House Renovation Costs – Renovating a House on a Budget

Renovation is the process of improvement, helping to refresh the look of your home. It can be essential for upkeep, too — making sure your home does not suffer the ravages of time and wear. When you undertake a renovation, you get to put your mark on your home, designing it in the fashion you like the best. It’s more enjoyable and can improve caretaking ease. In this article, find out how much house renovation costs are in your area and the best way to approach renovating a house on a budget!

Renovations can also improve the value of your home! Spending money on your home can increase property value so that when you decide to sell your home, you reap the benefit of what you have spent on updates and improvements.

However, if you aren’t blessed with limitless finances, you may be wondering how to renovate your entire home on a budget! Thankfully, even the most budget-conscious renovator can improve their home by making the right cost decisions. Prepare yourself for your own valuable renovation by focusing your energy — and your budget — in the right areas with a few simple steps.

Make a plan for your renovation

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Make A Plan

Planning is an essential first step for any project. From your budget to a timeline when you need your renovations completed by, you need to know what limits you have to guide your project’s progress. Of course, if you are renovating a house on a budget, putting extra time into your planning is key to help keep things on track!

Start out by thinking about what you wish to change in your home. Does a room simply feel flat or dull, or do you know that a room could be more useful if the layout was changed? If a room doesn’t immediately jump to mind, you may need to be a bit more purposeful with plan-making.

Take a clipboard with you and walk through your home with a critical eye, making a list of anything you’d like to see updated or improved. This wishlist can help you prioritise and determine which projects you will start renovating first. Plus, your emotions can sway your decision, so it’s important to consider this factor early in the process so there are no regrets!

Once you have considered the emotional aspect of what you feel the most encouraged to start with, you can evaluate your top priority items by cost. This way, you’ll see what fits in the best with your budget — both renovations big and small.

Focus Your Energy in the Right Areas

With your plan in hand and your priorities, you now need the details of cost to help you determine which options will fit into your budget. This is key for keeping your home renovation on or under budget so you are able to gain the improvements you desire without going into debt! You’ll also find out what you’ll have to spend more time saving up for or financing to make it part of a whole home renovation!

You can also discover whether you can combine different types of renovations based on their cost to fit within your budget. This can stretch how much you are able to do or help you decide it’s time to save up for a bigger, more extensive renovation.

Consider Renovation Cost by Room

At this stage, you may consider some rooms a must for your renovation. But organization is still essential as the renovation cost is calculated against your plan and budget. After all, you won’t want to jump into a kitchen renovation if the anticipated cost will be well past your current budget! But there are ways to keep nearly any renovation’s cost down with careful planning and helpful tips.

Kitchen Renovation

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Renovating A Kitchen

By far one of the most popular choices for a renovation, the kitchen also tends to be one of the priciest. Thanks to the different elements involved, you can see even a simply-planned reno begin to add up. From plastering or painting the walls for a fresh look, you will need to consider all of these costs to get an accurate idea of what it will cost.

Kitchen renovations usually cost between £800–£2,800, depending on factors like the size of your kitchen and what it will take to achieve your dream. Keep in mind that if you are planning to change the layout in a substantial way, you’ll need to include the help of a plumber and electrician to ensure everything is up to code. These services can contribute higher costs to the renovation. But this cost will include the work it takes to plaster and paint or install new cabinetry to make your kitchen wonderful.

If you don’t need a full renovation, you can focus on specific upgrades to improve how your kitchen looks. Paint is always a great way to refresh the look of a room. With the help of an interior painter, this can be a simple improvement. All you need to do is select a beautiful shade that works with your existing floors and countertop and watch the magic unfold.

Of course, if your tile floor is looking a bit drab or needs to be repaired, new tiling is the way to go. It’s the perfect way to gain value and a more functional floor. But be sure to price out this part of the renovation before you start digging up what’s on the floor right now! The cost can vary, ranging £40–£1,600 for a new tile floor from start to finish.

Tip: Watch Out For Material Costs

Stay on budget by avoiding one of the most common errors that people make in the renovation: choosing luxury materials that drive up the cost! If you are planning on updating your tile floor, make sure to get pricing quotes before you commit. This will help you avoid any costly mistakes that will blow the budget! But if you have fallen in love with an expensive tile, see if a more economic material offers luxury finishes. Vinyl tile, for example, have reasonable prices that come in nearly any finish you may want for a high-value look in your kitchen!

Home Renovation

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Refreshing Bedrooms and Living Areas

Other living areas in your home deserve improvements as well. While these rooms may not see as much use as a kitchen or bathroom, they are still visited daily for your needs and must be up to the task. This includes both maintaining the plaster walls with regular repair as well as making more significant upgrades.

Perhaps a moderately-priced coat of paint is on the list to improve your space. Or you could be after a long-lasting upgrade like installing beautiful hardwood floors! This will add warmth and depth to bedrooms and other living spaces. A timeless and always popular choice, hardwood is easy to maintain with a proper installation.  

