12 Fun, Effortless Ways to Get Healthier Without Realising It

You’ve heard enough fitness and lifestyle tips to last a lifetime. That’s why this year we thought we’d bring you easy ways to improve your health! Without making a huge change to your lifestyle, you’ll be able to improve your health.

If you’re feeling the effects of Blue Monday, or are simply feeling less than perfect any day of the year, these tips are for you! Making small adjustments to your life is a simple way to improve your health, and can make you feel great. These tips are great for those of us who don’t have the time to incorporate a new fitness routine into our lives. Despite the small change, they can actually help you become healthier without realising it.

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10 Fun, Effortless Ways to Get Healthier Without Realising It - Vanilla

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1. Keep Something Vanilla Scented Around

Every time you crave something sweet, smell a vanilla pod. It satisfies those cravings without delivering any calories.

You’re welcome for this one as we think you’ll thank us once you’ve tried it.

If you want a more constant scent of vanilla or whichever scent you find most relaxing, purchase a candle! Having a candle that smells like fresh baked cookies or vanilla will make you feel instantly comforted.

10 Fun, Effortless Ways to Get Healthier Without Realising It - Stairs

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2. Don’t Walk up Stairs, Run

Whether in the house or the library, don’t walk up the stairs, run instead! You’ll burn an amazing amount of calories over a single week for these short bursts.

While we’re on that subject, take the stairs instead of the elevator. It will probably take the same amount of time as waiting for the elevator, and it’s an easy way to feel better and get healthier.

10 Fun, Effortless Ways to Get Healthier Without Realising It - Music

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3. Add Music and Dance

When your favourite song comes on, provided you’re not driving, dance like nobody’s watching. It doesn’t matter how silly you look, just dance for the full track. This three minutes of activity is enjoyable and addictive.

10 Fun, Effortless Ways to Get Healthier Without Realising It - Breakfast

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4. Swap Pudding for Cereal

We all love pudding but our bodies don’t thank us for it. Instead, try swapping for a related cereal instead.

Try out these swaps:

  • chocolate cake for coco pops
  • treacle sponge for golden syrup porridge
  • cheesecake for granola with fresh fruit

Try it once and you’ll love it. It only has a quarter of the calories, too.

Another bonus to swapping out pudding for cereal is that it requires so much less effort to prepare! You won’t have to slave over preparing a cake or treacle sponge. All you have to do is pour some cereal and milk (and maybe some fruit) into a bowl!

10 Fun, Effortless Ways to Get Healthier Without Realising It - Tea

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5. Find Healthier Alternatives

We tend to like fizzy drinks for their taste and their energy benefits. But, they’re bad for our skin, our health and our teeth. They’re also a hard habit to break.

Try fruity teas or invest in a Soda Stream. Carbonate water and add flavouring for a delicious low-calorie drink.

If you think you might need a bit more advice when it comes to healthy foods, then you may want to look into nutritionist services.

10 Fun, Effortless Ways to Get Healthier Without Realising It - Walking Tube Map

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6. Print the Walking Tube Map

Last year a genius made a map that showed just how many minutes it takes to walk between tube stations. Set yourself a challenge.

For example, if you work in Holborn have you ever seen what’s between Covent Garden and Leicester Square? This walk takes just 4 minutes and you could be missing a lot!

Or if you get caught in the almost daily Oxford Circus rush-hour, walk to Bond Street in just 7 minutes.

If you live outside of London, you can try this with getting off the bus at an earlier stop.

10 Fun, Effortless Ways to Get Healthier Without Realising It - Housework

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7. Do the Housework

A lot of us hate housework. But, an hour cleaning windows and vacuuming can burn the same amount of calories as an hour at the gym.

Did you know that ironing burns 5 calories a minute compared to 1 calorie a minute you burn if just sitting down?

It’s a miracle. Your house will benefit, too!

8. Say Yes

It’s not a fitness resolution, but saying yes to more invitations can help you become healthier mentally.

When invited to a party you’d usually avoid, try saying yes (you can always make your excuses later and go home).

Stepping out of your comfort zone releases adrenalin which in turn burns calories. You could also take up extreme sports, but this is an easier way of raising that heartbeat.

10 Fun, Effortless Ways to Get Healthier Without Realising It - Meal Prep

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9. Prepare Food in Advance

You know you need to cut down on fat and sugar. This knowledge does not help when you need a snack and only have sweets! Instead, prepare food in advance. Carrot sticks, almonds, raisin and celery are all good snack partners.

If you look in your fridge and see carrots and celery already cut up and portioned, you’re more likely to grab them instead of ice cream or another treat. If you’re craving something sweet, have a yoghurt or some cut up fruit!

You can even prepare your meals for the entire week ahead of time. If you want to work with a professional to create a bespoke diet, hire a nutritionist. They can help you with preparing meals and choosing recipes.

10. Have a Good Night’s Sleep

We know, we know. You’re always told to get more sleep and to stop using your mobile phone after a certain hour. But you’re told this for a reason!

It’s important to get a good night’s sleep as often as you can. Your sleep directly affects your energy levels and health during the day, so make sure you’re not stretching yourself too far and going to sleep at a reasonable hour.

10 Fun, Effortless Ways to Get Healthier Without Realising It - Carry More

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11. Carry More

One sure fire way to enhance your calorie burning ability is to carry more while you walk or run. The next time a toddler asks for a piggy back, say yes. Or carry your shopping from the supermarket door instead of using the trolley. It all adds up. (To an extra 16 calories burned per minute!)

12. Get a Massage

If you’ve been feeling tense and stressed out for whatever reason, getting a massage from a professional massage therapist is a great way to feel relaxed. You carry a lot of stress in your muscles, and a massage therapist knows how to reduce that pain and stress.

Would you like to learn more about the different types of massage and what they can do for your body? Check to this post on 11 types of massage. If you’re ready to hire a massage therapist, submit a free request on Bidvine. You’ll get bids from massage therapists near you who are ready to help!

We hope you enjoyed our top tips for getting healthier! Remember, don’t let Blue Monday or any other day of the year get you down. If you make small changes to improve your health, it won’t seem like such a huge undertaking.

If you’re ready to take your commitment to fitness to the next level, find a personal trainer.

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