10 Inspiring Feature Wall Ideas That Will Uplift Your Interiors

Are you considering updating the interiors in your home? Check out these 10 top feature wall ideas to get the inspiration you need to plan your next home improvement project!

Have you been looking for a way to easily add some excitement to a room in your home? Consider incorporating a feature wall! This is a quick and easy way to update the look of any room since you’ll just be applying a new style to one wall within a given room.

Plus, it offers nearly unlimited options — one is sure to suit your decorating tastes. From bold, striking options to ones that are more subtle and simple, there are great feature wall ideas for nearly any space.  

But before you begin dreaming up stunning feature wall ideas, evaluate your space. You need to choose the right wall to feature in order for your room to look put together and professional!

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1. Paint: The Classic Choice

Not only a classic, using paint for your feature wall is also the easiest way to achieve the look! Paint the entire feature wall a solid colour for the simplest approach. To find the best shade, consider your room’s existing colour scheme. While bedding and other textiles can be replaced, you’ll want to ensure your desired colour works with any upholstered couches or chairs that are staying put.

While it may be tempting to go straight to a bold colour, explore all of your options. The same shade in a lighter or darker tint, for example, can do wonders for tying your entire room together.

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2. Read the Room

Before you change the look of a wall, make sure you’ve selected the right space! Evaluate your room for the current focal point. A fireplace makes for a natural feature wall, since your attention will naturally be drawn in this direction. You can build your ideas around this point, either by building up the space beside the fireplace with panelling or textured finishes.

If you already have built-ins beside a fireplace, you can dress these up by painting them a fantastic new accent colour. This can change the look of the room instantly and improve the entire space!

Other feature wall indications include the headboard wall in your bedroom or the space you use for your entertainment system. Working with what you have can make your feature wall that much easier to achieve!

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3. More Paint Possibilities

Paint on your feature wall doesn’t have to be single, solid colour. There are so many colours available, you don’t need to limit yourself to just one. With a bit more work, you can incorporate a pattern to turn your wall into a feature that wows. Stripes and herringbone patterns are easy to create with painter’s tape, but if you’re daring you may even choose more complicated options like circles.

Make sure to choose colours that compliment each other and suit the entire space. A charcoal base with white paint for the stripes can be an impactful look. Patterns need to be used carefully, however, since they draw attention and can make a room look busy. Using similar colours can reduce the visual noise.

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4. High Impact Wallpaper

Wallpaper today is nothing like the old, dated patterns you may recall from years ago. It now comes in vibrant, modern styles that can drastically change the look of your room. Plus, varieties available today are easier to apply and remove — so you aren’t committing to a long-term look for your wall with wallpaper.

A rich and textured wallpaper on a feature wall can make the room look luxurious. For a trendy effect, find patterns that use gold, copper or the look of other precious metals. This allows you to extend accents in your decorating scheme throughout the room.  

Patterns are also easier to incorporate with wallpaper. From geometrics to stripes to florals, you can find the perfect look on the roll.

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5. A Gallery Wall to Suit

A gallery wall can finish a wall in any room. Why not use this to create your feature? It will demand the attention of anyone entering the room! Not only is a gallery wall personalised to your tastes, but it can be a great way to showcase what you care about most with snapshots of your family.

Not a picture person? Looking for art that speaks to you or a series of print to make decorating easy. You can even put fabric that matches your textiles into frames for your own pieces!

Tip: Tie a wall together by using the same colour frame or prints that share a similar palette. This ensures that your art looks deliberate and reduces clutter.

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6. Striking Storage Solutions

Your feature wall can have a purpose, too! Storage solutions, whether open shelving, built-ins or furniture, can transform your wall while also offering you more options in your space. These are great options for bedrooms, living rooms and other places where you may need some extra space for storage.   

Find the perfect style of storage for the room. Since this is something that may be permanent in the case of built-in furniture, you’ll want to suit the style of the room. From traditional styles to modern and everything in between, make the right choice with your finishes and accent pieces to make this feature work.  

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7. Wooden Ways

If you prefer natural finishes, consider introducing wood into your space. This can be a great way to balance tradition in an otherwise modern-looking space. From light birch to dark walnut, you can choose the wood type and stain colour to offer the perfect look in your space.  

Rescued barn board is on trend today, offering a weathered look that will create the perfect feature. Or consider the always popular shiplap for a clean, coastal look that keeps your room looking fresh and open.

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8. Vintage Brick

Brick is a great choice for a feature wall. Installing new brick for a vintage look has come a long way with the introduction of brick veneer. These thin bricks are a lot like tile, but made from real bricks to offer an authentic and natural look. Brick is a more permanent change for your room, so be certain before you choose this option.

To keep up the illusion with your brick, choose an exterior wall for your feature. This way, it will feel like this is exposed brick from your home. But be sure it matches your home’s exterior!

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9. Tile It Up

Not just for bathrooms and kitchens, tile can be used on a feature wall in nearly any room. With tile options made of glass, natural stone or ceramic, the look can be drastically altered simply by selecting a different option.

Tile is available in a range of shades and textures. Natural stone on its own creates a rugged look that evokes rustic living and cozy mornings in a living room or bedroom. If you prefer a cleaner look, consider ceramic. Although a smooth glass tile may make your living room look a little too austere, mixing this with warmer textures like stone can make the room warm and inviting.

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10. Space for Art

A feature wall doesn’t have to be limited to the wall itself. Invest in some high-profile art that takes up the real estate on your wall. Look for oversized canvases, professional photography, or mix-media pieces that will make your wall a showcase. Landscapes make for great wall art, especially at this size. Avoid anything with lots of pattern or shapes as this can make all but the largest rooms look smaller.

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