Could You Get into Grammar School?

Following Theresa May’s idea of reintroducing more grammar schools, the future of Britain’s education system is still unknown.

There are only 232 grammar schools in the UK out of roughly 3000 secondary schools, and competition for places each year is fierce with sometimes over 20 applicants for just one space. The entry exam includes questions on verbal reasoning, English and Mathematics. With grammar schools ‘possibly’ on the up, we have put together a fun 11-plus grammar school test with the help of our private tutors, so you can see if you would meet the criteria to get into a grammar school!

Do you think today’s youngsters have it easy? Give this 11-Plus quiz a go, to see if you can pass the test taken by 11-year-olds around the country. Remember, no calculators and no Google! If you get less than half right, that means you sadly missed your chance.

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