Bidvine offers flexibility to Personal Trainers

Victoria Zimmer came across Bidvine at a very interesting time in her career – she was moving away from her full-time gym management position and starting a personal training business of her own.

Designed Training & Nutrition - StandingVictoria has over 10 years of experience helping people reach their wellness objectives, whether that means rehabilitation, overcoming illness, stress, depression, loosing weight, improving relationship with food, or improving stamina. She is focused on delivering real results for her clients and feels inspired as she sees them come closer to their goals.

Victoria wanted to let the world know that she was available and ready to take on new clients and, fortunately, Bidvine was here to help.

“Using Bidvine helps me to stop worrying about having enquiries for potential clients. I get 3-7 requests per day. I get to choose if the location and requested time suits my diary and than contact client to schedule a face to face consultation. I wanted to get more exposure via social media and my own website. However, I feel like I am getting a lot [more] than expected from being part of Bidvine’s Professional Network.”
Victoria Zimmer, Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, & Nutrionist

If you are looking for a personal trainer for yourself, Victoria offers the following tips:

  • Always speak to the trainer over the phone before hiring them. It gives you a chance to ask as many questions as you want about their experience and qualifications based on which you can decide if he/she is the right person for you.
  • Never sign up for a full package until you met face to face. “I normally take a deposit that would cover 1 hr of my work and a journey prior to first session and if we ‘click’ send them an invoice for the rest of the balance to be paid prior to the 2nd session. In that case both trainer and client get to choose if they want to continue work together. Gives you a chance to see if the trainer look the part and practices what he/she teaches. Otherwise there is a chance to get stuck with someone you don’t feel comfortable being around.”
  • Always check what equipment is required for you to have or for trainer to bring in order to achieve your goals. Some people prefer to train at the gym – check membership costs, location, parking. If you prefer to train in the park or at home, again check what is required from you and what your trainer will provide.
  • Check out social media/website of the trainer that you are thinking of hiring. It brings you closer to their business and specialty.
  • Sometimes you can get a better deal with a trainer if you train with your friend/friends. Please make sure you have similar fitness level and goals prior to considering this idea.
  • Make sure that trainer has good knowledge of nutritional advise in order for you to achieve your goals.
  • Stay committed and get results.


Victoria ZimmerVictoria Zimmer
Designed Training & Nutrition
Bidvine Professional since February 2015

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