Bidvine Gives Me Client Leads. It’s up to Me to Convert Them.

Ryan Fleury

Personal Trainer

When Ryan Fleury faced a fitness injury he didn’t back down. Instead, he continued to pursue his passion for fitness as a personal trainer by coaching others. Then when Ryan moved to the UK from Singapore he began using Bidvine as a tool to make a name for himself in a new country.

Today over 60% of Ryan’s clients come from Bidvine, keeping his schedule full and allowing him to set the stage for his future plans of teaching other PTs. As a top PT on Bidvine, we chatted with Ryan on his tips for growing a successful business with Bidvine.

Why Did You Get Into Personal Training?

Before I became a full-time personal trainer I got injured. The only way I could stay in the fitness industry was by coaching others and I love helping people so it was a good fit.

When I moved here from Singapore initially I studied at a university for three years. After that, I entered the graduate entrepreneur program. There are only 1,500 spots in the UK for international graduates who want to start up a business in the UK. I pitched my idea to the University of Roehampton, and then I got sponsored by the university and the government.

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Where Do You See Your PT Business Going in The Future?

The business plan I got sponsored for and am getting endorsed for now involves creating a system for personal trainers. There are a lot of personal trainers who lack certain skill sets. So based on my feedback from my clients and from our market research here in the UK, this system is something that is lacking. As a result, the government agreed to sponsor me to train personal trainers. But as a personal trainer myself, I also train clients directly. So that’s how it all comes together.

Where do You Train Most of Your Clients?

I mostly train clients at their houses or at the park. If I do go to the gym I just rent space to use the premises.

How Did You Come Across Bidvine?

I was searching for ways to market myself and Bidvine popped up in Google search. Since I started using it, it has proven to be a cost-effective marketing tool. It’s great because it provides me with leads for potential clients. From there, it’s up to me to convert them.

Overall, Bidvine’s been great for me as a startup pro who’s new to this country as well. Now I use Bidvine almost daily and I’d say more than 60% of my clients come from Bidvine.

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What Makes a Winning Bid?

From my experience, based on the feedback I’ve received I feel that when you’re sending a bid you do need to stand out. You can have your qualifications and that kind of stuff, but what really influences someone to hire you is personality.

Once you get them on the phone, or you start communicating through messages, that’s when they get a feel for you, your personality and what you’re like. Then you have to do the best you can from there.

It’s important to cover the details in your bid as well. You should ask your client what they want specifically and include your prices or packages. I know a lot of personal trainers who would prefer their client call them or meet up in person to discuss prices but in my experience that doesn’t work as well anymore. It’s best to be transparent and open, that way you’ll attract the kind of clients you want and who want you.

How Important Are Reviews to Winning Business?

Reviews are definitely important. I mean if I was going to hire someone else, I’d definitely look for their reviews. I got my first review by asking my client if they could please drop me a review. You’ve just got to ask nicely and follow-up with them.

Would You Say it’s Important to Keep Bidding if You Don’t Get Hired at First?

Yeah, of course. I use Bidvine often and I continue sending bids. With my conversion rates from Bidvine, I’m still making way more from those people who hire me on Bidvine than what I spent on getting those leads. It’s very cost effective and a great source of business.

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What Role do Referrals Play in Your Business?

Referrals definitely play a role in my business. I advocate referrals by giving a client three sessions if they refer me. Referrals really help to grow a business—there’s nothing better than a word of mouth recommendation.

How Do You Choose Which Requests to Bid on?

For me, I choose the requests I bid on based on my target market which is weight loss and body toning. So I wouldn’t bid on a request that was focused on, say, a need to boost endurance or muscle building. I focus on the requests that are suited to my skill set.

What Tips Would You Share With a Pro Who is New to Bidvine?

Use Bid Insights. New professionals should make full use of the feature, but it’s a great feature for every pro. Really spend some time analyzing the patterns and make a gradual adjustment based on your findings. Look into why some of your customers might be responding to your bids and so on and how can you get that response from more of your bids.

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What is Your Most Memorable Story From a Client Who Hired You Through Bidvine?

I have a client who has been training with me since I first moved to the UK. She has lost over 20 kilograms and is now very strong. She had gained the weight before we started working together due to a Hyperthyroid condition where her thyroid gland was overworked.

So I created a special diet and fitness plan. Now the doctors have reduced her medications, she’s healthy, she’s always on the go, her moods are up.

Her whole life has changed because of the personal training. Clients like her, they keep me motivated, it’s really rewarding to help people transform their lives.

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