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Are you getting ready for summer? Curious how much landscape gardening costs in the United Kingdom? If so, you’re in the right place. We want to help you make your garden great again. Check out this cost guide for everything you need to know about the cost of landscape gardening in the United Kingdom.

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Keep in mind that gardening requires a fair amount of equipment and substances like fertiliser. The cost of purchasing these items on your own can easily outweigh the cost of hiring a professional gardener. We’ll be publishing a price comparison between DIY and professional gardening in the near future, so keep an eye out for that!

If you’re ready to hire a professional gardener, why not submit a free request on Bidvine? You’ll get custom, detailed bids from gardeners in your area with the click of a button. Hit the button below to submit a request for bids from gardeners!

Keep in mind that the costs included in this article are estimates. It is always best to contact your gardener directly for a custom quote that encompasses every aspect of your project.

Now, without further ado, let’s learn how much landscape gardening costs in the United Kingdom!

Landscape Gardening Cost Guide

How Much Do Different Gardening Services Cost in the UK?

What Is the Average Hourly Cost of Hiring a Gardener?

Gardeners on Bidvine can help you with whatever gardening project you want to undertake. Whether you want to start a new garden from scratch, replace or even maintain your existing garden, you can find the help you need on Bidvine. They can also help design your garden, in case you don’t have a plan in mind. If you need a sprinkler or drip system, a gardener can install that, too!

The average hourly rate for hiring a gardener on Bidvine is £22. Then, on average, the total cost to complete a gardening project comes to around £175. You can get custom bids for your gardening project by submitting a free request on Bidvine. Just click the button below to get started!

Average Hourly Rate for Hiring a Gardener: £22 per hour

Average Total Cost of Hiring a Gardener: £175

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Pro to Mow my Lawn?

A lawn care specialist can bring your garden from drab to fab within a few hours just by using a lawn mower and shears. They can mow your lawn, remove some weeds, fertilise your garden, and more. When you submit your request on Bidvine, just mark off each task you’d like your lawn care specialist to perform. This ensures you’ll get the most accurate bids from local professionals.

On Bidvine, the average rate for hiring a pro to mow your lawn is £16 per hour, and the average total cost of lawn mowing is £70. To find a local pro in your area, just click the button below!

Average Hourly Rate for Lawn Mowing: £16 per hour

Average Total Cost of Lawn Mowing: £70

What Is the Average Hourly Cost to Remove Weeds in the UK?

If your garden is overrun with weeds, it may be in your best interests to hire a professional to clear them out. You don’t want to risk finding out you’re allergic to something or missing some of the weeds. Whether you have stinging nettles, dandelions, ground ivy, or some other type of weeds, a professional weed remover will be able to take care of your garden.

When you hire a professional to weed your garden on Bidvine, you’ll pay an average of £22 per hour. This price can vary depending on how overrun your garden is and where you live. If you live an area with a higher cost of living and higher transportation costs you should expect your professional’s rates to reflect this.

Average Hourly Rate for Weeding: £22 per hour

Landscape Gardening Cost Guide - Make Your Garden Great Again - What months are the most popular for hiring a gardener?

What Months Are the Most Popular for Hiring a Gardener?

As you could probably expect, April is the most popular month for hiring a gardener on Bidvine. People are getting ready for summer and want their gardens to look top-notch as the weather gets warmer.

Gardening is also a popular service in the summer, hitting a warmer peak in August. During the colder months like November, December, and January, Bidvine customers are less likely to hire a pro to work on their garden.

Landscape Gardening Cost Guide - Make Your Garden Great Again - How much does gardening cost each month of the year?

How Much Does Gardening Cost Each Month of the Year?

The most expensive months to hire a gardener in are September, November, and January. This is likely because projects undertaken during these months are more labour-intensive and therefore cost more. If you’re looking for a gardening bargain, the warmer months and October are your best bets.

If you’d like to hire a professional gardener on Bidvine, click the button below to get custom bids from pros in your area. Then you can pick the best and hire them!

NoteThese prices are representative of past bids from Bidvine professionals and may not be equal to bids you receive. Submit a free request on Bidvine to get custom bids from professionals near you.

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