What Is the Cost to Renovate a Bathroom? (With Insider Answers)

There are a lot of steps involved in a bathroom renovation, with most people’s first wondering the cost to renovate a bathroom. This is especially true if you are redoing it completely. In the end, budget is king because the better you optimise your budget, the more you can accomplish.

What Is the Cost to Renovate a Bathroom in the UK?

  • New Coat of Bathroom Paint: £400
  • Toilet Repair: £80
  • Tile Installation: £350
  • Floor Tiling: £380
  • Plumbing Pipe Repair: £100
  • Shower and Bath Repair: £82
  • Shower and Bath Installation: £275
  • Lighting Installation: £95


Now that you are starting to put your budget together and figuring out the cost to renovate a bathroom in your home, here is some extra inspiration for your bathroom renovation project!

Cost to Renovate a Bathroom - Painting

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New Coat of Bathroom Paint

Chipped paint can make your entire bathroom look shabby. So, there is nothing quite like a fresh coat of paint on your walls. When you paint your bathroom walls, it will truly refresh the atmosphere of the entire room.

You can even get creative with your paint. A pop of colour can transform a drab room into an oceanic or rainforest oasis. If you want all of the walls to be colourful, choose a lighter shade of blue or green to keep the room feeling open. Another option is to pick a vibrant shade of paint for one accent wall then choose a neutral colour for the other walls.

Do you want more information on the average cost to paint a room? Learn more here!

Cost to Renovate a Bathroom - Toilet Repair

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Update or Repair Your Toilet

If your toilet is in need of repair than a bathroom renovation is the perfect time to look after it. Trust us, you will really appreciate it when your toilet stops making strange noises.

Completely tired of your toilet? Then why not upgrade! There are plenty of energy efficient toilets available today. By using an energy efficient toilet, you can help out the environment by reducing your water consumption. There are approximately 45 million toilets in the UK. Altogether they use about 2 billion litres of fresh water on a daily basis! So, it is important to make sure that your toilet is as energy efficient as possible!

Cost to Renovate a Bathroom - Tile Installation

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Tile Installation

Tiles are a great alternative or accent to paint! There are countless options to choose from when it comes to bathroom tiles. Stone tiles, granite tiles, marble tiles, pebble tiles, ceramic tiles and glass tiles are just a few of the many different types of tiles available.

You can do a lot of things with your tiles to. You can create patterns with different colour tiles, think black and white. Then there is also the option of creating a thin tile border around your walls. This will create a polished accent to your fresh paint.

When you hire a Bidvine tile installer, the average total cost od the project is £350. Then, the hourly labour cost is usually around £22. It is important to remember that the cost is dependent on the size of the area you are tiling. The cost of your materials can also affect the price.

Cost to Renovate a Bathroom - Floor Tiling

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Floor Tiling

When tiling your bathroom floor your choice of tiles is especially important. This is because some tiles are extremely slippery. It is easy to slip on glass tiles or porcelain tiles. Instead, opt for pebble tiles or slate tiles. These tiles are popular for bathroom flooring because they are relatively slip-resistant.

On average, the total cost of floor tiling projects completed by Bidvine floor tiles is around £380. In terms of the hourly labour costs, the cost of Bidvine floor tiles ranges between £22 and £55 per hour.

Cost to Renovate a Bathroom - Pipe Repair

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Plumbing Pipe Repair

One thing which it is especially important not to forget when you are renovating your bathroom is your pipes. After all, without pipes, your toilet, taps and shower or bath just won’t work. If your pipes have been making strange noises or you’ve noticed a leak then take care of this first during your bathroom renovation.

Pipes are the foundation of a successful bathroom. The median total cost for plumbing pipe repair is £100. In terms of hourly costs, the average hourly labour cost for Bidvine plumbing pipe repair technicians is £52. Yet, this can vary based on your project and the state of your pipes.

Cost to Renovate a Bathroom - Shower and Bath

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Shower and Bath

When designing your bathroom oasis and setting your budget for the cost to renovate a bathroom in your home, keep your shower and bathtub in mind. There are two main options, repair or replacement. Which one you choose depends on the state of your shower. With a Bidvine shower or bath repair technician, it will cost around £82 to complete the project. On the other hand, if you choose to install a new one, then the cost is closer to £275.

If you are installing a new shower or bath have some fun with it. For a vintage look, choose a claw foot bathtub. Feeling like something more modern or trying to save space? Then it is best to forget the tub and opt for a shower stall. A shower stall is certainly more modern and can help you save space. Plus, if you tile the walls with earthy clay colouring, every shower will feel like you are in an earthen sanctuary.

Cost to Renovate a Bathroom - Lighting Installation

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Lighting Installation

Brighten up a brand new bathroom with some stylish lighting! There are plenty of different choices for lighting. You can opt for vintage or modern vanity lights. Then there is also the option of LED ceiling lights. LED lights are a top choice because they are more energy efficient than other kinds of lighting.

If you enjoy evening baths, why not consider a dimmer switch. By dimming the lighting you can create an extra relaxing atmosphere your at-home spa time.

Are you ready to install lighting in your bathroom? Lighting installation from a Bidvine pro costs around £95.

There are thus, countless ways to update and refresh your bathroom during renovations. With all these options your new bathroom cost could climb. So, it is important to create a detailed and realistic budget. When you have finalised your budget, run through it with your professional so they are aware of your expectations for the cost to renovate a bathroom in your home.

In general, bathroom remodelling with Bidvine professionals costs around £1322. However, depending on your project this price can fluctuate.

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