The cost for hardwood installation runs between £15–£23 per hour. The cost for your project will depend on how much square footage there is and how difficult it will be to install, such as on and around stairways. Keep in mind that this hourly rate does not include the material cost for hardwood. This can vary with the type you choose. Traditional hardwood is still one of the more expensive options, but engineered hardwood or laminate can keep your costs down while delivering on a gorgeous new wood floor in the perfect shade for your home.

Tip: Look Around For the Best Rates

Once you know what trades you need for your renovation projects, search for the best pros with the best rates. Rather than relying on one pro’s quote and assuming this is best, comparison can help you determine what the going rate is for your work.

For a bedroom or living area, you may be interested in a fresh coat of paint to light up the area or make a drastic transformation! We know that interior painting should cost about £250–£1,000, depending on the size of the job and how long the painting will take to complete. But if you contact a painting pro for pricing on the specifics of your home, you can find out how much room you have in the budget for other improvements. Do this step for each aspect of your renovation to work out a complete budget.

Bathroom Renovation

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Updating Your Bathroom

The bathroom is another space where it is easy to go over-budget. There are a lot of built-in fixtures, like the shower and tub, sink, and toilet. Each of these items can carry a hefty price tag, let alone what it will take to make your bathroom a relaxing oasis! Overall, it will cost between £1,020–£4,000 for a full bathroom renovation. This quote generally includes everything it takes to spruce up the bathroom in a renovation, such as installing new fixtures or faucets for your bathroom or replacing the tile.

But if your fixtures are still in good condition, you may be able to preserve these and save yourself some money! Or choose to do a simple task like painting yourself and save up for the work that should be left to a pro’s expertise.

Tiling your bathroom is one of these areas. It requires a fair amount of skill to lay tiles, ensuring they are spaced properly and level. Some types of tile are very finicky and can be difficult to install. For this, it’s best to hire a professional. The job will range from £22–£1,440 per hour up to the total cost, including removing any existing flooring. But keep in mind that some hourly rates do not include the materials you need for tile, so this may add onto your budget. It’s always best to gather all the prices to compare against what you can spend to ensure everything is kept in order.

Tip: Weigh Cosmetic and Structural Changes

One easy way to raise the cost and cause you to go over budget are making too many changes. If you are on a budget, consider the type of changes you are making. Changing floor and wall tile, tub surround, fixtures, and paint are all cosmetic improvements. But deciding to flip your sink or replace a shower with a tub can require substantial structural changes that involve additional expert help. If you can, avoid these kind of major changes that can drive up your costs and focus instead on improving the function through form!

Exterior Renovation

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Updating The Exterior

While you may be walking through the inside of your home, don’t forget to include the exterior as grounds for renovation! Curb appeal is always important for improving value, and a little goes a long way!

Transforming outdoor living space, such as a balcony or patio, can be well worth the expense of a renovation. The cost can be very reasonable, so simple jobs are well within budget.  Scheduling a renovation of your deck, balcony or patio allows you to refresh the look of the space and incorporate new trends or touches like landscaping. It’s also a way to keep up with essential maintenance that ensures your outdoor spaces preserve their structural integrity.

Exterior painting is another easy way to put your mark on the outside of your home. It refreshes the exterior and helps preserve the life of your siding, brick or other material. But exterior pricing can be a costly project because of the sheer size and time required to complete it. Price out the job before you begin so there are no surprises that may stop the work halfway through, leaving you with an unsightly mess.

Tip: Renovate in Stages

Although it may be tempting to transform everything about your home’s exterior, prioritise the most important work first. This includes anything structural or repairing any damage that can become a bigger problem. Then, once everything is in good shape, you can indulge in more aesthetic renovations like painting or upgrading a deck or balcony to suit your desires.

Improving Other Spaces

Planning renovations room by room is a good strategy, but don’t forget about the details! You may need a carpenter’s help to renovate your stairs to match a newly installed hardwood floor. Or perhaps they need to be shifted or repaired. A good carpenter will offer reasonable rates that fit your budget. Plus, they can also help you with the finishing touches on your renovation by installing shelving in a kitchen renovation. A renovation doesn’t have to be large to be successful, and with a carpenter’s help you can keep the cost down.  

Furnishing a freshly renovated room? Hire a furniture assembler to make sure your new furniture is put together correctly so it will last. If you are pressed for time, hiring someone for an hourly rate can be an excellent way to put furniture together fast so you are set to enjoy your renovation in full.

If it’s repair work you need, look for a qualified handyman who fits your budget. They can tend to any area of your home, even preparing a room for a renovation. Working with a handyman as well as a tradesman can make the most of your budget, as you can just bring in a specialised pro’s help for the complex projects. This is a great way to keep costs down.


After you have determined which area of your home you want to focus on and you have an idea of cost, you can ensure your renovations stay within your budget! This will help you make your renovation a reality. Your next step? To start contacting professionals to start out your transformation!

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