Get a Free Dance Class with La La Land Bootcamp!

UPDATE: Due to overwhelming demand, we are delighted to say that our La La Land Bootcamp went ahead and that it was a huge success! We’d like to thank everyone who came down to the event, you made it such a fun and memorable occasion. We hope that you enjoyed learning some of the moves from La La Land and taking selfies with our life-size Ryan Gosling cardboard cutout!

Plenty of photos were taken on the day, so flick through our new gallery to see if you can spot yourself. We hope that we have encouraged you to pursue your passions. If you want to keep on dancing, why not click on the button below and submit your request?

We decided to launch our La La Land Bootcamp because the film has captured the imagination of the public in a way very few recent films have. Since its release in January, we’ve seen a whopping 129% increase in demand for dance classesthat’s more than double on this time last year.

We have hundreds of dance professionals and tutors on the site who are benefitting from this unprecedented rise, particularly in tap and contemporary dancing.

We’ve also seen a significant increase of 60% in demand for singing and piano lessons since the film’s release, something the team attribute to Ryan Gosling’s character, Sebastian.

Due to this amazing increase in demand for dance classes, we decided to offer fans a chance to attend our ‘La La Land Bootcamp.’ Students were taught a range dance routines from the film by professional dance instructors.

La La Land was released on January 12th of this year and was immediately showered with awards including a record-breaking seven Golden Globes, six Academy Awards and four Baftas. The film follows down and out Jazz pianist Sebastian (Gosling) and aspiring actress Mia (Emma Stone) in their quest for success in Hollywood. The film nearly won Best Picture at the Academy Awards however it was quickly realised there had been a mix-up with the cards and the award was actually won by Moonlight. co-founder, Russ Morgan, said,

“La La Land has captured the imagination of the public and completely dominated the movie award season this year with seven Golden Globes, six (nearly seven) Oscars and four Baftas. We have hundreds of dance professionals on the site and the increase in demand they’ve experienced since the film’s release is beyond belief.

“We’ve partnered with a number of our dance class instructors to give fans of the film a chance to learn the routines at La La Land Bootcamp. We’re excited to see how they get on with some of the trickier moves!”

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