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Norman Clyde


Before BidMatch, Norman relied on word of mouth to grow his business. Since signing up he’s been able to meet new clients and save time while actively expanding his business. Norman’s had so much success with BidMatch that he’s even gone on to recommend it to other professionals. When we sat down with Norman he shared his insight with us on why BidMatch is a top choice for business growth.

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When Did You Become a Handyman?

Before I was a handyman I worked as a project manager. Then two years ago, in November 2016, I went on to start my own company doing handyman jobs, extensions, and new builds.

How Has BidMatch Helped You Grow Your Business?

Before joining Bidvine, I was mainly growing my business through word of mouth. Using Bidvine and BidMatch has been great, it’s like having a personalised marketing firm that helps you to expand your customer base.

The clients you win through BidMatch lead to great jobs as well. I’m currently working on a project that involves renovating the whole house, indoors and out, from new bathrooms to new garden fixtures like benches outdoors.

What Are the Benefits of BidMatch?

I love that BidMatch saves me time while still reaching customers fast. Most of the people who contact me through BidMatch also thank me for getting back to them so quickly. By sending your bids automatically, BidMatch ensures that you don’t keep clients waiting.

The jobs it connects you with are quality too. I’ve found that with BidMatch, I get matched with the right customers for my business every time. I’ve had such success with it that I’ve recommended it to other handymen as well. In fact, I recommended it to someone just earlier today.

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What Do You Love Most About Bidvine?

I love that it’s like my own personal website. Instead of building my own website, I can just refer clients to my Bidvine profile which saves me time so that I can focus on the job.

Have any of Your Bidvine Clients Become Repeat Customers?

I have definitely had repeat customers from Bidvine. One of the clients I’m presently working for was actually one of the first clients I got on Bidvine after joining in October 2017. I did a bit of work for him then and now I’m back to do the whole house. I also had another client I won through Bidvine who passed my number on to her whole family.

What Are Your Tips for Professionals Just Starting Out on Bidvine?

Make sure that your profile is full and relays your work ethic to a client. I’ve got a strong work ethic and I believe it’s important to make sure prospective clients know that.

Then, you need to include pictures and reviews on your profile as well. It’s essential to have pictures of what you do. That way they know exactly what it will be like when you’re working and what the finished project will look like as well. Having a few reviews is important too. They inspire confidence in your expertise and work ethic.

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Do You Find You Need to Be Flexible When it Comes to Client’s Projects?

You’ve got to be 100% flexible and ready to adapt quickly so that you can jump onto something else if it comes up and needs to be done straight away. Clients really appreciate flexibility and when you’re able to work on a variety of different projects whether it’s cleaning up kitchen tiles, doing repairs, or installing stairs.

How Important Are Qualifications as a Handyman?

Even though I’ve been working as a handyman for 20 years, I still take courses. It’s important to keep your skills up to date. I’ve taken a wide variety of courses. I’ve got my full theory done on plumbing, I’ve taken courses on bricklaying, then I also keep up with new products coming out. If you want to be competitive with other larger companies you need to stay on top of things.

How Do You Approach Pricing as a Handyman?

I give a ballpark estimate when I first create my BidMatch bid. Then, when I contact the client I provide a more customised quote which takes into account the details of their project. The more details they provide the more accurate I can make my estimate.

Still though, given the nature of work as a handyman sometimes you need to see the project in person first. That way you can be certain that when you offer a quote it takes into account the full scope of things, including any details that the request might not mention.

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What Is the Most Rewarding Aspect of Your Job as a Handyman?

The end result. It’s got to be the end result. When the clients see things for the first time. For instance, if it’s a complete renovation and the client comes back after two weeks, it’s great to share the end result with them and see the joy in their eyes.

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