn edging ideas you prefer!

Lawn Edging Ideas

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Embrace Curves In Your Yard

Although it may not be the easiest thing to mow around, don’t shy away from curves in your yard! They create great visual interest that will help the flow of your yard. Curving garden beds could even be unexpected if your house favours the straight lines of modern or traditional architecture. The contrast of your beautiful green grass and deep brown dirt or mulch is a great look for any yard.
When you choose curves, it’s important to keep them looking neat and tidy. Plastic stripping meant for curved lines will help define your edges and prevent stray growth. But you could also take care of the maintenance yourself with an edging tool. These tools are readily available and need the simple pressure of your foot to help clean up your lawn.
Be careful when adding a curved edge to your garden. You don’t want to dig down too deep and create a deep space that could collect more water. This could drown your plants or turn your yard into a soggy mess! Consider adding a drainage solution if this is a concern to keep things looking their best.

pebbles for garden edging

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Loose Pebbles as Edging

Looking for a natural option when it comes to lawn edging ideas? Then you’ll need to gather some natural materials. Small rocks or pebbles can brighten up the edges of your lawn, and best of all, it is a fairly low-cost option!
It also adds drainage as rocks allow water to flow through to the ground beneath when it rains. So, you can use this next to a fence or another edging option to allow water free passage.
Stones can also help define the different areas of your yard. There is a great contrast between the patio stone passageways and wooden decks of your living spaces, and the clean edges of rocks. The different textures add layers of visual interest.

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Large Stones to Edge Your Lawn

Stones don’t have to be small to find use as edging. Larger stones are easy to “plant” to create a rugged, jagged edge that defines the spaces of your lawn perfectly. Aim to find stones of a similar colour but make sure each stone looks a little different for the best effects. Best of all, because of the different size, you can combine these larger stones with smaller rocks and pebbles for a combined approach to edging.

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Wood For Edging

If curves aren’t for you, wood could be the perfect option for defining your yard. Wood gives you straight lines to mark out your garden beds and lawn perfectly. To keep costs low, consider using reclaimed wood or scrap wood. This can add more interest to your lawn too! Or cut a couple timbers of the same width and depth at random heights. The difference in height will draw the eye to your yard and make it interesting. Wood does create a more solid border, so you’ll need to balance out the visual weight with larger or more leafy plants in your gardens.
You can also use wood to create raised garden beds. Wood contains dirt more securely than a plastic or wire option, balancing the weight for a sturdy structure.


Hopefully, you’re inspired to make your mark in your yard! Your next step will be selecting the right material and obtaining it. Then, you can start edging your lawn!
When you’ve transformed your lawn edging ideas into a reality, you can host a backyard party to thank them with the perfect summertime menu. This makes it the perfect way to spend a beautiful weekend, working outside in the sunshine!
Not sure if you have time to work out the details and complete the work yourself? You can still make your dream backyard a reality. The help of a pro is only a few clicks away! They can take care of any mess and hassle that comes up, giving you just one job: enjoy your perfect new yard.

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