Rise to The Top With The Expertise of a Call of Duty WW2 Coach!

Tired of seeing your friend constantly beating you on your favourite video games? Well, some of us here at Bidvine.com are too, so we’ve launched a new service to help the not-so-gifted gamers out there!

We’re now offering Professional Gaming Coaches, with an initial focus on Call of Duty WW2! Give yourself the best chance at beating your friends when you learn how to play from the best.

When you’re requesting Call of Duty Coaches on Bidvine, we’ll ask you a series of questions related to your preferences. For starters, we’ll ask you what areas of the game you’d like to improve on, and what your goals are. That way, our Professional Coaches can help you achieve your gaming goals, and give you the skills you need to reach the next level.

We’ll also ask you the ideal rank, prestige level, and Kill-Death ratio that you’d like to achieve. Sessions are typically an hour long but you can request to virtually ‘meet’ your Call of Duty coach multiple times per week.

If you’re interested in turning your COD skills into some extra cash, read this blog post.

Whilst our service is only initially available for Call of Duty WW2 players, we will be rolling it out across 10 other games in the near future, including FIFA, Battlefront and Forza! However, we need your help choosing which games to develop the service for next:


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