How to Instantly Improve Your Home Using Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint has been making the rounds for a couple of years. It can help you decorate your bedroom wall or allow you to pretend you are a mad scientist in your home office. Moreover, you can paint it onto almost any surface and it can make short work of organising your home.

What is Chalkboard Paint?

If you’ve never been on Pinterest or a design blog, chalkboard paint is what it sounds like. It’s (usually black) paint that you can write on using chalk or a chalk marker. It’s great for small spaces as it saves space that would hold whiteboards or chalkboards.

Here are some ways to use chalkboard paint that you may not have come across before:

How to Instantly Improve Your Home Using Chalkboard Paint - Door

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On the Front Door

A small square of chalkboard paint on the door can be a great place for reminders before you leave the house. Notes can make you seem super organised as you never forget anything when leaving the house! Put the notes on as soon as you know you will need to take something extra with you.

On the Letterbox

A touch of chalkboard paint on the letterbox is a great way to leave notes for delivery drivers or friends. You can let people know you’re in the garden or you can give directions on where to leave a parcel. (The latter is only a good idea if you live in a small village with few neighbours.)

How to Instantly Improve Your Home Using Chalkboard Paint - Fridge

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On the Fridge

Chalkboard paint applied to a fridge can make the perfect base for a weekly shopping list. Every time you realise you’ve run out of something in the fridge you add the item to the door with chalk.

In the Pantry or Behind the Spice Rack

If you have a pantry or a spice rack, chalkboard paint can come in handy for organisation. A small note with “Flours” “Sugars” can ensure everyone keeps your pantry just the way you like it.

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How to Instantly Improve Your Home Using Chalkboard Paint - Jars

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You can also move dry food into jars and add chalkboard paint instead of labels. It looks prettier and it’s easy to change if you change the contents.

Cool for School

You can use chalkboard paint in many ways to help organise school children.

You can paint it on the wall or back of a bedroom door as a timetable. Ask the child to fill it in every week and you’re always kept in the loop.

You can also use chalkboard paint to create a reward chart for children on their bedroom wall. When they’ve grown out of reward charts, they can use the area to draw.

How to Instantly Improve Your Home Using Chalkboard Paint - Bedroom

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Behind the Bed

If you’re a bit indecisive, committing to a headboard can be difficult. You don’t want to shell out a bunch of money for something you’ll tire of in a month, do you?

Try using chalkboard paint on the wall behind your bed. You can draw a new headboard or design on it whenever you want. This is great if you live in a small flat and want to preserve space.

To make it even more detailed, hang a picture frame above your bed and use it as a canvas! You don’t even have to paint the whole wall if you want to do this, it’s completely up to you.

Did we manage to get you excited about chalkboard paint? Although you are more than welcome to have a go yourself, it’s a bit more tricky to apply than regular paint.

If you want to cover a large wall surface, we recommend hiring a painter. When you submit a free request for interior painting on Bidvine, you’ll get custom bids from painters in your area!

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