10 Inspiring Bathroom Flooring Ideas To Uplift Your Bathroom

If a bathroom remodel is on the horizon, you’ll want to make sure each part of your bathroom is looked after. You won’t want to spend all this time planning and building only to forget about a very important detail, your floors. To get you started this guide contains 10 inspiring bathroom flooring ideas!

Your floors aren’t just something you walk on. They can add colour and life to your space with the right choice of tile. Of course, you aren’t just limited to one type. You can be inspired by nearly any material and use this for your bathroom floor.

Good flooring doesn’t just happen by chance. It requires some research to figure out what you want so you can be confident you are getting the bathroom of your dreams. The right tile can transform your bathroom from okay into a space that wows you each time you step foot in it!

But first, you need some inspiration. We have 10 great bathroom flooring ideas we’d love to share. See if any of these will make your bathroom come to life. Then click below to compare costs and find an expert bathroom tiler in your area!

Budget Bathroom Flooring Ideas

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Budget Bathroom Flooring Ideas

New bathrooms can be expensive, but when it comes to your renovation, you won’t want to skimp. You deserve the best in your finishes and fixtures! So what about remodelling on a budget? Why not try a cost-effective option for your flooring?

Laminate tends to be a lower cost per square foot option than some other floor coverings. Since the top layer is made of a plastic like material, it will stand up to moisture. The core of the material is made out of a wood chip composite, so it’s important to keep this part dry. With proper installation and sealing, your floor will last for years to come.

This makes it a great option for introducing a wood look into a bathroom. It comes in a wide range of wood grains and stain colours to give you nearly anything you want in your space.

Built to Last

When you’re taking the time to update your bathroom, you’ll want to make sure it’s a quality job and will stand the tests of time. If you’re remodelling a family bathroom, you’ll also want to make sure it’s waterproof! It’s one of the best ways to ensure your bathroom will withstand heavy use.

Vinyl flooring is the perfect choice to make it work for you and your family. When it’s installed correctly, it can be perfectly watertight and built to withstand water spills and splashes. Whether you select vinyl tiles or choose sheets for a smooth, seamless look, you’ll be happy with the results.

Vinyl comes in nearly any finish, from wood to solids to patterns. You can even find vinyl that looks exactly like stone or ceramic! It has many benefits that will make it a perfect choice for your bathroom, no matter what you desire for how it looks.

Classic Bathroom Flooring

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Choose a Classic

Ceramic and porcelain tile are the most popular materials for bathroom tiles. You can find the perfect tile with or without a pattern, in any shade you wish. This makes it the perfect choice for any style of decorating, regardless if you like a modern or a classic look. But the material can make these tile cold to the touch, so you may want to combine with in floor heating to truly enjoy it!

Choose an ultra-smooth, glass-like finish on your tile for a clean, sleek look. Or pick something with softer and more textured for a homey and country-inspired vision.  

Stone is another great choice for bathroom flooring. From marble to slate to travertine, you can find the perfect stone tile for your space. This is a luxurious option that may cost more but looks fantastic in any space so your bathroom is sure to impress. As an added bonus, stone tile can be naturally resistant to moisture. It’s a great choice for any bathroom remodel.

Smooth options include marble or quartz. Your bare feet will love the velvety feel and your eyes will love the range of light to dark options it comes in! Slate, limestone, and travertine are more rugged options with textured surfaces. Imagine a bathroom decked out in a beautiful, natural stone tile that will look like your bathroom was inherited from glory days gone by!

Do Something Different

Wood can be a great flooring too! Engineered hardwood can withstand the higher moisture of a bathroom. It’s constructed of real wood on top, so you can be confident it will look like the real deal. It comes in dark and light finishes to suit your tastes. It’s a great option if you’d like to make your bathroom look rustic, or if a Scandinavian style is your inspiration.

Tile can also be made up of less traditional materials, like pebbles. These are carefully chosen and smoothed to give you the unique look you’d like without the uneven surface. Your floor can look like a riverbed or beach!

