5 Summer DIY Projects You and Your Kids Will Love

The school holidays are not so far off and this summer your kids are sure to want something exciting to keep them entertained.  Summer DIY projects in the home are a brilliant way to save money and get those creative juices flowing. We know the British summertime is known for its changeability, so we’ve come up with a mix of different projects to get you and the kids inspired – some for a hot summer’s day and a few for those boring rainy days.

1. DIY Garden Sprinkler – A really fun and easy thing to make and the kids can have fun in the garden when it’s ready. All you need is a sturdy plastic bottle, a drill, some waterproof tape and a garden hose.

Homemade water bottle garden sprinkler

Image: housingaforest.com

2. Homemade Fruit or Yoghurt Ice Lollies – Everyone loves a cool summer treat and if you make them at home they are so much healthier! There are so many recipes online to pick from and you can let the kids choose which fruit they want. The homemade aspect makes it exciting and they won’t even notice the relative lack of sugar!

homemade fruit and yoghurt pops

Image: Martha Stewart

4. Tennis Helpers – If your kids have caught Wimbledon fever, their imaginations might be inspired by these cute tennis ball helpers. All you need is an old tennis ball, some rivets and a suction cup. Cut a slice in the ball, insert rivets for eyes and glue the suction cup to the back. These cute characters can be used to hold keys, letter, notes and whatever your kids come up with!

Got Wimbleson fever? Make a tennis ball helper

Image: Duitang

4. Painting Stones – This is a great activity as it can be a summer project to work on over a few weeks. Collecting nice flat stones to decorate is the first activity, then when the weather isn’t so great, crack out the paints and get going! These designs are created with acrylic paint, with the black detail added with a slim permanent marker. They look awesome and are the perfect decoration for your flowerbeds when they are finished along with other DIY garden decoration ideas we mentioned in our earlier blog post.

Painting stones and pebbles is a great activity for kids

Image: I Sassi dell Adriatico

5. DIY Grasshead – These fun plants are a brilliant summer project for kids with green fingers. Cheaper than a shop-bought grasshead and more versatile as you can decorate and choose which plant to grow. Simply cut the bottle off a sturdy plastic bottle, decorate with a bottle top and some googly eyes, fill with soil, your chosen seeds and a bit of help in the form of some fertiliser. It will need watered throughout the summer and who knows, you might even need to give it a haircut!

Homemade GrassheadImage: beautifulhomeandgardendiy.com

What DIY projects do you have planned for the summer? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

Image credit: Thomas Hawk

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