70% of My Clients Come From BidMatch

Jon Ball


Jon has always been quick to try new approaches to photography. When digital cameras became popular he was keen to learn the new technology when many of his colleagues were still focused on film cameras. He treats his business the same way, staying ahead of the curve by approaching things with a competitive mindset. So when BidMatch was released Jon decided to give it a go and now he sees 70% of his business coming through BidMatch. In our interview with Jon, he shared how he uses Bidvine to grow his business so he can stay on top of his game.

Image Credit: Jon Ball

What Inspired You to Become a Photographer?

I was always keen on photography as a kid, and my dad was a photographer as well. I had thought of becoming an artist or illustrator but then I got a call one day in February 1980 from a local photographer who wanted to hire me. Just like that, I started my training to become a professional photographer. I learned a lot from him, he had photographed my mum and dad’s wedding as well as the weddings of my aunts and uncles. He taught me printing both black and white, and colour printing, as well as hand printing, photography study work, weddings, the whole lot. I was really blessed.

What Are Some of The Highlights of Your Past Photoshoots?

The highlights are endless, really. I’ve done work for the British Airways Calendar, and the Blue Eagles, which is the army helicopter display team. The Blue Eagles photo shoot promoted the first digital cameras—it was a really memorable shoot. We had no doors on the helicopter and we were standing on the skit and taking pictures of the helicopters doing crazy things in the air.

Image Credit: Jon Ball

You Started Off Working With Film Cameras, How Did You Find The Transition to Digital?

Early digital was really exciting for me as well. When I was at Fujifilm, it was all film in those days. They looked for somebody to promote the early digital cameras and so I put my hand up and forged ahead with digital when everyone else in the company was still using film. I got quite a grounding, which led me to some really exciting things like working with the Blue Eagles. We had no doors on the helicopter and we were standing on the skit and taking pictures—it was a really memorable shoot.

What Makes Professional Photography Stand Out From Everyday Pictures?

We can all take a decent picture particularly these days, but as a professional, you’ve got to be able to do that consistently. What I aim for with my work, is to take a photo that makes people pause. I want people to look at my photographs and say, “That’s not just a picture. That’s a wow.” And that’s what I try to achieve. I won’t leave a wedding unless I think I’ve got that picture.

Image Credit: Jon Ball

How Did You Come Across Bidvine?

I received an email and then I looked further into it. After I saw it I was worried it was going to be too expensive but then I looked into your pricing, and thought, “This is not expensive,” which is the beauty of it. If you spend 40 quid that’s still cost-effective, it’s a great value. Right when I started out using Bidvine, it impacted my business immediately and substantially. Since signing up to Bidvine, week on week, my business has doubled. It’s made up a huge difference to the business. I honestly can’t stress that enough.

What do You Love About Bidvine?

I love that it works. I’ve spent money on advertising on Google and that didn’t work for me. To market your business as a photographer, you want a channel to connect with people that you know need your services. And that is what Bidvine is. With Bidvine, I know that clients who submit requests really want the services. I know when the event is so I can consider my availability and I know how much they’re prepared to pay too and that is key.

Image Credit: Jon Ball

How Has BidMatch Helped You Grow Your Business?

BidMatch sends automated bids on your behalf to clients and you only pay when the client contacts you, which I think is pretty cool. I like that you just allocate an amount you’re prepared to spend on a weekly basis and BidMatch does the work for you. There’s a shift taking place in how photographers market themselves. BidMatch is most definitely the way to go and I’m a big fan. It’s much more effective.

Have You Found That BidMatch Essentially Pays For Itself When You’re Hired By Customers?

Yes. Yes indeed. The first job that I got paid for everything I’ve done in the first week or two, and that was just a simple job. At the moment about 70% of my business comes from BidMatch, it’s a great marketing tool.

Image Credit: Jon Ball

Have You Had Repeat Customers Through Bidvine?

When you offer competitive pricing, professional work, and build up your reviews it definitely leads to spinoff work. I’ve won a job for a military summer ball through Bidvine and then they booked me for the regiment’s summer ball as well. I got another spinoff customer from one of the weddings I worked at as well. I was hired for a wedding in June and then from that, I was hired for the client’s daughter’s wedding this summer. There is a lot more to Bidvine than just bidding.

How Do You Ensure Your Business Stands Out?

I always aim to turn around stuff very quickly. A wedding for example, if I have a wedding on a Saturday, then I send them the pictures by 9:00 O’Clock on Sunday morning. I’ll work through the night to get the pictures done. I think this is definitely a differentiator for my business. It’s one of those things that not many people do, and it’s a huge plus for our wedding services.

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