How to Decorate with What You Already Have

Have you been craving a change to your home’s interior? Wondering the best way to update the look of your home while you’re on a budget? Then check out these top tips to find inspiration that will get you set to decorate with the pieces you already have in your home!H

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Re-Organize to Refresh Your Home

Though you may not realize it until you try it yourself, moving your furniture around can have a significant impact on how it looks overall. The simple act of moving your armchair from the middle of the room or a kitchen dinette to a corner can instantly make it seem considerably larger and free up space!

Re-arranging vases or decorative pieces can prove beneficial as well. Placing them front and centre on a table can help to highlight your favourite accents.

Regardless of how you choose to move around your furniture, whether you swap pieces of furniture from one room to another or reorganize the way the pictures are hung on the wall if you’re craving for a change to your interior, this is surely the fastest (and cheapest) way to achieve it!

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Update Furniture with Decorative Pillows

Another way to add new life to a room is to refresh the coverings on your decorative furniture pillows.

Easily swap out the standard accent pillows on your couch with vibrant colours to get a completely new look. You can even find pillow or cushion coverings in patterns or imagery to create a unique accent for your favourite couch or armchair.

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Create a Photo Wall

Everyone loves seeing photos of their loved ones on treasured occasions. Have a blank wall yourself that could use a few photos of happy memories to brighten it up? Once you’re done setting up your photo wall, it will be a spot of inspiration that brings a smile to your face.

You don’t even have to acquire dozens of pictures frames to set up your photo wall either! There’s a very simple yet artistic way you can get around this. Instead of using picture frames to hang up your photos, loosely stretch a clothesline (or multiple clotheslines if you like) and hang each photograph from it using clothes pegs to hold them on the line.

You’ll even be able to fit quite a few extra photos on your wall this way!

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Add New Life with Accent Colors

Accent colours can transform a room from feeling drab to bursting with energy! Just remember to place your bright accent pieces in key spots. You don’t want to overwhelm your room with too many colours.

Colourful accent cushions, vases, throws, and pieces of furniture themselves offer a great opportunity to refresh a room.

Be sure to choose your favourite colours as a fun way to personalise your home while you’re updating it!

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Recycle Jars as Vases

Want another great DIY project like the photo wall to liven up your home’s interior? Then why not wash that almost empty jar of jam and repurpose it as a vase? Not will you save money on the cost of the vase but it’s also easy to replace and refresh whenever you want a new look for your vases.

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