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Marina Aveti

Singing Teacher

Marina began singing when she was just little and ever since she’s been enchanted by music. Now she uses Bidvine to connect with new students and share her passion for music professionally. Read the full interview to learn about Marina’s musical journey and her insight on how to use BidMatch to win clients fast! With our new service, BidMatch, professionals can bid for free and only pay if they hear back from a client.

What Inspired Your Passion For Music?

I started to sing when I was younger, as a child. My grandmum was a classical pianist so I have been immersed in music since I was young. I started off studying instruments and sung in a choir. Then when I was a teenager, I was in different bands. When I moved to London 15 years ago, I worked with different producers and studied in different music schools with a focus on vocal performance. Even now, I continue to study all the time. I’m always doing workshops as well because it is an ongoing journey.

When Did You Decide to Start Teaching Singing Lessons

At some point, a few years ago, I decided that I wanted to share my passion for music. That’s when I signed up for Bidvine. I had taught singing lessons before, but I mainly found clients through word of mouth.

Image Credit: Marina Aveti

How Many Students Do You Currently Have?

Most of my singing students come from Bidvine, I would say that right now about 90% of my clients are from Bidvine. There are a few which come from word of mouth and people who recommend me, but the majority are definitely through Bidvine. Currently, I’m teaching about eight students but I have two more coming.

How Would You Describe Your Experience as a Singing Teacher?

It’s really a musical journey of two people, the teacher and student. I love to share my knowledge and support my students. I learn from all of my students as well. It’s amazing to watch their confidence build up while they improve their skills to reach their goals and dreams.

Would You Recommend BidMatch to Pros Who Haven’t Tried it Out Before?

I would definitely recommend it. Clients prefer pros to submit their bids fast and BidMatch makes sure that your bid is sent quickly. When you are teaching a lesson, it’s hard to instantly reply to the requests you receive. Then, even if you respond to a request, within the hour for example, sometimes one or two pros have already contacted that person and arranged their lessons.

However, with BidMatch, you don’t have to worry about that, your bid is sent straight away, which is great. Then if they like my bid, we arrange the lessons and boom! We’ve already scheduled it.

Image Credit: Marina Aveti

What Are Your Tips For Pros Who Have Just Signed up For BidMatch?

At first, I was unsure of the best way to use BidMatch. However, after a really good conversation with the Bidvine Support Team, I sorted it out and I understand the tool much better now. I’ve actually been hired for 2 out of the 3 BidMatch bids I was charged for, which is really good.

It’s important with BidMatch to anticipate peoples’ questions when you write your bid. You need to offer answers to common questions. That way when they message you they’re ready to move onto the next step because their main questions are already covered. So for instance, you’ll want to include things like information about discounts.

As a teacher, it’s also important to talk about your experience. There are so many different perspectives out there. Sharing your experience personalises the message, it tells the client more about who you are.

I prefer BidMatch to the regular bidding process because it saves me a lot of time and effort, and most importantly, money. But it’s up to everyone to decide what works best for them so make sure to track how often you get hired with both options: the regular service and BidMatch. You can easily do this by marking yourself hired. But it’s good to have the option to bid for free and for me that definitely works better.

When You Send a Regular Bid How do You Decide Which Requests to Bid on?

First, I look at the area. Students usually travel to me. It can be much more productive for them to come here because I have everything; I have a piano, mics, amps and other instruments for different musical exercises. It’s more equipped.

Then, secondly, I look at the style because if somebody says they want to sing gospel or opera or classical, I know that it’s not my speciality. However, when I see somebody who wants to sing something more contemporary or like jazz or pop or RNB I know that their singing goals will mesh with my teaching style.

Do You Offer a Discount For a Student’s First Class?

At the first class, I generally offer a discounted rate and charge around £15-20. It gives a student the opportunity to come and see what lessons will be like and whether they like my teaching style. It’s important that the person feels relaxed and comfortable around me and that you build that teaching connection. That way they can gain self-confidence and self-esteem as they learn to sing later on.

Image Credit: Marina Aveti

Do You Have Any Memorable Stories From Teaching Singing Lessons?

My first students from Bidvine were two girls, they came for lessons together for a few months. They were preparing a song for their best friend’s wedding. That was really nice and the song was lovely. It was just a really beautiful experience.

What do You Love Most About Bidvine?

It’s easy to use and it has proven to give me very nice and lovely clients. I really actually love all of the clients that have hired me through Bidvine. As I said, it’s like a journey with each of them.

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