Wood and hand painted tiles with a Spanish feel are also popular options to make your bathroom look unique. Just remember to consider the rest of your bathroom before you choose something with so much personality so it all balances out!  

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Spice It Up With Patterned Tiles

Patterned tiles range from subtle swirls in the same colour range to dramatic hand-painted designs. Although available designs may be subject to trends, there is a good balance between cutting-edge modern styles and timeless patterns that will suit for years to come. Swirls and abstract patterns are popular patterns that extend across many different tile materials. You can even get the look of marble on a less expensive material, so you’re sure to find a look that fits your budget. Then, don’t foregt the natural textures! Natural textures that weave different colours of stone into the tile are a great classic take on a tile, with a subtle pattern.

Tile Installation Patterns To Update Your Space  

You can also create a pattern with your tile as it is installed. You can combine two solid options in the same size for a checkerboard effect. Or choose a large tile with a half-sized tile to create a vibrant pattern for your floor. Remember to consider both the pattern and the look on the tile itself when you make your plans for installation.

More complex tile patterns are also possible. A rectangle tile could be installed parallel or perpendicular to your doorways. But it can also be installed at a 45-degree angle – or something even bolder with a chevron pattern! It all depends on the size of the room and your own personal taste. You are sure to find something to suit.

bathroom flooring ideas

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Big Tile, Big Style

No matter what finish you select for your bathroom, you’ll have a wide array of choice when it comes to the look. Big tile usually come in square or rectangle shapes that make it easy to create a floor with impact. These styles are simple and sophisticated. Try large tile in a charcoal grey for a modern, sleek look that will look great for years to come. Or, pick a tile with a soft pattern in the same colour range. This will suit any decorating style.

Small Tiles for A Floor With Impact

Small tile can be nice in bathrooms from little to large. Often, these tiles will come in a sheet that makes it easier to install. Small tiles give you more freedom when it comes to combining textures. Mix smooth-finished glass tile with a rougher stone for a floor that looks great and feels interesting under your feet! Just remember that the smaller tile will, in turn, lead to more grout lines. This is a busier look that is more interesting to look at. But you’ll want to balance this with a simpler choice for your walls so it doesn’t turn into too much to handle.

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Anything but Standard

Of course, medium-sized are also a good fit. It makes for a great classic look! But unusual colours, such as a bottle-green glass, or dark rich colours like navy or black can make your tiles stand out. If your tastes run traditional, you can find a neutral option that lets you put colour in other spaces.

Square tile can be the perfect way to give your bathroom floor a classic look. Keep in mind, medium-sized tile is often used for walls, so you’ll want a bit of contrast to help your bathroom keep its personality. This contrast can easily be achieved by creating a visual pathway of smaller tiles, amid the larger tiles, as pictured above.

Turn Up The Heat

Heated floors will warm up your space. Just imagine stepping onto a toasty floor on a chilly winter morning. Even better, you won’t freeze your feet after a middle of the night visit. Plus, heat can improve the value of your home, making it the perfect choice to include in your renovation.
If a heated floor sounds like the ticket, you may wonder if it will work with your flooring choice. Thankfully, heat can be installed underneath most tile and flooring options. So you can have your porcelain or ceramic tile and gain warmth too! Heat can even work with laminate or hardwood flooring. But it’s best to have this installed under a pro’s watchful eye to ensure all safety warnings and cautions are heeded.

Bathroom Flooring Ideas

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Now that you know some great decorating options for your bathroom, flooring doesn’t have to be scary any longer! It’s possible to get a beautiful look that also has some nice benefits like a heated floor. Why not combine a few of these ideas for the perfect bathroom? It’s up to your imagination – and your budget – to come up with the perfect solution for your space.

No matter what it is, take your inspiration with you when you meet with pros for help with your floor. That way, you’ll get accurate quotes to get exactly what you deserve. You can stand out from the crowd with a good bathroom floor to stand on.

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