I’ve Been Hired 56 Times In Just 4 Months With BidMatch

Michael Morris


When Michael moved to the UK a year and a half ago he was all set to pursue his dreams of becoming a self-employed tradesman. He turned to Bidvine and BidMatch to get started and found his business expanding rapidly.

Today 80% of his clients come through Bidvine and looking to the future he’s considering hiring employees to work alongside him as his business continues to grow. Check out the interview below to learn how Michael has used BidMatch to make his business a flourishing success!

What Made You Decide to Become a Handyman?

I felt like I was made for this job a long time ago, but I didn’t really get the opportunity to really get started until I came across Bidvine. Before moving to the UK a year and a half ago, I worked in Jamaica as a handyman for about 7 to 8 years. I’m a well-rounded tradesperson. I’ve done welding, furniture making, and a variety of other projects.

Michael Morris

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Since joining Bidvine, my trades business has progressed quickly and I’m really happy that I can share my experience and skills by delivering a quality service. On Bidvine I primarily provide furniture assembly services but I also offer decorating and other services as well.

How Did You First Come Across Bidvine?

I was at school one day and I was looking for work because I normally work for agencies. Then, I went online and Bidvine was one of the first sites that popped up. At first, I was reluctant to sign up, but once I did I realised that it was the right decision. It was actually one of the most awesome things that’s ever happened to me! Since I signing up for Bidvine in February I’ve been hired 63 times. Today, 80% of my business comes from Bidvine.

What Inspired You to Try BidMatch?

I have been really busy working with clients lately, so I don’t have as much time to look at requests and send bids. I found that trying to balance both working and responding to bids was quite challenging when I was busy.

Michael Morris

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BidMatch takes care of that for me, making it easier to view bids and win clients while focusing on completing other projects. I’ve actually been hired 56 times from BidMatch alone. It works perfectly for me and my business. I would tell anyone that wants to be self-employed that this is the way to go.

What Do Customers Look For When They Hire You For a Job?

The first thing that customers look at is reviews. Reviews are the most important thing for clients. Then, next, they’ll look to your description of your experience and check your prices. As reviews are so important, after completing a job, I make sure to ask clients to leave me a review.

It’s also best to ensure you keep reviews recent. Current reviews help instil confidence in your professionalism.

On a personal note, reading reviews written by clients means a lot to me, it’s really amazing to see someone write you a positive review because you’ve delivered a quality service to them. When you provide a quality service, clients are happy to provide you with a good review.

How Important Are Profile Pictures?

It is very important to have a profile picture. Clients like to see a picture of who they will be inviting into their home. Putting up pictures on your profile shows your professionalism and builds trust with a potential client.

What Are The Key Things You Should Include in Your Bid Message?

First of all, your message needs to be specific as to what a client is looking for. It should explain the service you provide in a clear way, so there is no confusion. Describe the quality of service that you deliver, your experience working in your field and what makes you stand out.

Michael Morris

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Don’t forget to be friendly either. When you’re friendly while speaking with customers and presenting yourself, it gets their attention so it’s very important to make a good impression in your bid message.

How Important is it to Reply to a Customer’s Question on BidMatch?

You should try and respond to customers instantly or as quickly as possible. A quick response is key to winning a job. Everyone has a busy schedule, and no one likes to wait, so a fast response that answers their questions stands out.

What Are Your Tips For Someone Just Starting Out on Bidvine?

First, focus on getting reviews. Be flexible with pricing at first so you can build up your reviews and experience. Even if you’re just starting out you should definitely consider BidMatch as well. BidMatch can help you reach new customers for your business because the bids are sent on behalf of your business.

What is Your Favourite Part About What You Do?

My customers are absolutely my favourite part. They are lovely and I am blessed with this opportunity. It’s the most beautiful thing when I assemble a piece of furniture and get to see how happy a customer is with how the piece fits in their home. It’s wonderful to be able to help people create their ideal homes.

Michael Morris

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Where Do You Plan to Take Your Business in The Future?

My next step is to continue expanding the business. I’m considering hiring someone to work with me because my business is growing so rapidly with Bidvine and BidMatch.

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