If You Don’t Get Hired with Your First Bid, Keep Bidding

Allen Blasdell


Inspired by his life-long passion for photography, Allen Blasdell established his freelance photography business CreativePixelPhotos in 2014. Seeking to grow his new business and spur it into action he joined Bidvine. When we had a conversation with Allen he shared his Bidvine success story, insight into crafting a winning bid, the importance of profile photos and his most memorable photoshoot from a Bidvine hire.

How Did You Get Into Photography?

I got my first camera for my 12th birthday which was a Kodak 127 Brownie. Since then, I’ve always loved photography and taking pictures. Then, in my twenties, I got my first “proper” camera and I used that for all sorts of photos from motorcycle racing to portraits. When I became a father I, of course, had plenty of photo opportunities!

Currently, my favourite camera is a Nikon. I use it to photograph everything from Caribbean beaches to the London Marathon.

I started my photography business, CreativePixelPhotos in 2014 when I was getting enquiries for weddings. Nowadays I cover both weddings and portrait photography.

What Recommendations Would You Share With New Photographers?

New photographers need to know two main things. First they should know how to use their camera and second, they need to know how to capture particular images.

I’ve met several photographers that only know 50% of what their camera is capable of. Even a low-end crop sensor camera can produce stunning pictures these days. However, in order to capture stunning pictures using this technique you need to know how to get the most out of your camera. You should also know how to go about creating a particular look, and what settings, lighting arrangements and poses produce the best results.

Basically, you need to practice every day. In my case, I may only have one wedding in a week but I use my camera three or four times a week at home to test new set-ups, lighting and backgrounds.

Photo credit: CreativePixelPhotos

How Has Bidvine Helped Your Business Grow?

I first came across Bidvine when looking for new ways to market my photography business. Bidvine has played a major role in my photography assignments this year. I get around 30% of my business from Bidvine.

There are many different ways people can find photographers. However, this is the only way customers can get directly comparable prices for a particular project.

What Is Key to a Winning Bid?

To create a winning bid I try and see my bid from the customer’s angle. I ask myself what does the customer want to know? From there I keep it quite brief and include links to the exact page on my website I think will be most relevant to them.

I also like to link to a brochure they can view or download. That way they can see my prices. It is also important to customise your bid. When I write bids I make it clear that this bid is just for them by addressing them by their name, mentioning the date, venue and then referring to other details they’ve mentioned as well.

If you’re wondering is Bidvine any good? Remember that perseverance is key. You need to keep bidding, I probably submitted 6 or 8 bids before I got my first hire.

How Important is it to Include Photos on Your Profile?

I think that photos, as the saying goes, speak a thousand words. They are hugely important for a photographer. It allows you to show your particular photography style. It’s also important to keep them up to date. I change mine over time to ensure I post images that will speak to customers.

Photo credit: CreativePixelPhotos
What is The Most Memorable Job You’ve Won Through Bidvine?

The one that stands out was an 80th birthday party photo shoot. It was a great evening, with great people and a lovely, lively birthday girl. They really loved the photos. Then two days after I’d uploaded the online album and sent it to them I got an email saying that she’d sadly passed away. Her daughter who had hired me was just so pleased that she’d received some beautiful pictures of her Mum being happy. It made me realise just how important my work as a photographer can be.

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