Introducing Bidvine Premium

Today we’re excited to announce Bidvine Premium; a new set of features and benefits for professionals that want deeper insights and who value a higher level of service.

Customer Management

Search, edit and maintain records of customers you connect with through Bidvine. Maintain a single, unified customer list.

Extended Support Hours

Speak to a member of our support team when you need to. Bidvine Premium subscribers will be able to reach a team member during our extended hours of telephone support: 9 am to 10 pm weekdays, 9 am to 6 pm weekends.

Quarterly Reviews

Regular performance reviews with a member of our Provider Success team. Based on your activity, profile and market, we’ll provide you with bespoke recommendations to help you increase your hired rate.

Bidvine Academy

Access to exclusive content in a biweekly newsletter to help you improve your sales and marketing processes (and more). Learn how to leverage best-practices to make the most of your business.

Office Hours

Access to quarterly events with industry experts such as accountants, lawyers, etc. Get your burning questions answered so that you can focus

Profile and Market Stats

Whether or not you are a premium subscriber, you will still have access to your performance data. Understand how you compare to others in your market and how efficient you are in building your business.

Activate Bidvine Premium

Bidvine premium is available in both a monthly and annual subscription plan. To activate Bidvine Premium, simply login to Bidvine and select the plan that is right for you on the Bidvine Premium page.