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Terry Lucas


In 2017, Terry made the leap from working in Human Resources to pursuing his passions full-time. Since then, he’s connected with 75% of his clients through Bidvine, allowing him to turn his love of photography into a sustainable business.

With the launch of BidMatch, he’s been able to spend even more time focusing on what he loves while BidMatch automatically sends his bids to customers fast!

How Did You Become a Photographer?

I became a photographer when I turned my hobby and passion into my job. I’ve been taking photographs for 30 years, and then last October, I decided to do it as a job. Before that, I had spent 20 years in Human Resources.

Image Credit: Terry Lucas

How Has Bidvine Helped Grow Your Business Since You Started it Professionally?

Since I started working professionally as a photographer, Bidvine has helped put me in contact with clients. I use it every day now.  When you’re new and you’re starting out, the first question is, “How am I going to find clients?” And although I have a website, I’ve still found most of my clients through Bidvine.

Actually, about 75% of my clients are from Bidvine. I’ve been particularly busy with bids this year, which is just great!

Would You Recommend BidMatch to Other Photographers?

BidMatch can help you save money so I would definitely recommend it. You end up paying less than you would on a normal Bidvine request. Take yesterday, for instance, yesterday I had 3 BidMatch bids. Even if 1 out of those 3 bids contacted me and it didn’t work out it would still be more cost-effective than bidding on 3 regular requests.

In What Other Ways Has BidMatch Helped, In Addition to Being Cost-Effective?

Using BidMatch saves time. Instead of sitting in front of the computer sending out bids, you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Then, I also love that it sends your bid immediately. I don’t have to worry about missing a bid or being late on a bid. In the past, I’ve sent a bid a couple of days after I was notified of a request and that person has already accepted a bid from another photographer already.

BidMatch sends your bid out right at the start of the bidding process, so you reach the client quickly, which is definitely an advantage. Then once, the client contacts you, it’s up to you to convert that lead.

Overall, it helps save time and makes sure you reach customers quickly.

Image Credit: Terry Lucas

What is Most Important to Photography Customers?

At the end of the day, the overriding factor is competitive pricing. Then, reviews are important as well. They provide the customer with an idea of your previous work and lend it credibility.

What Kinds of Jobs Have You Won Through Bidvine?

I mainly photograph weddings. One event stands out, in particular, it was an army Christmas bowl. The soldiers were all dressed in their smart uniforms and their wives were wearing their long fancy dresses. They were nice people and it was an interesting event. It was a pleasure to be able to photograph their event.

I also love capturing weddings. It’s a privilege to be there and see the day unfold. After all, who doesn’t love a wedding?!

What Would You Recommend to Other Photographers Who Are Starting Out?

I would definitely say, use Bidvine. Definitely. I’ve tried one of Bidvine’s competitors but I was only on that site for about two weeks. I didn’t like it at all. In my opinion, Bidvine is a far superior site because of the quality of the jobs you can win.

Image Credit: Terry Lucas

What Kinds of Requests do You Usually Bid on?

It’s a bit of a learning curve discovering what makes a request a particularly good fit for your business. Learning which bids to bid on and which ones not to bid on is definitely something that every professional will learn.

In my case, if a request says ‘need to hire a photographer now,’ I would definitely bid on that first. To me, that is a flashing green light that says, ‘bid on this, bid on this.’ In contrast to a request which says, ‘conducting initial research.’ I’m a lot less likely to bid on requests where it looks like they are in the researching phase, as they might not get married until 2019. So, I usually tend not to bid on those, only during slow periods.

What is the Most Rewarding Aspect of Your Job as a Photographer?

The most rewarding aspect of being a photographer is being able to capture somebody’s special day. It could be a party, an event, or a wedding. It’s capturing those moments for them and making sure they are delighted with the final photos.

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