Back to School 2016: Get Value with Computer Repair and Lessons

The lazy days of summer are drawing to a close as back to school season approaches. So, it is time to look after your computer. After all, during school and for many jobs, your computer is your lifeline.

Back to school season also presents a learning opportunity with computer lessons! Not familiar with your computer or the programs that it runs? Computer lessons are a great way to familiarise yourself.

To help you figure out what you need to know about computer repair and lessons, we have put together a handy guide for you. So, read on to learn more!

Computer Repair

When your computer runs slowly, gets a cracked screen or starts to make a loud noise it can make you want to pull your hair out. This is especially true if you aren’t sure if you can fix the problem. So, to help keep your hair safely on your head we gathered a list of the top 9 repairs for computers to reassure you that it can be fixed.

1. Cracked or Damaged Screen

Screens are easy to damage but they aren’t impossible to repair either. If it was your laptop screen that broke, the method of repairs will depend on the type of computer.

If it is your PC that is acting up, often times the technician will remove the backing and replace the screen itself.

However, if you need Mac repair for your screen they will need to remove the entire covering of the laptop. This is because the physical arrangement of a Mac differs from a PC. Unlike a PC where the back of the screen and the screen itself are different components in a Mac, it is all one piece. So, both the screen and its backing will have to be removed.

2. Loud Noise from the System

Does your laptop or desktop start making a loud noise when you open it? You may be experiencing a problem with the fan. In your computer, the fan cools down the computer’s hardware. If the fan in your computer breaks it will start to make a loud noise and may be warmer to the touch.

Both desktop computers and laptops are susceptible to having their fan break down. If you suspect that your computer’s fan has broken it is best to take it in for repair straight away. That way it won’t receive any additional damages due to overheating.

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3. Slow Performance

Slow performance can show up in a number of ways. If your main issue is slow internet check with your internet provider first. It may be that your internet provider is experiencing technical difficulties.

Yet, if you continue to experience difficulties with internet speed afterwards there may be other problems.

Slowness can also manifest through your computer’s ability to load internal programs. For instance, you might find that you cannot load basic programs like a word processor. It may even take an exceptionally long time for your computer to turn on or shut down.

If the internal programs are running exceptionally slowly it is best to contact a computer repair specialist. That way they will be able to diagnose the problem so that you don’t have to play a guessing game.

4. Computer Cannot Turn On

When your computer cannot turn on, you will likely have no other option but professional computer repair. That being said if your computer isn’t turning on before you take it to the pros make sure that it is fully charged. It is possible that the computer’s battery died and that is why it will not turn on.

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5. Suspected Virus or Malware

Not sure how to tell if your computer is infected with a virus? Here are some of the top signs that your laptop or desktop may have malware:

  • You receive persistent pop-ups on your browser when you are using an adblocker
  • Pop-ups appear even when you aren’t online
  • You notice that your email or social media account is sending messages you did not write
  • The pop-ups are ransomware, telling you that your access to the computer won’t be returned until you pay them money
  • Essential sequences on your computer aren’t working (like ctrl-alt-delete)
  • Your computer is operating especially slowly

For more information on some of the top signs of computer viruses, check out this article.

6. Issues Connecting to the Internet

Sometimes computers are unable to connect to the internet or even recognise that there are connections available. If your computer is repeatedly unable to connect to the internet then you should consider repairing it. After all, what good is a computer if it cannot even recognise an internet network.

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7. Data Recovery

Occasionally things just go wrong. Maybe you didn’t shut your computer down properly. Then again maybe a string of new updates wiped your computer’s memory. Either way, now you have a blank slate void of all your files. It only makes sense that you want to retrieve those memories.

We can’t guarantee that you will able to get all your files back but we do know your best shot is a computer repair specialist. They will be able to diagnose the problem and analyse whether it can be fixed.

8. Backup Your Hard Drive

Whether you’ve faced the challenge of data recovery before or you just want to prepare, backing up your hard drive is a good idea. If you aren’t sure about the best way to backup your computer, don’t worry. A  computer specialist can provide you with the information and tools that you need to backup your data properly.

Are you ready to look for a computer repair specialists to help keep your computer safe? Submit a free request and get custom bids for computer repair.

9. Antivirus Software

If you just removed a virus from your computer or you want to take precautionary measures, antivirus software is a good call. Antivirus software can help protect your computer from malicious programs. Then you won’t have to worry quite as much about your computer being hacked and breaking down on you.

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Computer Lessons

Have you just purchased a new computer that you are unfamiliar with? Do you want to learn how to use your computer’s programs properly? If you answered yes to either of these questions then computer lessons are a good option for you.

Computer lessons can also be useful for the tech savvy. While you may already have a basic familiarity with your computer there is always the opportunity to learn more.

To show you just how helpful they can be we have gathered a list of the 7 most common subjects for computer lessons.

1.  Understanding Your PC

If you’ve just bought a new PC, computer lessons are a good idea. Figuring out how to navigate an operating system you are unfamiliar with can be daunting. A quick lesson from a computer skills tutor can help clarify your confusion. They can help you set your computer up with the applications that you use the most.

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2. Understanding Your Apple Computer

If you are transferring from a PC to an Apple operating system, the transition can be tricky. This is because their operating systems are not only internally different but are also different visually. This means it can be hard at first to find the functions you were accustomed to with a PC on an Apple computer.

Apple computers are also more graphic designer-friendly. If you have bought an Apple computer for this purpose, a computer skills tutor can be especially handy. After your Apple computer lessons, you will have a more in-depth knowledge of your computer’s graphic design software. That way you can spend more time designing and less time trying to figure things out.

3. Word Processing

Word processing tools are handy for almost everyone during back to school season. Tools like Microsoft Word are used by most students to write their papers and take notes during class.

They can also still be useful if you aren’t a student. For instance, you can use a word processing tool to take notes during a work meeting.

Most people can get away with just the basic functions of word processing when taking notes. Yet if you are going to need to present these notes later on then you might run into trouble if you only know the basics. Computer lessons can help you solve this problem before it happens by teaching you to make top-notch documents.

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4. Quickbooks

Quickbooks is an online accounting software program for small businesses. It allows you to track both your income and expenses. While it is a handy tool on its own, it only really has a purpose if you know how to use it properly. A computer skills tutor can help guide you through the learning process. That way, even if you’ve never taken an accounting course you will still be able to properly track your finances.

5. Presentation Tools

At some point in your career, it is highly likely that your employer will ask you to do a presentation on your work. Learning how to use presentation tools like Microsoft’s Powerpoint is key to this. Knowing how to use presentation tools will allow you to properly show off all your hard work.

Are you ready to expand your knowledge of computers? Click the button below to get custom bids from computer teachers.

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6. Graphics Design Software

Graphic design software can be an absolute maze if it is your first time using it. Design tools like Photoshop come with many different ways to manipulate and create images. From layers to filters to unique paintbrushes Photoshop has a variety of elements. Learning how to use these tools from someone who is “in the know” will help you to expand your own graphic design skills.

7. Creating a Website

Unless you have received training in website design, creating your own website from scratch is complicated. Depending on your goals for the website, the approach taken when creating it will vary. For instance, a website that is primarily a blog will require different elements than an e-commerce site. You can either opt to take computer lessons to learn how to do these things yourself or if you are short on time you can hire a web designer.

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