I Got My First Clients Without Paying Expensive Rent at The Gym

Carl Harris

Personal Trainer

When Carl discovered his passion for personal training and fitness he immediately set out to get his qualifications. At first, he thought he’d play it safe and settle for a job at the gym despite his dream of becoming an independent personal trainer. Then, when a sport’s injury compromised these plans, he was forced to look outside of the box to find new clients. Right around this time, Carl began using Bidvine to grow his business and as he put it, ‘the rest is history and I never looked back.’

How Did You Decide to Become a Personal Trainer?

My background is originally in retail. But I found myself going to the gym after work to blow off some steam more and more over time. Then eventually I was even giving tips and advice to other gym goers on how to use the equipment! I got involved in bodybuilding as well and it quickly became my hobby.

One day, one of the owners of the gym said to me: ‘Carl, why don’t you become a PT? You love spending time at the gym and helping others!’ It’s funny to think back now that my response was… ‘What’s a PT?’ I was totally new to the concept but the idea that I could make my hobby my career sounded amazing. I didn’t know everything that becoming a personal trainer would entail but I started playing with the idea, then set out on my journey to become a personal trainer, and finally got my qualifications in 2015.

What’s The Biggest Challenge Personal Trainers Face When Starting Out?

It’s definitely coming up with the upfront cost of rent that gyms charge. The reality of the business is that a lot of PTs need that first client desperately because they don’t have the savings to cover that first month. Equipment costs can also be a concern as well as marketing materials like business cards. I was still saving up for this and have submitted my job applications to a few prestigious gyms when I suffered an injury so I couldn’t start work and I was stuck.

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How Has Bidvine Helped You Overcome Typical Challenges as a New PT?

When I came across Bidvine, it was a huge blessing! I needed those first clients to gather references and reviews and so I could start generating an income. It was perfect because I always wanted to work for myself anyway.

Thanks to Bidvine I was able to acquire new clients after I got set up with insurance. So, I managed to skip the initial period of working at the gym and paying expensive rental costs altogether, which was amazing!

What Was Your First Impression of Bidvine?

I’ve been very impressed with the platform from the start because it’s not often you come across a website that delivers and just works. So if you’re wondering is Bidvine a scam, you can rest assured that it isn’t. It does what it says on the tin and you don’t have to chase up everything.

I also can’t praise the support team enough because every time I had a concern or a question, they were there to help. Now all my other costs such as equipment and marketing are being paid for by clients I got on Bidvine.

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How Has Bidvine Helped You Grow?

I use Bidvine as if it were my personal website. The client reviews have been massively helpful in getting more hires and Bidvine is a good place to keep everything together, including correspondence with potential clients. I believe my reviews speak for themselves. Bidvine has made it possible for me to do what I love which is to help people with personal training and nutrition.

I would say I’ve had 85% of my clients come through from Bidvine. I have been hired 40 times through Bidvine and I have 18 active clients right now and I am meeting 3 potential clients this week so it’s been very busy.

I’ve gotten referrals from clients who hired me previously. I’ve also found that clients that dropped off often approach me after a period of time when they want to get into shape again. I charge for consultation but the fee is refunded if clients buy a number of sessions with me. Bidvine has been such a boost for my business and I have recommended it to other PTs as well.

What Advice Would You Share With Other PTs Starting Out on Bidvine?

Include your qualifications in your bid, and address the specific points the client raises, whether they are looking for weight loss, toning, building more muscle mass, etc. But most importantly, make sure that your passion comes through in your bid. If you are not passionate about what you do, they will find out if not on the phone then through the first few sessions. So along with knowing the right techniques, that’s what’s most important in the end.

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What is The Most Rewarding Part of Your Job?

Personal trainers help clients make life choices that become lifestyle changes so this is something that can really transform people’s lives. That’s why I love what I do and I try to make sure this is reflected in my profile and my bids as well as through the sessions. I help people to achieve their goals through working hard—and trust me, I make them work really hard sometimes because it’s my job to bring out the best in people, but we also have a lot of fun in the meantime. I am very lucky that I get to do something I am passionate about for a living.

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