Our Top 10 Tips for Hiring the Best Local Gardener

Unless you have green fingers and lots of time on your hands, getting your garden in shape for the summer can be a challenge. If so, why not consider hiring a local gardener?

Yet hiring a local gardener can be a challenge in itself. Read these tips to learn how to hire a local gardener without a headache!

1. Don’t Make an Expensive Mistake

If it’s a small garden job, it might be enjoyable to carry out yourself. If you trust yourself to do the job right, gardening is a great way to spend your weekend! If it’s a bigger job, hiring a gardener may prevent you from making expensive mistakes. This is true, especially for big projects.

If you attempt a large project without the right tools or know-how you could run into problems. Then you would have to spend even more time and cash trying to fix it. If you think it might be too difficult, Bidvine can help you find the right professional.

2. The Standard Checks

When hiring a gardener, you need to perform all the standard checks you would when hiring any person working inside your home.  To get a better idea of what these checks are, visit our handyman post.

Our Top 10 Tips for Hiring the Best Local Gardener

3. Bids

The gardener should be willing to provide a bid from the top. Keep in mind that the size of the job will have an effect on the final price. Make sure to decide on all the details before you submit a final bid.

4. Assess What’s Already There

A good local gardener should be checking for and working around things like gutters, and drain fields. If the project involves digging deep, watch for underground council lines that may run through the property. If you are aware of any hidden features that could be in the way, it’s best to give your gardener a heads up.

5. Taking Out the Trash

Does your gardener include waste disposal in their price? If you don not want the burden of disposing of waste when the project is done, make sure to ask! Also, consider whether your council provides the service for free already.

6. Local and Wild

Check what types of plants and flowers your gardener recommends planting. Local flowers will flourish with ease as they are already in with the climate. If you are looking for a garden that is easy to maintain, be sure to ask for low maintenance flowers. Wildflowers are a particularly easy type of flower to maintain.

Our Top 10 Tips for Hiring the Best Local Gardener

7. Priorities

If your garden is a big project, you will need to make a specific plan to get the most out of your gardener’s time. Know exactly what you want then organise the plan into stages. If you do things in smaller steps, the project will be easier to finish. You can then prioritise tasks based on their relative importance and difficulty. You may be able to finish the smaller jobs yourself and save money for the difficult projects.

8. Seasonal Blooms

If you do not want your garden to look wooden and bare in the winter, make sure your gardener chooses a mixture of evergreen and seasonal plants and flowers.

9. Substance and Texture

It’s not all about plants! Stones, bird baths and seating will add to your garden too. So don’t forget to incorporate some of these features before you make your plan for the ideal garden. Have a look here for inspiration.

10. Hire Someone You Like

Your gardener will do a better job if there is a mutual understanding between both of you. If you get along, it won’t be a chore to have a chat over a cup of tea on a sunny morning.  You want to still be able to enjoy your garden when your gardener is visiting.

Ready to hire a local gardener? Submit a request on Bidvine and get custom, detailed bids from local gardeners!

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