Garden Storage Ideas – 10 Creative Hacks to Transform Your Garden

A well-tended garden is a great way to beautify your yard. Whether it’s strictly decorative or one that will produce fresh fruits and vegetables, the right supplies and tools, and sports to store them are a must for proper care. With these 10 garden storage ideas and hacks you’ll soon be making the most of your garden, and have a place to put all of your gardening supplies!

Leaving gardening supplies around could cause them to become damaged not to mention that they’ll be much easier to lose this way. It’s important that you have a suitable storage option to keep your items safe and secure. This keeps your garden neat and tidy, making it the perfect place to relax.
Of course, garden storage isn’t just for tools. You may also want to store things like firewood, bicycles, or even your wheelie bins when they’re not in use! So read on for 10 great garden storage ideas for creative storage that will really work for your garden. There’s sure to be something that suits your style and storage needs.

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1. Storage First

Garden sheds are a classic with good reason! They come in a variety of sizes and styles. So from modern to rustic, from wood to plastic, you’re sure to find one to suit any of your needs. You could even choose something made of stone for a high-end style that looks like it’s been around for decades!
Your garden shed makes a great place to store larger items like lawn mowers or even your bicycle when it’s not in use. If you don’t have a garage, it becomes the perfect place for these types of things. You can keep it safe and dry and out of the way! Make sure your garden shed is tall enough that you can stand in it comfortably. That way it’s much easier to step in and grab what you need.
Sheds also work well for an assortment of garden tools, but you will want an organization system in place to ensure it does not become messy and make it difficult to find what you need!

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2. Hanging Help

Have old pallets hung around your yard making it look messy? Why not put these to good use and turn them into a way of storing your tools and plants?
Hang your pallet against the wall with the boards held horizontally, such as the one against a wall on the back of your home or garage. The slats of the pallet will make a great area to install hangers for anything from a rake to a trowel to your gardening gloves.
You can also paint your pallet first in a fun colour that serves as an accent for your back garden. Or, paint it the same colour as the wall it hangs on for an integrated look that blends your storage unit your space.

Garden Bench Storage Ideas

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3. Storage You Can Sit On

Your garden storage solution doesn’t need to be a cabinet or rack dedicated to keeping your tools neat and tidy. You can also make it a part of your garden space with a great storage bench.
Benches offer a place to sit and a place to store your items like your garden tools. It keeps them out of sight and protected from the elements. Most benches, whether made out of wood or a wood composite material, are ventilated and offer good drainage so everything is kept safe from rainy days. You can even use a bench to store outdoor toys when they are not in use! It’s a great way to combine form and function in your garden.
Already have a bench without storage like the one pictured above? Simply tuck decorative weatherproof bins beneath it to maximise your storage space and keep your garden looking tip-top.

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4. A Home For Wheelie Bins

Think of other things in your yard that you’d like to keep stored away until they’re needed, like your wheelie bins. These are essential items but don’t always need to be out in the open.
Why not create a little area for your wheelie bins to keep them tucked out of the way and ready when you need them? It should have a flat floor, made either out of decking or patio stones. This keeps them level and easy to move in and out. You can close these in with a fence on either side and install a gate to disguise them completely!

Garden Storage Ideas

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5. Keep Your Yard Neat With Firewood Storage

A dedicated storage area is a must when you have a love of gathering around the fire or a wood-burning stove. Firewood is important to have on hand, but it doesn’t have to be left strewn about. Create a special bin or storage area to store it and keep it tidy. You’ll always know where your firewood is and be prepared to get more when your supply runs low. If you have a raised deck, the area under the stairs would be the perfect space for firewood storage!

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6. Tall Cabinets or Weatherproof Baskets For Small Spaces

If you don’t have space in your garden for a true garden shed, consider a tall and slim garden cabinet instead. This doesn’t take up much space but can still provide storage for your tools. Your cabinet should be tall enough to allow room for the long handles of rakes and shovels.
A small space should be kept strictly for use in storing your tools. If you do find it starts to fill it up with other garden paraphernalia, consider adding another storage solution to help you keep your storage space looking neat.
If you only have a few gardening tools you need to store, a weatherproof basket, like the one shown above presents another unqiue option that will keep things tidy while you stay on budget. Just remember to tuck this under an awning so that your gardening tools stay protected and don’t rust.

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7. Reuse and Recycle

Old furniture can find new life in your garden as a storage solution with these unique garden storage ideas! Even if the cupboard doors don’t quite close or the dresser has lost a leg, it can be perfect for the garden. Remove unfit doors and use it as open-air storage. You’ll enjoy the weathered look of the furniture as it settles in.
A wardrobe makes great storage for garden tools too. Simply remove the clothes rod or hooks and replace them with options better suited to hold onto hoes, shovels, and rakes. You can even paint it to change the look to transform it into a statement piece that is also very useful in your yard. This keeps your old furniture from going into a landfill and keeps the cost of your garden storage down.
Keeping your items in antique pails and bowls atop your recycled garden furniture will add a fun and unique twist to your garden as well!

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8. Garden Storage For Entertaining

Do you love throwing a backyard garden party? Then picking the right garden storage ideas for entertaining is a must. Repurpose an old dresser for the task or turn wooden crates on their side. You’ll be able to decide on what’s best to use based on the size you need.
Plan to create your nook close to where you and your friends gather on a balmy evening. You can keep your plates, glasses, or bottle openers conveniently at hand. It even makes a convenient area for drinks and mixes. Just remember, you might need to include a little bucket of ice to keep your drinks icy cold in the warmer months.

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9. Roll Out the Barrels

Wooden barrels look great when used as accents in a yard. If you remove the lids, you can use these barrels for storing your garden tools! It’s a clever way to store them, allowing you to keep your tools on hand but also making them part of your garden decorations.
If wooden barrels aren’t available, some plastic options are also available. Just make sure that the bottom isn’t sealed tightly or you’ll also be collecting water when it rains!
You can also use barrels with lids on to keep things nice and dry. From fertilizer to bird seed, this puts what you need in your garden close on hand. Barrels can also be combined with other storage options to help you find a place for all of your garden supplies.

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10. Maximize Your Use

For a small yard, careful planning is key. You can use garden storage options to give yourself an illusion of extra space. Storage cabinets or shelving can be lined up against your fence or the back of your home to keep from taking up too much of your garden’s square footage.
Plus, they can be used for more than just the tools in your garden! Store things like your furniture when it’s not in use or during the off-season.
Open shelving can create an interesting look too while keeping things neat and tidy. You can store the practical things like hoses or watering cans alongside more decorative items like potted plants! This can be a great way to add some colour and fun to your storage while maintaining its usefulness.  


Garden storage needs to be functional, but it can also be fun! Any one of these creative garden storage ideascan make the perfect storage option for your home. So from garden tools to planting materials, you can be assured the things you need will always be cared for.
Many of these ideas can also be repurposed into storing other items that need to be kept close at hand. All it will take is a little creativity and some time! These garden storage ideas are easy enough for anyone to handle, so get started and set up your storage this weekend.

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