Can You Paint Tiles? The In-Depth Guide to Painting Tiles

From time to time you may notice that tiles in your kitchen, your bathroom or any other part of the house need a bit of a refresh. This is because paint tends to wear off tiles quickly when they get older. So, if your tiles are looking a little bit less than tip-top, you might be asking, can you paint tiles? The great news is yes, you can! Read below to find out more about which tiles you can paint, and how to paint tiles.
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Can you paint tiles

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Can You Paint Tiles?

Let’s start at the beginning by unraveling the question, ‘can you paint tiles?’ As we mentioned above, the good news is, you can paint tiles!
It is possible to paint ceramic tiles. Ceramic is commonly used to make tiles throughout your home. They offer the offer the perfect surface for counters, and flooring, not only in the kitchen but also in the bathroom as they are more resistant to water and highly durable.
You may also have tiles covering part of the walls in your home. If you get tired of their aesthetic than a top-notch painting project is a perfect solution as it will refresh your tiles without the hassle of installing all new tiles.
Before you set out to hire an expert to help you paint your tiles take some time to pick out the spots you want to paint. The section below covers which areas you should avoid when painting tiles that way you only pick the best spots to paint.

Can you paint tiles

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Which Areas Should You Avoid When Painting Tiles?

It is best to avoid areas which are more likely to get wet. This means tiles around your tub, shower, or bath are best to avoid. Avoiding these areas will ensure you see the best results from your painting project.
It is best to avoid painting these areas that are frequently exposed to water in particular because over time the exposure to water can cause the paint to peel. So, to ensure your paint lasts and remains in top shape stay away from areas exposed to a lot of water.
If you do want to refresh your bathroom tiles, then focus your project on wall tiles that aren’t in the showering area. These could be tiles by the bathroom entryway or around your mirror.

can you paint tiles

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How Do You Paint Tiles?

Now, that we’ve answered your question of, ‘can you paint tiles?’ it’s time to start your painting project! Simply follow the steps below to ensure you get great results.

1. Repair Any Chipped or Broken Tiles

If any of your tiles have damages, it is important to repair these first. Find the best sealant for cracks and replace any tiles that are in especially rough shape.

2. Get Cleaning

Cleaning is an essential preparation step. It is the first thing you should do before painting your tiles and after any chips are fixed up. Cleaning removes any grease and layers of dirt from the surface of your tiles so that you have a smooth surface to paint on. This can be done by using a high quality detergent. Then make sure your tiles dry completely before the next step.

3. Tape Off Surrounding Areas

Once, your tiles are all clean take some time to tape the surrounding areas. This will prevent paint from spreading to unwanted areas of your room.

4. Add Preliminary Primer

Once the cleaning and preparation are done, a bonding primer from a good brand that you have chosen should be applied. Generally, the primer that you want needs to be suitable for hard, smooth and glossy surfaces. Follow the specific guidelines of your product to produce the best results. Make sure the surface of your tiles are completely dry before you move on to the next step.

5. Start Painting

Now, it’s time to start painting! To ensure your technique is spot on, it’s a good idea to practice painting on a few test patches of tiles that are out of the way.  Once you’re ready begin painting your tiles in smooth, even coats keeping an eye out for any paint drips. After the first coat is dry, take a look and see if you will need a second coat to completely cover your tiles. When you’re happy with the colour, you’re all done!

can you paint tiles

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Yes, it is possible for you to paint tiles if they are made of a ceramic material. The main thing to be mindful of is which areas you plan to paint. Avoid areas that are in direct contact with water like your shower, choose a durable paint, and you’ll soon be enjoying the updated aesthetic of your interiors!
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