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Joe Howarth


For Joe, photography is more than just a job—it’s a passion. And with 40% of his clients coming from Bidvine, Joe can spend more time focusing on what he loves without worrying about where the next client is going to come from.

As he put it, Bidvine is a ‘win-win’ where clients can easily find passionate pros and pros can discover motivated clients. As one of the most-hired photographers on Bidvine, Joe has shared some of his insights on how to create a successful photography business.

When Did You Know You Wanted to be a Professional Photographer?

I’ve been interested in photography since I was about 13 years old. I used to work in a film school and produce short films before I became a freelancer. So, essentially photography has always been a passion of mine. I’ve always loved it.

The creative side of it is always interesting. Every job you go to, you’ve got a problem to solve. You need to be creative and stick to your brief at the same time; you need to get the technical aspects right but make sure your clients are happy with the whole experience too. There’s never a boring job… it’s always interesting.

Photography used to be my hobby but then opportunities came where I could start building up my client base. I work alone but what I love about it, is that when you are successful and your clients are very happy, it’s specifically because of your work.

Photo credit: Joe Howarth

So, How Did You First Come Across Bidvine?

I first came across it on Google. What I liked about Bidvine right from the start was that it limited the number of bids, which is something other sites didn’t do.

On other sites, you could be applying for a job that had 50 other people applying for it as well and you would have no idea how you compare to other bidders. When there are no more than 5 or 7 other people bidding, you know you at least you have a realistic chance of being successful.

How Has Bidvine Helped You Grow Your Business?

About 40% of my business comes from Bidvine. Bidvine is legit, it’s a great way to make the first contact with a client. A lot of the time, Bidvine has been a way to meet a client, do a good job for them and then from there more opportunities have sprung.

For example, I did one corporate job in the beginning when I first started on Bidvine and I was offering discounts to establish myself on the platform. From there, they hired me about ten more times and I also shot two of the employee’s weddings.

Photo credit: Joe Howarth

What Role do Reviews Play in Getting Hired?

Reviews are extremely important. If the client is so happy with what you’ve done, that they leave a really positive review, it shows they are happy with the entire process of hiring you; the price, you personally as a photographer and their pictures. A review sums up all that in one thing. That’s why every job I do, I try to really go out of my way to make sure the client is completely satisfied.

Any Top Tips For Getting Positive Reviews?

First of all, there aren’t any shortcuts. To satisfy a customer you need to give them their money’s worth. They have to have a good experience with you.

So, as a photographer, I make sure that the pictures they are looking for are done on time. Every facet of the job needs to have gone well for them to come away from it so happy they want to leave a good review.

I give all my clients the best service I can and people see that. They can see if you are really trying to give a good service, and then they give you great positive feedback for that.

Photo credit: Joe Howarth

What Would You Recommend That Someone New to Bidvine Include in Their Profile?

You need to know what you are good at and showcase your best stuff. In terms of photography if you are good at portraits show that; if you’re good at landscapes show that. Demonstrate your best work in your field. Don’t try and stretch yourself too thin.

Clients want to see someone who specialises in the service they are looking for. If someone is getting married, they want to see wedding pictures; they don’t want to see landscape pictures.

You have to decide yourself what you think you’re good at. Obviously, you can have a scope of things you do. As well as weddings I also do special events, corporate events and portraits but I try not to spread myself too thin beyond that. It’s a balance you have to achieve.

What About Pricing and Perseverance When it Comes to Bidding?

They’re definitely important. As you bid you should think from the customer’s point of view and come up with a reason why someone would hire you. It could be that you don’t have a lot of reviews and so you don’t get hired as much. Then you need to come up with another angle.

When you’re building your profile consider your price and how cost-effective it is. Look at it from the customer’s perspective they could be thinking, ‘I could pay more for the person who seems safer to hire or, I can pay less and get this newer person.’  Consider it this way, you might work for less in the beginning and then later on as you build up a profile, you can charge more.

Photo credit: Joe Howarth

Finally, What do You Love About Bidvine?

It’s a great way for clients to come in contact with professionals. It offers them a choice. But it’s more than that too. Before with something like the yellow pages you’d be kind of taking a chance by calling a number with no information about the person but with Bidvine customers get some information about the pro.

Then for professionals, it’s great because you are put in touch with lots of clients on a daily basis who you wouldn’t necessarily have found before. It’s a win-win for both sides. Clients get a choice of professionals and information about them while professionals like me, get to meet motivated clients every day.

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