2019 Oscar Ballot (Free Printable) For Your Oscar Predictions!

The 2019 award season is in full swing and the Oscars are coming up fast! Do you know what your plans are for this year’s Academy Awards? If not, don’t stress – we have the perfect free printable 2019 Oscar Ballot to infuse your night with fun!

Simply print out your 2019 Oscar Ballot to see how your predictions stack up. Why not print out a few extra copies and share with your friends too. Then, when the night is over you, can easily compare to see who had the best predictions about the award winners!

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To get your printable Oscar ballot simply download the ballot at the link below. Then, print it off on A4 paper, and mark down who you think the winners will be.

Your Free 2019 Oscar Ballot

2019 Oscar Ballot Printable

So what are you waiting for? Simply, click below and get your free Academy Awards ballot for this year’s show on February 24, 2019.

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