How Can the New Bidvine for Professionals App Help Get You Hired?

Download on the App StoreIf you’re looking for the perfect way to keep your business and clients in the palm of your hand, our new app is for you. The new Bidvine for Professionals app (iOS) lets you connect with potential clients and get hired in one handy app. Download Bidvine for Professionals on the App Store today!

At Bidvine, we know that you’re busy and would rather be spending your time on billable hours than hunting for new clients and customers. That’s why we’ve built an app that will allow you to spend more time with your clients instead of working on marketing.

As a Bidvine professional, you’ll be able to use our iOS app in many of the same ways as our website but with one big difference. When you use the Bidvine for Professionals app, you’ll get instant notifications on your phone for each new job opportunity. That means you’re more likely to be the first professional to bid on a request, making you more likely to get hired!

That’s not the only way the Bidvine for Professionals app can help get you hired. Here are a few more ways using our iOS app will help set you apart from the crowd:

Respond to Requests Faster

When you’re bidding on requests, it’s important that you respond promptly and professionally. After all, response time is one of the main ways that pros can improve their hired rate on Bidvine. In fact, the first professional to bid on a request is 26% more likely to get hired.

A fast bid doesn’t need to be a sloppy bid. On the Bidvine for Professionals app, you can reuse your most recent bid message for each new bid you send. Then just personalise the message with the customer’s name and edit the finer details of the bid and you’re sorted!

Bidvine tip: Are you wrestling with coming up with the perfect bid message? Head over to our help centre to learn about what makes a perfect bid on Bidvine.

Save Money on Credits

If you purchase a credit pack in the Bidvine for Professionals app, you’ll notice that the prices are a little higher than on the Bidvine website. The higher price is because of the fee that Apple applies to in-app purchases.

To consistently get the best prices on credit bundles without switching between the app and, we recommend enabling auto top-up. With auto top-up, you will never run out of credits. Your account will be billed for your pre-selected credit bundle only when you need more credits to send a bid. You’ll never have to worry about running out of credits again.

Bidvine tip: In order to enable auto top-up for the first time, visit your Bidvine dashboard. From there, simply enable auto top-up and pick your desired discount level.

Keep Your Inbox Organised

When you view a request on and decide not to bid on it, you can easily pass and remove it from your inbox. When you’re in the app, you can swipe left on a request to pass on it. If you’d like to archive an old bid, you can do that by swiping, too. Your inbox and bids are simple to keep organised!

Bidvine tip: To really refine the requests you receive through Bidvine, edit your service preferences. You can filter out requests before you receive them based on budget and other request details. Click here to learn more about filtering or head straight to your dashboard to edit your preferences.

Customers at Your Fingertips

Messaging on the Bidvine for Professionals app is as easy as texting on your phone.

When you’re making arrangements with customers through the app, you don’t need to wait for email notifications about messages from customers. You can get notifications to your phone for any activity in the app and respond within seconds. If you need a refresher on the details of a customer’s project before you respond, you can view the original request within the message view.

Responding quickly to messages from customers is a great way to build a relationship and a good reputation for your business. Having a good reputation and top-notch reviews will help you get hired in the future, so get messaging!

Bidvine tip: Did you get hired by a customer? Congratulations! You can mark yourself as hired within the app by opening a message and clicking the Mark as Hired option. After you’ve been hired, your new customer will be able to review your work. Stellar reviews are important to customers looking to hire a professional on Bidvine. To get reviews from past customers to include on your profile today, grab your invite link.

Download on the App StoreYou can download the Bidvine for Professionals app on the App Store today! Spend less time finding customers and more time growing your business.

If you’re looking to hire Bidvine professionals using our Bidvine app for customers, check out this blog post to learn more.

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