How Long Will it Take to Burn Off Your Favourite Easter Eggs?

Easter, like Christmas, is a time for family and indulgence, but instead of Christmas dinners, we like to treat ourselves with the time old tradition of chocolate Easter eggs!

We thought it would be interesting (and slightly guilt-inducing) to find out which Easter eggs are the UK’s favourite and exactly how many calories are in them. By surveying 1,500 members of the British public we discovered that Cadbury Creme Egg is the nation’s favourite, followed by Mini Eggs and Dairy Milk.

Ranked: The Nation’s Favourite Eggs

  1. Creme Egg (186g) – 922 calories
  2. Mini Eggs (187g) – 980 calories
  3. Dairy Milk (331g) – 1,758 calories
  4. M&Ms (268g) – 1,385 calories
  5. Smarties (122g) – 680 calories
  6. Oreo (278g) – 1528 calories
  7. Aero (235g) – 1,259
  8. Thorntons (149g) – 806 calories
  9. KitKat (180g) – 943 calories
  10. Mars (331g) – 1,623 calories
  11. Flake (294g) – 1,562 calories
  12. Cadbury Caramel (331g) – 1,683 calories
  13. Wispa (296g) – 1,562 calories
  14. Yorkie (192g) – 1,033 calories
  15. Snickers (274g) – 1,429 calories
  16. Milkybar (162g) – 886 calories
  17. Minstrel (262g) – 1,357 calories
  18. Double Decker (307g) – 1,549 calories
  19. Matchmaker (162g) – 872 calories
  20. Toffee Crisp (176g) – 1,004 calories

We also thought it would be handy to know how long it would take to burn these calories off by doing some popular exercises. By using the below calculator you can select an Easter egg and an activity, such as running or swimming, to see how long you would have to do that activity for to work off the calories from the chocolate treat (the time is given in minutes). co-founder, Russ Morgan, said, “As an online services marketplace we have hundreds of personal trainers, nutritionists and dieticians, so we used their expert insight to work out just how much exercise the UK public is going to need to do come April 16th if they want to indulge guilt free!

“With Easter coming up we wanted to highlight just how many calories people are actually consuming and, to put it into context, just how long they’d need to exercise to burn it off. We don’t want to put people off from indulging in the Easter festivities, however as with everything moderation is key.”

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