What is The Best Bathroom Paint For Your Bathroom?

When it comes to your bathroom, you have certain expectations that it needs to meet. It should be clean and ready to use at all times. It should also be a restful, relaxing place for you to get ready for your day. After all, you’re going to see it every day from regular use. So it’s important that you choose the best bathroom paint for your renovation.

Part of creating the perfect space includes how you choose to decorate. From the colour scheme to the pictures you hang on the walls, you’ll want a room you can call your own. You don’t need a huge budget to get your bathroom looking nice. Sometimes, you may not be able to change the tile or your fixtures. This is where bathroom paint can change your life—and your bathroom!

You can get a new look to celebrate the change of season. A fresh coat of paint will do wonders for your bathroom! It’s also a great way to make your room look like new. It will clean up any signs of wear. It could even make it look like you’ve done a large renovation! 

Paint is one of the most popular ways to enhance a bathroom’s looks since it will stand up to the conditions. But if you’re planning to refresh your space, you need to be sure you’re getting the best bathroom paint that will look fantastic and last. Read on for more information on how to find the right paint for the job.

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How to Choose an Anti-Mould Bathroom Paint

Before you start painting, you’ll need to make sure you have the best bathroom paint for your walls so it will last. For a bathroom, you will need more than just the perfect colour. Due to the water and moisture, the bathroom has the perfect conditions for mould and mildew to grow. So, when you paint, you’ll want something that is resistant to mould to keep everything clean! Thanks to the moisture and steam that appears just from taking a shower, your paint could absorb water, causing it to develop into a problem. That’s why anti-mould is one of the best bathroom paint options. 

Taking proper preventative measures, such as an anti-mould paint, will keep mould from appearing and help you save on those costs. To find the right paint, look for something that is designed to resist the buildup of water. You’ll also want to make sure you are getting an interior paint. Many exterior paints also offer anti-mould properties, but this won’t do the trick in the heat and steam of your bathroom.

You’ll still have your choice of finishes when it comes to your paint, but a gloss or semi-gloss will make it easier to clean. Some paints are designed for use in kitchens and bathrooms and will be more resistant to the creation of mould and mildew. You can ask for assistance to find this type of paint when you go out to pick up your materials to be sure you’re getting the best bathroom paint for your home.

Top Tips For Choosing Waterproof Bathroom Paint

Although some paint brands may promise they are waterproof, be wary of such claims. It’s unlikely that it will completely seal up, and you won’t want to cause any inadvertent water damage! What you can do is choose the right kind of paint and with some care, keep your bathroom clean and

  • To keep your bathroom clean, make sure to choose anti-mould paint. This will help to kill any existing mould in your bathroom and prevent new mould from forming. You’ll be glad you did.
  • Choose paint with a gloss or semi-gloss finish for the best results in your bathroom. This finish repels water so it will run off instead of settling into your walls.
  • Make sure to pick up enough paint to cover your walls plus a little extra. This way, you won’t run out during the project and have to put the project on hold to get more paint.
  • Check that the paint brand you have chosen can be custom-tinted to suit your tastes. Otherwise, you may end up with a colour you didn’t plan for! Most paint can be any colour you dream up, but it’s always good to check before you purchase.
  • Consider a paint with a guarantee. The longer the number of years it guarantees its performance, the better you can feel about your choice. It can reassure you of the quality of paint. A short guarantee – or none at all – may mean you have an inferior product. It could cost you more as you deal with maintenance and repairs down the road. 

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The Best Bathroom Ceiling Paint

As you begin the project of painting the walls in your bathroom, don’t forget to about choosing the best bathroom paint for your ceiling! It can be particularly prone to collecting water and condensation in your bathroom. This means it can soon show the effects of water. You won’t want to look up one day and see that mould had started to grow, or that your paint has begun to peel and chip because of moisture. 

To prevent this from happening, you need to use the same kind of anti-mould paint as you did for your walls. Most ceilings are white, so you’ll need to invest in a second can in this colour to finish the job. Some brands of paint are specifically designed to cover your ceiling and make it a traditional bright white. But these may not be the best choice for use in your bathroom since they don’t have the built-in protection you need. Look for the types that are designed to be resistant to moisture collection. You’ll be glad you did when your ceiling stands up to your bathroom’s daily use. 

You should be able to find anti-mould ceiling paint at most paint supply stores. It’s even possible to make a single stop and get all of the paint you need in one trip. When it comes to getting ready to paint your ceiling, the same tips will apply. But make sure you pick up a paintbrush and roller just for your ceiling, or you’ll be constantly washing your tools between coats. 

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How to Paint a Bathroom

When you set out to paint your bathroom, you’ll want to complete the following steps to make sure your work will last.

  1. Gather your supplies, including paint, primer, and paint application tools. Make sure to purchase enough paint to cover your walls completely.
  2. To begin, you’ll want to prepare the surface of your walls and ceiling. Make sure the plaster is smooth and take the time to fill in any holes to have a great painting surface.
  3. Then, check to be sure your walls are clean. This way, paint will adhere to the surface of your walls and give you the best defense against water.
  4. If needed, prime your walls to get rid of any mould that may be on your existing walls. This also helps protect your walls against future mould growth. It also makes it easier to paint later as it will have better coverage.
  5. Next, start painting! Use drop cloths to protect your floor surface from stray paint. Make sure to also have a stepladder so you are able to reach high areas easily. You can use a roller to apply paint to your walls, but use a paintbrush to cut in tight spaces or hard to reach areas. If you do get paint onto your tile, make sure to remove it right away. If it dries, it will be much harder to remove. 
  6. Don’t forget about skirting boards or trim! They could also use a coat of paint to freshen them up. Again, you’ll want to use an anti-mould paint as these surfaces are also liable to collect water. 

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The Best Bathroom Paint Colours

Now that you’ve made a commitment to changing your bathroom with a fresh coat of paint, you need to think about what colour to choose. You won’t want to paint again if you hate it, so it’s important to choose right in the first place. 

Neutrals make a great choice for any bathroom. Whites, beiges, and greys fit in this category. A lighter shade can make your bathroom look clean and fresh at all times. It can even make it appear larger! This can make it a perfect choice for small bathrooms or ones that don’t have windows to allow natural light. Neutrals are also great as they don’t cast a shadow of colour onto your face. You’ll be able to apply makeup and check yourself out, and see your reflection true to life! 

But perhaps you desire a bit more colour in your life than a neutral paint will provide. A flash of a bright, fun colour can make your bathroom a unique place to express your personality. Read up on the colour of the year, and decide whether it would make a good fit for your bathroom. Be a trendsetter and go bold! Just remember that you may be seeing your bathroom at different times of the day. You’ll want to ask yourself if a bright red is as nice to see first thing in the morning as it is at the end of your day!

Make sure to consider the colour of your tile and your fixtures. After all, changing those isn’t an easy option. So it’s important that your paint choice suits the room as a whole! With a careful paint choice, you can make a statement or get a subtle update. Now that you know what to look for to choose the best bathroom paint, get out there and give your bathroom a brand new look! 

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