12 Cheap and Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

On Halloween, everyone is all up and about looking for the best costume ideas in order to stand out of the crowd. Halloween costume ideas are different for each person. That’s because it is purely a matter of personal taste. There are some styles that come and go while others are popular every year. Let’s take a look at some of the classic cheap and easy DIY Halloween costumes that are popular year after year. These costumes can be altered to fit the wearer’s preference, style, and age.

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1. Pumpkin

Pumpkins have become synonymous with Halloween. Vibrant orange in colour, these costumes are a great alternative. When it comes to DIY pumpkin Halloween costumes, there are many options available. For kids, you have the option to choose from a wide range of adorable and cute pumpkin costumes!

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2. Witch

Witch costumes are also very common. With a hat and broomstick, you’ll soon be set, these Halloween costumes are a hit with all age groups as they’re easy to put together with just those two props. You could even pair the hat and broomstick with a black dress or black pants and a black shirt to complete the look.

Halloween Ghost Costume

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3. Ghost

Ghost costumes are the easiest to make because all you need are some regular white bed sheets with some holes which you can easily cut and make at home. It’s so easy you can even make it into a pet’s costume!

Plus, there is another advantage of these costumes – you can wear the costume on top of warm clothes underneath. So if it’s a chilly year, you’ll be able to stay warm and still go out trick or treating.

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4. Vampire

Vampires are a classic Halloween costume and when it comes to DIY vampire Halloween costumes, you have many options from classic to modern styles. Youngsters can go for a more casual vampire look like Bella and Edward from Twilight. Generally black and red are the prominent colours in a vampire costume. Then there’s also the classic Victorian vampire look or even Dracula. The best part? All of these vampire costumes are easy to make.

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5. Cat

Halloween is the perfect time to dress up as your favourite cat. All that’s needed for this DIY costume is some face paint to draw on whiskers, and cat ears on a headband. This is a great quick costume idea if you’re headed to a last minute Halloween party.

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6. Astronaut

Who doesn’t love the idea of exploring space? Bring your space exploration dreams to life at Halloween with a fun astronaut costume!

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7. Prince or Princess

When it comes to Halloween costumes, prince and princess costumes are a popular option for kids. Simply make a crown, add some fake jewels that can be found at the craft store, and presto! You’re well on you’re way to creating the perfect DIY prince or princess costume.

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8. Fairytale Characters

Fairy tale costumes such as a mermaid or Tinkerbell are always a big crowd pleaser. For these, simply take a look at the image of the character then head to your local thrift store or craft store to get the pieces you need to bring this costume to life.

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9. Butterfly

Butterflies have always been an outstanding costume idea for Halloween mainly because the wings can be personalised in any range of colours! If you have a child who loves purple – then simply opt for purple butterfly wings and a bit of purple face paint with glitter to bring this delightful costume together.


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10. Dragon

Dragon Halloween costumes are ideal for kids. What little girl or boy doesn’t wonder what it would be like to be a ferocious fire-breathing dragon? If you make the costume right, your little adventurer can roar and put fear in the neighbourhood this Trick or Treat season.

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11. Skeleton

The skeleton is a timeless classic for every generation! A black outfit with white bones pasted on with fabric glue is a simple way to bring this costume to life.

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12. Superhero or Story Character

Superheroes and supervillains are always a popular Halloween costume idea. Anyone can be a superhero or supervillain during Halloween. With your DIY skills, you can be any superhero or story character you want to be, including Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, or even a storm trooper!

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