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This pro post comes to you from Claire Plastow, a yoga teacher on Bidvine! She’s the first pro in our new series of pro posts from yoga teachers, which we love. In her pro post, Claire talked about how hatha yoga can improve your health and why it’s important to learn proper breathing techniques.
If you want to learn about hatha yoga and asana, then this pro post is for you! Would you like to jumpstart learning hatha yoga? Stay tuned until the end of the post and check out Claire’s Bidvine profile. From there, you can read her great reviews and submit a free request for bids.
Read on to find out about the importance of hatha yoga!

How Hatha Yoga Can Improve Your Health

In a good hatha yoga class, you’ll be stretched physically and mentally. It’s those two elements combined that give the health benefits that are so widely recognised these days. Asana (yoga postures) can be complex and, yes, some of them require you to get yourself into unusual positions. The result is that your whole body, your joints and muscles will be limbered and strengthened. You’ll become toned and more flexible. You’ll feel more comfortable day-to-day.
The mental challenge comes in the form of intense concentration. To stand on one leg in Tree Pose, for example, you need to fix your attention. The chances are if you drift off, and think about what’s for tea, you’ll topple over. Focusing your attention in this way is an exercise for your mind. A fit mind thinks more clearly, creatively and quickly.

Asana and Beyond

Whilst asana is the cornerstone of hatha yoga, there’s more. For the next level of experience, and the benefits, you’ll need to touch on two other key elements; pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation. Pranayama will take your yoga practice to the next stage. Exercising your respiratory system and learning to control your breath can both deepen your physical practice and calm your mind.
And meditation, or perhaps a guided relaxation. This is the real cherry on the yogic cake. Allowing a skilled teacher to help you relax and explore meditation techniques can help you to leave your yoga session feeling refreshed, revitalised and generally OK with the world. That’s a great feeling.
So hatha yoga can help you to develop a fit body and a fit mind. It’s about your physical and mental health. About increasing your wellbeing. Why not give it a try?

Claire’s Advice

Always make sure that you practice with a professional yoga teacher. Look for British Wheel of Yoga Teachers in your area and those with other professional accreditation.

How Can Hatha Yoga Improve Your Health? - Pro PostClaire Plastow, Yoga Teacher
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We’d like to thank Claire for shedding some light on the importance of hatha yoga! We hope her advice helps you work towards a fit body and a fit mind. As she said, practising yoga is all about increasing your wellbeing (both your physical and mental health).
Claire teaches hatha yoga in the Wandsworth area. She holds a 500 hour, British Wheel of Yoga Diploma in teaching yoga and has over fifteen years of personal yoga practice experience.
If you’d like to hire Claire as your yoga teacher, you can check out her profile via the button below. Take a look at her stellar reviews and photos of her yoga experience and submit a free request for yoga lessons! When you request yoga lessons on Bidvine, you’ll get custom bids from trusted, local yoga teachers like Claire.

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Are you curious about hatha yoga? If you want to learn more about how hatha yoga can improve your health, check out this Bidvine pro post!

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