Batten Down The Hatches – Storm Season Can Boost Repair Bills 50%

Are you planning on renovating your home this autumn? Then, now is the perfect time to get your autumn home improvement plans underway.

With worsening weather on the doorstep – and dozens of autumn storms forecast to hit Britain’s shores over the coming months – homeowners are being advised to do essential maintenance work now or risk paying a 50% seasonal premium on tradesmen’s labour costs.

This finding emerged from analysis conducted by In our analysis we examined tens of thousands of quotes for home maintenance jobs posted from September to November during the last two years.

The chart below compares hourly costs for the most popular home services in autumn. Have a look to find out how these services fluctuate from September to November as temperatures cool.

Cost Comparison of Home Services in Autumn

Home ServiceSeptember
Average Hourly Rate
Average Hourly Rate
Average Hourly Rate
Percentage Difference
Draft Proofing£20£25£30+50%
Deck Repair£18£20£25+39%
Boiler Repair£65£80£80+23%
Exterior Painting£20£20£23+15%
Gutter Repair and Maintenance£37£42£42+14%
Fence Repair£35£35£40+14%
Interior Painting£20£18£16-20%
Home Refurbishment£28£25£23-18%
Tree Surgeons£35£30£30-14%


The service with the highest seasonal premium is draft proofing. This tends to see a spike in demand come November when temperatures drop.

Along with draft-proofing, decking repair costs tend to climb as well when storm season approaches. Rough winter weather and the aftermath of big storms can cause extensive damages to decking. As a result, in autumn it becomes essential to fix repairs that homeowners might have put off in the summer. This creates a higher demand and more complex repair projects that increase the overall cost of decking repair.

On the flip side, services like roofing see a seasonal dip in costs. This is due to the misconception that roofing work cannot be carried out during the winter months. In mild winters, roofers sometimes offer clients off-season prices when demand for roofing projects is lower.

“When it comes to cost fluctuations, we definitely see seasonality within the home services industry,” said Sohrab Jahanbani, Founder and CEO of “The eye-catching result is with draught proofing, where demand – and hence costs – spikes just as the cold weather begins to bite in November.

Predictably plumbers have also made it onto our list with a 23% price increase. As we all know, plumbers charge significantly more during the winter months for boiler repairs, with the average hourly cost for the service jumping to around £80.

The good news is it’s not too late to take advantage of early autumn pricing as we don’t see most labour costs increase until mid to late October.”

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