5 Tips to Improve your Sales Pitch

A good sales presentation should aim to deliver real customer solutions in the first few minutes by highlighting critical aspects of the offering. There are some essential tips to consider for conducting an effective presentation. These tips will help you communicate a more concise and compelling message.

When selling to prospective customers, always remind yourself to:

  • Deliver Your Value Proposition
  • Quantify Your Message
  • Know Your Product
  • Ask Clarifying Questions
  • Dress The Part

1. Deliver your Value Proposition

A value proposition is a short statement explaining how you can solve the customer’s problems through innovation, services or product features. It is the promise to deliver value in a simple, concise and honest message.

Mail Chimp, which is the world’s largest email marketing automation tool, summarizes its value proposition in three simple words: “send better emails.” The ride-sharing App, Uber, offers a benefit to users on both sides of its marketplace by allowing drivers to: “drive when they want, and make what they need” while offering passengers the opportunity to: “call a ride with a single tap 24/7 and track the driver arriving.”

Your value proposition is a compelling message that differentiates you from the competition. It tells customers in brief why they should buy from you. This statement communicates unique attributes about your company’s ability to deliver strong results (you can create positive expectancy through a simple message).

2. Quantify your Message

Build a compelling argument with data. It is one thing to say Mail Chimp is the world’s largest email marketing automation tool. It is another thing to say Mail Chimp is the market leader of the email marketing automation space owning over 55% market share, with its closest competitor at less than 8%. Statistics deliver a persuasive message. The aim is to establish credibility with numbers.

Think about trying to sell your services to a new prospect. You may begin with a general statement: “In your request, you mention that you are looking to lose weight for your wedding. In the last two years, I’ve helped 12 different brides get in the best shape of their lives before their wedding.” And then quantify the result: “I have a 100% satisfaction rate, as demonstrated by my 5 star rating, due to the extensive variety and adaptability of my training programs. I will find something that works for you.”

The proof is in the pudding (the data should always support the assertions).

3. Be an Expert

Knowledge is essential to building credibility and trust. This knowledge allows you to present your service benefits accurately and persuasively. The delivery goes beyond the specifics of what you offer; by being an expert in your domain, you can demonstrate how you remain ahead of the competition and ease the minds of the prospects looking to hire. For example, some clients looking for renovation work or personal training may have a lot of questions based on what they’ve researched on the internet. Take the time to answer all their questions in detail and why you suggest one methodology over another. This positions you as the expert and makes the prospect trust you as the professional.

4. Ask Clarifying Questions

Some business owners assume that expertise is sufficient to win a sale. However, customers must see value in what you offer. Knowing the right customer fit will keep the sales pitch engaging.

Understand your core customer needs by asking clarifying questions. Be non-evasive by requesting permission and explaining the reason: “May I ask you some questions about your short-term and long-term goals to ensure that we come up with the right solution?” Know your customers by finding out what they want.

A sales pitch is not about persuading customers against their better judgment, but rather providing advice and assistance to help them arrive at an informed decision.

5. Dress the Part

Historically, medical professionals wore white lab coats to make it easier for patients to identify them. But this uniform has since taken on a new meaning by giving the impression of scientific authority and reminding physicians of their duty toward patients.

Much like in the medical field, your work attire forms part of your brand identity. A smart uniform gives your company a unified look and an opportunity to build a brand presence. It also signals to customers that you have turned up and are ready to start working.

Your work attire also plays an integral part in portraying a positive professional image.  A neat, tidy and orderly appearance can be a reflection of your work. Such images enable customers to conjure up preconceived notions about your company and make favourable inferences.

Sport the colours that work for you.