12 Cheap and Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween is on the way and now is the time to get your costume sorted! Dressing up isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it can be so much fun to become someone else for the night. These days it doesn’t matter if you don’t fancy dressing up as something scary—clever and funny costumes are just as, if not more successful, as they can surprise and make people laugh. They can also be a great way to meet new friends as your costume can be a talking point or ice breaker.

Homemade costumes have the potential to be so much more impressive than shop-bought, because they’re original, creative and more imaginative—and the good news is they’re also cheaper! Read on for some great ideas for original costumes you can create at home.

Dress up as an artwork by Magritte

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‘The Son of Man ‘ – Inspired by the famous painting ‘The Son of Man’ by Magritte, all you need for this costume is a suit, a bowler hat and an apple to pin to the hat. You could use a real apple or a colour print out, depending on how keen you are to actually see…

Simple to make Garden Gnome costume

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Garden Gnome – A great one for kids, this costume is easy to put together. All you need is an oversized jumper, some padding, a belt, some pom poms for the oversized (parents’) shoes, a fake beard (or use some cotton wool) and some red card sellotaped into a cone and Bob’s your uncle, you’re a garden gnome!

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Jellyfish Crew – The jellyfish is a good one for a group costume and also great if halloween night looks like it will be rainy. A clear or translucent umbrella decorated with chiffon or iridescent plastic makes for an amazingly effective jellyfish. Colour co-ordinate your outfit to complete the look.

Easy Miley Cyrus costume

Image: kjkemme

Miley Cyrus – Dressing as Miley Cyrus is a funny idea, just make sure you’re going somewhere warm as this is a skimpy one! This one works if you have short blonde hair and it’s great as it’s minimalist but still obvious who you’re dressing as. The teddy bear can also be substituted for a novelty foam finger.

Vincent Van Gogh artwork costume

Image: josh1510

Vincent van Gogh – Arty costumes are great as they’re clever and not necessarily what people would expect. For this outfit, you’re going to need to essentially destroy a shirt and blazer to create the paint strokes, so perhaps raid your local charity shop. Create the brushstrokes with acrylic paint (use face paint for your face, neck and hands) and study the painting to imitate the colours as best you can. Especially fun for art students!

Milhouse from The Simpsons costume

Image: fnogg

Millhouse from The Simpsons – Quite a simple idea and costume, but it works so well. Milhouse from The Simpsons only requires some blue hair spray, yellow face/body paint and a pair of cartoon glasses complete with eyeballs made from card. You might have red shorts and a purple t-shirt in your wardrobe already and if not, get yourself down the charity shop!

Gumball Machine costume

Image: The Joy of Fashion

Gumball Machine – This is a crafty one and it will take some time to put together. The gumball machine costume requires some craft shop pom poms and a red skirt or dress. Stick the poms poms to a top or the top half of a red dress and use a square of grey fabric and acrylic paint or permanent marker to make the coin slot.

Taylor Swift's Bad Blood costumes

Image: Brit + Co

Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood – Everyone loves a topical Halloween costume and this one is even better as it’s for a group of girls. Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood video can be recreated with various black leather clothing items and a few creatively placed belts—how far you want to take it is up to you! Just don’t break up the sisterhood by fighting over who gets to be Taylor.

Tinkerbell costume

Image: Love Maegan

Simple but effective, a plain green dress can be transformed into a Tinkerbell costume with a little bit of creative hemming. Add some poms poms on the shoes and a cute blond up-do and you’re all set— magic!

Bag of sweets

Image: Modern Kiddo

Bag of Sweets – For the this jelly-beans inspired costume, all you need is a packet of  balloons and a clear plastic bin bag—we admit, it’s not the most flattering but is definitely funny and cute.

Mary Poppins Halloween Costume

Image: Keiko Lynn

Mary Poppins – Another Disney character, Mary Poppins is a costume that can be cobbled together using items you probably already have in your wardrobe. Whatever you’re missing (perhaps a flat topped hat and a red bow tie?) can be found in a charity or vintage shop. All you need to finish it off is an umbrella and a doctor’s bag with a six foot lamp inside! …OK maybe you can skip the last bit.

What are you dressing as this Halloween? If you have any ideas for DIY Halloween costumes you’d like to share, we’d love to read them in the comments below!

Image credit: Amanda Tipton