Get Musically Creative! (Your Guide to the Cost of Music Lessons)

When you want to learn music, your first focus should be connecting with your inspiration. Yet, the cost of music lessons is nonetheless important. So, we put together a cost guide to 6 of the most popular types of music lessons. That way you can quickly figure out your budget and connect with your inspiration that much sooner!

What Is the Cost of Music Lessons in the UK?

  1. Ukulele Lessons: £25
  2. Piano Lessons: £32
  3. Singing Lessons: £33
  4. Guitar Lessons: £27
  5. Violin Lessons: £33
  6. Drum Lessons: £29

Cost of Music Lessons

So you have an idea about the cost of music lessons for each of these 6 top instruments. Now it’s time to choose which instrument to learn. Not sure what is the best fit for you? Then keep reading to learn more about these 6 top instruments!

Cost of Music Lessons - Ukulele Lessons

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1. Ukulele Lessons

The ukulele is an instrument similar to a guitar except smaller. Due to its smaller size, it makes a delicate, light and airy sounds. It is the national instrument of Hawaii, and its uplifting music quickly teleports you to a tropical beach.

Yet, you don’t always have to play island music with the ukulele. There are many genres of music which suit the ukulele well like, pop, country and classical. So, if you want to learn to play the ukulele you have countless options of song choices available to you.

Are you ready to hire a professional ukulele teacher? On Bidvine, the average cost per ukulele lesson is around £25.

Get Musically Creative! (Your Guide To The Cost Of Music Lessons) - Piano Lessons

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2. Piano Lessons

The piano is thought to have been invented during the late 1600s or early 1700s. Since then the piano has become an instrument beloved the world over. It is present in most songs today and can contribute to many musical genres.

Some Famous Contemporary Piano Ballads Include:

  • Clocks by Coldplay
  • Ordinary People by John Legend
  • A Thousand Miles Vanessa Carlton
  • Turning Tables by Adele

Then there are also classics like Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata and Claude deBussy’s Claire de Lune.

There is no shortage of songs to learn if the piano intrigues you. If you do decide to opt for piano lessons, they cost around £32 per class with Bidvine piano teachers.

Get Musically Creative! (Your Guide To The Cost Of Music Lessons) - Singing Lessons

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3. Singing Lessons

Have a song in your heart that you want to learn how to sing? Singing lessons are a great way to explore the world of music and hone your vocal skills. Plus, you don’t need to have any singing experience to take lessons. After all, everyone has to start somewhere!

During your singing lessons, your vocal teacher can guide you through the process of vocal training. They can teach you how to maximise the musical range of your voice.

Singing teachers can also help you out if you do have singing experience. For instance, if you have an upcoming performance or you are recording an album, they can help you prepare. If you are regularly using your voice, then a singing teacher can also show you how to rest. That way you don’t lose your voice when you need it the most.

The average rate charged by singing teachers per singing lesson is around £33. When you submit a request through Bidvine you could get custom, detailed bids from teachers near you!

4. Guitar Lessons

The guitar is often equated with country music. But, guitar music is present in far more genres than country music. The guitar is also used in blues, jazz, rock, pop and classical are all genres which the guitar can accentuate.

If you enjoy singing, the guitar is a handy instrument to learn. With the diversity of guitar music you can play, you can accompany most vocal songs with guitar music. Some music teachers may even let you combine your guitar and singing lessons! So, if this is something that interests you be sure to ask.

There are also several different types of guitars to choose from. The type of guitar you choose will depend on what genre of music you want to play. For instance, acoustic guitars are ideal for country music, and voice accompaniment. On the other hand, if you are interested in deeper, fuller notes then a bass guitar is a better option. Then, there is also the choice of electric guitars if you want to play rock music.

According to Bidvine professionals, the average cost per guitar lesson is around £27. Are you ready to find a guitar teacher near you? Let Bidvine help connect you with trusted, local professionals!

Get Musically Creative! (Your Guide To The Cost Of Music Lessons) - Violin Lessons

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5. Violin Lessons

Like the guitar and ukulele, the violin is also a string instrument. In the case of the violin, this means that sound is made by moving a bow across the strings.

During your violin lessons, your violin teacher for hire can also teach you how to read music. When you are able to read sheet music you can practise more effectively at home. You can also expand your musical rapport. After dedicated practice, you can begin learning more songs on your own outside of your practice.

It is still important to start your musical career with lessons from a teacher. This is because music lessons teach you all the essential skills you need to advance your practice. The average violin lesson from a Bidvine professional costs £33.

Get Musically Creative! (Your Guide To The Cost Of Music Lessons) - Drum Lessons

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6. Drum Lessons

The drum is the backbone of a song. Drums set the rhythm and beat of the music. There are several different types of guitars. These include traditional hand drums, drum kits, bass drums, snare drums and hand drums. The type of drum you choose will depend on the music you would like to play. If you aren’t sure which drum to choose then speak with your drum teacher, based on your interests they can advise you on the best drum for your lifestyle.

As drums are the backbone of most songs they are also used to play a wide variety of different musical genres. For instance, you can find drumming music in electric, blues, classical, pop and rock music. So, there is really no limit. Follow your musical passions where they take you.

Are you curious about cost? The average cost of music lessons for drums with a Bidvine professional is around £29. Are you ready to start your drumming journey? Let Bidvine help connect you with trusted, local drum teachers for hire in your area.

So when it comes down to it, there is really no limit to the musical possibilities you can explore. Plus based on these top 6 types of music lessons, the average cost of music lessons runs around £29 per lesson.

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