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So you’ve heard about natural photography, documentary style photography, and candid photography. But what about fine art portrait photography? If you’re looking for a more stylish and glamorous style of photography, fine art photography is for you.

In this pro post, we’ll learn about the value of fine art portrait photography from professional photographer Adam Regan. Adam, a Bidvine pro, shared his insight on the subject with us recently. Read on until the end of the post to visit Adam’s profile to see some of his past work!

Without further ado, let’s get into the importance of fine art photography.

What are some different styles of portrait photography?

There are many different styles of portrait photography, from inexpensive £10 passport style headshots to smiley, family style shots that adorn mantelpieces around the country. In America, they refer to these as ‘cookie cutter’.

The emotional range is identical, no matter who is in the image. That’s because studios who offer these kinds of shoots are working on high volume, and have a template that they work from.

What about fine art portrait photography?

With a fine art portrait, the intention is to convey a feeling of the person in the image. The sessions are longer and the process more organic as the interaction between the sitter and the photographer develops.

The resulting image, though shot in the photographer’s style, should be a unique piece of work. It should have a depth that is rarely achieved in a high volume environment.

The Value of Fine Art Portrait Photography - Pro PostAdam Regan, Photographer
Adam Regan Photography
Bidvine Professional since 2016

We’d like to thank Adam for enlightening us on the importance of fine art photography. We hope his words inspire you to make your next set of family photos truly glamorous.

Adam is based in Rye and offers his services across the United Kingdom and abroad. His photos have been featured in many high-profile publications including Tatler, Elle, National Geographic, and more. You can see some of his stellar work on his Bidvine profile.

If you’d like to hire Adam as your photographer, click the button below to check out his profile. Then, you can take a look at his past work and submit a free request! You’ll get custom bids from photographers in your area.

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