We Saw How Many Jobs Were Coming in So We Had to Try Bidvine!

Brilliant Clean Space

Rubbish Removal

Andrea and Gabriel, Brilliant Clean Space owners, infuse their passion for the environment and recycling into every job. They used Bidvine to kick start their business into action after being hired on their first Bidvine bid. The best part is the work just kept on coming!

Now 50% of their jobs regularly flow in through Bidvine. With Bidvine taking care of sourcing these clients Andrea and Gabriel can focus on sharing their vision of a clean city with each new customer they meet.

What Inspired Your To Create Brilliant Clean Space?

Our company is fairly new. Gabriel used to work for a big recycling company so he had many years of experience in the recycling industry. We want to keep the city clean. That’s why we designed our business around the idea of recycling.

We won’t just come, collect your junk and then that’s it. We want to make sure everything is recycled properly, and we work with eco-friendly recycling centres all around the city. Our mission is to make London a cleaner place.

How Did You Come Across Bidvine?

Shortly after we created Brilliant Clean Space we came across Bidvine. After doing some research, we decided to create a profile. At first we were hesitant about buying our first credit bundle, but we saw so many client requests coming in that we thought we’ve got nothing to lose if we give Bidvine a try. These requests aren’t Bidvine spam either, Bidvine doesn’t spam, they send valuable leads. We started getting lots of clients in the first couple of weeks and we were so excited because most of our clients were coming in from Bidvine.

What are Some of Your Favourite Features on Bidvine?

We really like the fact that Bidvine also helps approximate traveling distance for clients. It’s an important feature which really helps our business as well.

The requests Bidvine sends are relevant too. We really like that they send requests that are within the post code we specified on our profile.

We’ve also received repeat work from clients that have hired us on Bidvine which is great.

How Did You Create a Winning Profile?

Photos are really important. We try to upload as many pictures as we can from jobs that we’ve done like before and after pictures.

It is really important to get reviews as well. We care a lot about the feedback we get. It’s one of the most important considerations for customers when they are thinking about hiring you.

After we complete a job, we send the client a link with the site where they can submit feedback. Most clients are happy to do so as well.

What is The Key to Writing the Perfect Bid?

  • Be fast. Send your bid as soon as possible to make a good impression.
  • Make your bid informative and convincing. Include your qualifications and experience.
  • Include anything that sets you apart, e.g. flexible hours, bespoke service.
  • Try to be as specific as possible about the price.
  • Give them your contact info and link to your website so clients can contact you.
  • Be clear about next steps and be approachable.

What Advice do You Have For Customers Using Bidvine?

It is important that you send a picture of the job when you submit a request. We need a picture to provide a proper quote and cost estimate.

What Advice Would Share With Someone Starting Out on Bidvine?

You need to make sure you provide the client with enough information about your services. Then put pictures up on your Bidvine profile and remember to be responsive.

How Often do You Use Bidvine?

We use it daily. I mean yesterday we bought £100 of credits. On a daily basis, we spend between £50 and £100 on Bidvine. We had two hires from our bids yesterday; we had one in the evening and one scheduled for next week. So, that was exciting. I would say per week we get two or three hires through Bidvine.

What Is The Most Memorable Job You’ve Worked Through Bidvine?

There was this one young family with a baby. They had just bought their first home as a family and they just moved in, so they needed a home clearing. That was quite memorable. They were really happy with the service.

What Are Your Plans For The Future?

We want to expand. We’ve bought a new van and we’re speaking with the local council as well to continue to grow our partnerships locally, so it’s a very exciting time. Whatever happens with our future plans in the works, we know we’ll be continuing to use Bidvine to find new customers.

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