Handyman Jobs – 10 Top Tips to Hire a Professional

While it is satisfying to take on DIY projects around the house, some jobs are better left to professionals. The task of hiring a handyman is an important decision and should not to be taken lightly!

You are going to have someone in your home, possibly for an extended period of time. So it is best to be as thorough as possible when choosing the right professional. Here are 10 top tips to consider when you find yourself faced with hiring a handyman.

Handyman Jobs – 10 Top Tips to Hire a Professional - To Do List

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1. Group Tasks Together

It is best to hire a professional when you have a couple of handyman jobs ready to go. That way you won’t end up hiring someone for a small job only to find out a few weeks later you need them yet again. It is much better to cross several things off your to do list all at the same time.

Beforehand, make a specific list and organise the tasks you want to complete. Then take some time to mull it over. This will give you time to add anything you may have forgotten. It also helps to prioritise these tasks when you

It is also helpful to prioritise these tasks when you are creating a list. That way when you hire someone who takes care of handyman services, they can focus on the most important tasks first.

Handyman Jobs – 10 Top Tips to Hire a Professional - Set a Budget

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2. Set a Pre-Determined Budget

It is always best to stay within your means. In order to ensure that you are able to meet your goals and for an affordable price it is best to draft a budget ahead of time.  at the same time don’t be unrealistic. Set a clear and sensible budget.

While you are planning your budget, remember that it is also important to be realistic. Certain projects will be more expensive than others. For instance, completely renovating your bathroom will cost more than a just a new coat of paint.

On average, handyman services through Bidvine cost around £26 per hour. The price of a completed project usually runs around £133. However, this can vary depending on the type and scale of the handyman job.

Once you have decided on your budget the next step is to discuss it when you hire a handyman. Are you not sure where to find a handyman in your budget? When you submit a request with Bidvine, you can receive custom, detailed bids from local professionals!

Handyman Jobs – 10 Top Tips to Hire a Professional

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3. Get Multiple or Itemised Bids

Before you settle on hiring a handyman, make sure you shop around! This will ensure you get a good idea of the average price of handyman work.

For serious work, you don’t want to skimp on quality. Need a lot of different handyman jobs completed? Then request an itemised bid or bill. This will help you determine which jobs will take up most of the budget. It will also ensure that you properly prioritise your projects.

Handyman Jobs - 10 Top Tips to Hire a Professional

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4. Choose an Expert or Specialist in What You Need

Depending on what home projects you need to address, you may need a professional with a specific skill set. For instance, if you want to tile your bathroom, you may want a handyman who has tiling experience. In addition, if you need plumbing or electrical work, then it is important to ensure that your professional is a licensed plumber or electrician. If this is the case, Bidvine can help you find a plumber or find an electrician.

Handyman Jobs – 10 Top Tips to Hire a Professional

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5. Ask for References

Most individuals who offer handyman services are usually happy to provide references. Don’t be afraid to ask!  If you get any resistance, alarm bells should start ringing.

References from a handyman may come in a few different forms. For instance, your handyman could offer you pictures of past home projects they have worked on. Alternatively, they could also provide you with the contact information of past clients who agreed to be their references.

Handyman Jobs – 10 Top Tips to Hire a Professional - Insurance Policy

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6. Check Insurance and Licensing

Handyman insurance is undeniably important. This is because handyman insurance protects both you and your professional from accidents.

So, this is another part of a handyman’s credentials they shouldn’t be reluctant to produce. When a handyman is open to providing you with proof of insurance this is a great sign of a true professional!

Handyman Jobs – 10 Top Tips to Hire a Professional - Contract

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7. Get a Contract

A contract is always good to have whenever you have work done on your house, regardless of how small. Having a contract ensures that both you and your handyman are held accountable to each other. It should outline in detailed terms the approximate length of time it will take to complete the project as well as the date you will pay them. Then, if you are paying them in instalments also make sure that the dates of these instalments are agreed upon beforehand.

Handyman Jobs – 10 Top Tips to Hire a Professional -Make Clear Plans

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8. Relay Clear Instructions

If you have a specific idea of how you want something done or how you want something to look, be as clear as possible. Your handyman is not a mind-reader and the clearer you are, the more likely it is that you’ll get what you want. So, clear instructions from the outset means a more relaxed work environment for everyone involved.

Handyman Jobs – 10 Top Tips to Hire a Professional - Take Photos

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9. Take Photographs

Before and after shots will help you track progress. It will also capture any pre-existing damage (or lack thereof).

Progress photos can also be a handy tool for your professional’s portfolio. With progress photos, they can demonstrate to future clients their past experience. These photographs can ultimately act as a reference.

Handyman Jobs – 10 Top Tips to Hire a Professional - Set a review date

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10. Set a Date to Review the Project

You want the handy work you’ve paid for to last. Setting a date to review things can help ensure that it does. If you set a date to review to ensure it has held up, your handyman may put extra care into the job. Plus, setting a review date provides you with an opportunity to discuss any additional projects which may have come to mind in the meantime.

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