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£26 - £30  National average range
£26 - £30



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How much do bass guitar lessons cost?

Nov 19, 2019

In the UK bass guitar lessons cost £25 to £30 per session on average. This can then vary based on the bass guitar instructor's experience and whether you book a set of lessons as a package.

Bass Guitar Lessons Cost

UK National Minimum Cost£25
UK National Maximum Cost£30
UK National Average Cost£27
Average Range£25 - £30

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Learning to play a musical instrument can be a wonderful decision at any age. It’s good for developing different mental skills and can improve your memory. It is also known to increase the ability to concentrate. So of course, deciding to take music lessons whether guitar, violin, or piano is the first step towards gaining these skills and abilities!

Before you begin your lessons, you will want to ensure you know about all of the factors that may influence the cost. Different choices may cause your lessons to be more or less than the average cost. By paying attention to these details, you will stay in control as you work everything out with your instructor. 

Musical Genre

The bass guitar is suited to a wide range of musical genres, but some may appeal to you more than others. If there is one type of playing in particular that you are drawn to, mention it to your instructor. They can help you locate this type of music so you are able to play.

One of the most well-known genres for bass guitar music is rock.

This encompasses everything from the soft ballads of Coldplay to Billy Joel’s pop rock. It’s a constantly-evolving genre that evokes the sounds of many different decades and the deep sound of the bass guitar pairs perfectly with this genre.

Rock isn't the only genre you can learn with bass guitar lessons though. Pop, classical,  jazz, and even country can be paired with the bass guitar to add depth.

Let your instructor know which genre inspires you, so that you can craft lessons that you are passionate about and interested to learn.
Size of Lessons

To learn the bass guitar, you will have your choice between private or group lessons. Each of these options will enable you to learn anything from sheet music to playing a wonderful song. But you may have a preference for one type, so it's important to pick the one that is the best fit.

Private lessons may be a little more costly but you do receive the full attention of your instructor for the full session. This can be helpful if you are starting out with the basics! You will have enough time to create a strong foundation for all of your learning.

Group lessons are another popular choice for many. You take turns with things like learning your chords to time practising as a group. These lessons usually have a classroom-like feel that can facilitate great learning. If you are getting lessons for several children starting at the same level, this may be a good option.

Access to a Bass Guitar

Practise is a key part of your learning process. So it is very important that you have reliable access to a bass guitar to practice what you are learning at home.

If you do not own a bass guitar at present, you may need to look into your options. Purchasing a bass guitar is a great idea if you plan on continuing the lessons for a long time. This will be the most cost-effective option over time, although there can be a higher cost at the initial setup. Ask your instructor for recommendations on a type of bass guitar to look into to ensure you have a model that is worth it.

If buying is not an option, consider renting a bass guitar for the duration of your lesson series. Or, find out if there is a place where you can have access such as at a school music room or another music facility. 

Student’s Experience With Instruments

Make sure that your instructor is aware of any prior experience. If you have taken lessons before or have taught yourself a few things, that is great! This will help establish a strong foundation for playing the bass guitar.

Your instructor may wish to do a preliminary test to assess your knowledge or ability before beginning lessons. This will prevent any overlapped or duplication with items you may already know, such as learning chords, how to position hands on the guitar, or how to read guitar tabs. Even knowledge of another instrument may be helpful in terms of understanding some elements of musical theory.

Did you know? Learning music also brings a wide range of benefits, learn more about the benefits of learning music in this article.

Time and Frequency of Lessons

A lesson can be anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour in length. This is a personal choice depending on the student’s attention span and desire to learn. Remember that your lesson is no replacement for practice, so leave time for that too! Learning a new skill can be achieved with regular practice and commitment.

Most lessons are on a schedule of at least once a week over the course of several weeks. This ensures that it becomes part of your weekly routine. You are able to pick a less frequent schedule if that works better, but the primary point is to make sure you can stick with what you've chosen. This will also include time at home to practice what you're learning and to master the bass guitar.

Teacher's Experience

An experienced teacher will make sure you learn what you need to know to play the bass guitar with ease. So make sure to check out a potential instructor to ensure they have what it takes to teach you properly.

Many music teachers will have been playing for years before they have turned to teaching. Many will not have formal teacher’s training, but their advanced playing skills and knowledge will make up for this. If you aren't sure, consider reviews as references of their abilities and skills to teach.


Signing up for lessons is a commitment. You’ll be meeting with your instructor for quite some time, after all, and it’s important to have it set up in a way that makes it easy to stick with it. This makes where you take your lessons a key consideration!

A local professional will make travelling back and forth much easier on you. Going to a teacher’s studio or home to learn gives you a quiet, dedicated space to learn. Lessons may be easier away from the hustle and bustle of your home, especially if you have several children taking lessons at the same time.

But you can also choose to have your instructor travel to you. Make sure you have a quiet space with a bass guitar. It wouldn’t do to be disturbed in the middle of a lesson!

Cost Comparison of Popular Music Lessons

Not sure whether you want to learn bass guitar, the piano, or improve your singing skills? Check out the cost comparison chart below to easily compare prices for popular music lessons.

Music LessonsAverage Hourly Rate
Piano Lessons£30
Guitar Lessons£25
Violin Lessons£35


Making music is a relaxing and rewarding activity at any age. And with the help of a professional, being able to play the bass guitar is an activity you can soon look forward to.

Start your search for a great bass guitar teacher today with Bidvine. Submit a free request for bids from qualified local bass guitar teachers. It’ll be easy to find the perfect fit! Then to accompany your new bass guitar skills why not combine your lessons with vocal coaching?! Before you know it you'll be ready to sing and play guitar for all your friends.