GCSE Tutors – Why Should You Hire the Best Instructor?

Starting your GCSEs is often an extremely stressful time. They are the first stepping stone onto further education, so it’s important to get them right. That’s why GCSE tutors are a great way to maximise your chances of success! Usually, a GCSE student hasn’t have taken any formal qualifications before so they don’t know what to expect.

Parents of GCSE students can also feel the pressure too, as they try to support their child in the best way possible. Hiring GCSE tutors is a great way to help a child who is starting their GCSEs. These experts know that the secret to exam success is practice. As well as getting more exam practice, their confidence will also be boosted by hiring GCSE tutors.

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What Are GCSEs?

GCSE stands for General Certification of Secondary Education. Typically GCSEs are taken over the course of two years when students are aged 14 to 16. GCSE students are usually in Year 10 and 11 at secondary school. They are usually the first formal qualifications teenagers take at secondary school. Continuing onto further qualifications in the UK, like A-Levels and university degrees usually requires good GCSE grades.

Students in the UK on average take 10 GCSEs, but of course, this can vary between individual students. There are two categories of GCSE subjects: compulsory and optional. English, Mathematics, and Science are counted as the core subjects, and every student is required to take them.

Usually, students are encouraged to take a broad range of optional subjects at GCSE level. This allows students to keep their options open. A balanced GCSE programme often includes a modern foreign language like French or Spanish. Typically, it also includes a humanities subject like History or Geography, as well as an arts subject.

Of course, it is not easy to focus on so many different and varied subjects at once. Students often struggle with French and Spanish at GCSE level because they are new, challenging subjects. Instead of struggling with the challenge of many different subjects, students often turn to GCSE tutors to help them.

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How Do the GCSE Grade Boundaries Work?

In recent years, the GCSE grading system has confused many people. So, here is a simple breakdown of how GCSEs are graded! Under the current system, GCSEs are awarded a grade ranging from A*-U. Currently, a C grade is seen as a ‘good’ pass, and this is used as a benchmark for entry into further education. Additionally, A* and A grades are seen as the top marks.

However, the whole GCSE grading system is set to be overhauled from 2017 onward. Instead of A* to U grades, they will be replaced with 9-1, with 9 being the highest mark. Why are these changes being made now? One of the key reasons why this change is being made is so that there is greater differentiation between the highest marks.

At the moment, around 6.6% of GCSEs are given an A*, but under the 9-1 system, only 3% of entries are predicted to get the highest grade of 9. This is supposed to make it easier for universities to see who the best students are.

Understandably, many parents and students are confused by these changes. That is why hiring GCSE tutors are more important than ever. It’s their job to stay ahead of the latest trends in education. They are in the perfect position to advise you on how to navigate through the confusing world of GCSEs!

Are GCSE Tutors Worth the Money?

One of the biggest benefits that students who hire GCSE tutors find is the individual attention that they receive. Teaching a class of 30 teenagers is never simple. In a busy classroom, less confident students can get lost in the mix. Therefore, having one-on-one sessions with GCSE tutors can be hugely helpful for shy students. As well as providing individual attention, GCSE tutors can also create specific programmes of study for students.

So, instead of broad unfocused lessons, GCSE tutors offer intensive teaching in areas you are struggling with. Whether you’re having trouble conjugating French verbs or tackling simultaneous equations, there are GCSE tutors out there who will help you to succeed! Exams are incredibly nerve-racking experience, especially for GCSE students who haven’t been examined before. Therefore, it is understandable that having extra tuition can be a real confidence booster.

Bidvine Tip: GCSE tutors will often offer a discount if you book them for more than one subject, or if you recommend them to other students. Make sure you ask them!

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Who Hires GCSE Tutors?

Tutoring is becoming an increasingly popular investment for parents. In London, 44% of children see a private tutor, and that trend is set to continue. There are many reasons why parents and students decide to hire tutors. If a student is struggling at school, hiring a tutor is a great option to boost their confidence and help them reach their goals. However, it is not just struggling students who can benefit from tutoring.

GCSE tutors offer students a custom made service that cannot be found elsewhere. High-achieving students often struggle to apply their knowledge in an exam. The majority GCSE tutors are usually able to advise a student on how to approach different styles of exam questions. This can be hugely beneficial for students who are looking to achieve the top grades. Tight grade boundaries mean that students need to gain as many marks as possible to push themselves into the highest grades. Therefore, it makes sense to hire GCSE tutors, as they allow students to reach their full potential.

Bidvine Tip: Make sure you communicate your requirements to your GCSE tutors. Bidvine asks you to fill in questions before you submit your request, so everyone will be on the same page!

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What Should You Look out for When Hiring GCSE Tutors?

Before committing to hiring a GCSE tutor, there are several things you should be aware of. Firstly, GCSEs are awarded by different exam boards. These boards are organisations that write the exam papers and mark them. Therefore, they have different specifications and requirements, even though they award the same qualifications.

In the UK, AQA, Edexcel, OCR, WJEC and CCEA are the five exam boards. Make sure that when you hire GCSE tutors that they know which board you are being examined by. Otherwise, you might find yourself intensively studying for the wrong exam!

Of course, it is important that the tutor has a good rapport with the student they are teaching. Otherwise, students may feel unable to reach their full potential. Good GCSE tutors get to know their students and how they like to learn and tailor their methods and style accordingly. Don’t be afraid to speak up. If there is a particular way that you like to learn, whether it is visual or aural, let your GCSE tutors know!

Also, it is important to consider how often you would like your GCSE tutors to visit you. This is often a controversial subject. Many people are concerned about children and teenagers being under too much academic pressure. However, it is a good idea to make a decision based on your individual circumstances. As a rule, it is often recommended that students have a one-hour session per week. Any more and they may burn out, any less and they may forget what they learnt between sessions. Of course, your GCSE tutors will allow you to choose the amount of contact that is right for you.

Bidvine Tip: If there is a big exam coming up that you are nervous about, you can request more sessions with GCSE tutors, to give yourself a huge confidence boost beforehand!

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