10 Top Baby Photo Poses for Spectacular Baby Pictures

Hunting around for baby photography ideas for your baby’s photo shoot? Then look no further! To help you plan out your baby’s professional photo shoot we’ve gathered a collection of the top baby photo poses for the most spectacular baby pictures.

When planning your photo shoot it is highly important to work with a professional photographer. Due to the weight of the baby’s head and the angles of some poses, multiple pictures are often necessary. This allows the parents to support the baby properly. These shots are then photoshopped together to create the illusion of a single cohesive photo. So, it is important that you don’t attempt to take posed baby photos without the help of a professional photographer.

Yet, this collection of poses is still a fun way to gather some top ideas to bring up with your photographer! That way you and your photographer can plan your ideal photo shoot with ease.

The Top Baby Photo Poses For Spectacular Baby Pictures

Image Credit: Gavin Mills, a Bidvine Professional

1. Just the Toes

Your baby is precious, so naturally, you want to capture every aspect of them from their nose right to their toes. There are a few different ways to capture a delightful photo of your baby’s toes. One option is to let them assume a natural pose while they are sleeping and then capture a picture of their tiny toes.

Alternatively, for a more posed photo then you can hold your baby’s feet while they are lying comfortably, this will allow your photographer to capture a winning shot.

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The Top Baby Photo Poses For Spectacular Baby Pictures

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2. In a Basket

Posing your baby in a basket creates the quintessential baby photo. To ensure that the baby is comfortable in the basket, fill the basket with a cosy blanket first. That way they will stay warm and toasty throughout the photo shoot. Plus, the blanket will also add a natural touch of warmth to the picture.

The Top Baby Photo Poses For Spectacular Baby Pictures

Image Credit: Bobby Genev, a Bidvine Professional

3. Head on Hands Sleeping

A photo of your baby with their head resting on their hands as they sleep is a classic must for any collection. Once your baby is comfortably settled in you can have your photographer take the pictures from a variety of angles. For instance, they could take a picture from a distance to capture your entire baby in the photo. Then, they could also take a close-up just like the photograph depicts here.

The Top Baby Photo Poses For Spectacular Baby Pictures

Image Credit: Stephen Bruce, a Bidvine Professional

4. Sleeping Baby

When it comes to sleeping babies you don’t necessarily have to capture your child with their head on their hands. Almost every natural pose that your baby adopts while sleeping will create an adorable photo to add to your collection. For instance, the photo pictured here captures this baby’s quiet slumber while their hands rest delicately on their chest.

The Top Baby Photo Poses For Spectacular Baby Pictures

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5. Swaddled

A swaddled baby is nothing if not precious. So, comfortably swaddling your baby in a blanket presents a perfect opportunity for a photo-op. For a sentimental touch, swaddle your baby in a blanket that has been handed down through your family, or was made especially for your child.

Alternatively, you could also match the colour of the blanket with any props you are using, like a teddy bear or you could even match it to the backdrop. For instance, for an earthy feel, you could choose a soft green or brown blanket then have your photographer stage the session with natural props, like flowers.

The Top Baby Photo Poses For Spectacular Baby Pictures

Image Credit: Steven Bruce, a Bidvine Professional

6. Chin on Wrists Pose

The chin on wrists pose is another popular option when it comes to baby photo poses. Yet, with this pose, it is absolutely essential that you work with a professional photographer. That way you can ensure that you are properly supporting your baby’s head while the photographer takes the picture.

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The Top Baby Photo Poses For Spectacular Baby Pictures

Image Credit: Jordan Roach, a Bidvine Professional

7. With the Family

When you are putting your baby photo poses ideas list together don’t forget to include you and your loved ones. A professional photo of you, your partner and baby will make the perfect addition to your family photo album. It will truly be something that you treasure for years to come.

The Top Baby Photo Poses For Spectacular Baby Pictures

Image Credit: Nicola Hippisley, a Bidvine Professional

8. Baby Posing with Siblings

Once you have captured a photo with you and your partner holding your baby, make sure to get a picture with any of their siblings. As they grow you will want to make sure that you have some top notch pictures to cherish that were taken when they were both little. Not to mention that a sibling and baby picture will simply melt your heart.

The Top Baby Photo Poses For Spectacular Baby Pictures

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9. Portrait with a Parent

So, you have a photo with both you and your child, as well as sibling picture. Does that mean you’ve run out of potential family pictures? Not at all!

If you have the opportunity then you should also have your photographer snap a picture of both you and your partner holding your newborn baby. That way each parent will have their own parent portrait. You can then hang these side by side in your home or next to the other family photos you’ve taken together and with your newborn’s sibling or siblings.

If you would like to book a longer session or an additional session with your photographer then you could also take family photos with grandparents, aunts or uncles.

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The Top Baby Photo Poses For Spectacular Baby Pictures

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10. Outdoors

Weather permitting you can also hold a photo shoot outdoors with your baby. It is important to ensure that your baby stays warm and toasty during the photo shoot.

One of the best ways to do this is by wrapping your baby in a cosy blanket. When staging the outdoor photo shoot one of the most popular options is to place your baby in a basket. Your baby will look simply adorable when they are all cosily wrapped up in a blanket outdoors.

Alternatively, you could also stage a photo with you or your partner holding your baby. Then you could each take turns for an outdoors take on the parent portrait.

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