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£120 - £200

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£120 - £200  National average range
£120 - £200



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How much does baby photography cost?

Sep 06, 2019

In the UK, the national average for baby photography is, £100 to £160 per session. Keep in mind that as this is an average, costs can vary. For instance, a longer or shorter session may vary costs, as well as the addition of extra family portraits with baby. To get a precise cost estimate for your professional baby photography session from local photographers simply submit a free request. 

Baby Photography Costs

UK National Minimum Cost£100
UK National Maximum Cost£150
UK National Average Cost£125
Average Range£100 - £150

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About Baby Photography

A new baby is a precious addition to your family. You'll want to remember all of your first moments with your little one!

Photography can help you preserve these memories and share them with others.  Hiring a professional to take photos of your baby will ensure high-quality results.

When you work with a professional you know you’ll get adorable shots to help you remember these early days even as they grow. 


Before you start the search for a photographer, think about your vision for your baby's pictures. This will make sure you find the perfect photographer to work with.

Baby’s Age

First, consider your baby's age. Some photographers may specialise in a certain type of baby photography, such as a newborn photo shoot.

However, most photographers will be able to work with a baby of any age. Though age will influence the type of photos that are taken in the photoshoot. For example, an older baby could sit or stand on their own, whereas a newborn cannot.

You'll also want to consider that as your baby gets older, they may be more likely to move around. It can take longer to take photos, and this can add to the shoot's overall cost.

Photo Shoot Theme

A theme is a great way to tie your photos in together, especially if you plan to create a book of memories.

Share the joy of your new family with parents and baby shots or bring siblings in to welcome the new baby! These make great family portrait keepsakes too look back on and share with friends and family.

You can also take the photo shoot outdoors! Outdoors photos will make your new baby's photos stand out. Just keep in mind that this option is usually best in the warmer months when the baby won’t catch a chill.

Other popular choices include pictures of a sleeping baby or with a treasured stuff toy. These classics are always adorable.

Props For The Photo Shoot

Props can give you more options when it comes to your photos. They can also add personality!
You can bring your own props to the shoot. Perhaps your baby has a favourite stuffed toy or blanket. Then again, you may have an item with a special history, like a toy that's been in your family for generations. Why not preserve the memories in a professional photo?!

If you don't have any props at hand, ask your photographer to bring some along. Photographers have a variety of props that should work for your newborn photo shoot. If inspiration has struck, ask them to bring them along.

Format For The Final Photos

There are a few options for how you get your photos. Physical prints will be ready to frame but may cost more.

Getting your photos in a digital format makes it easy to share online. This includes photos on CD, DVD, USB and using online file transfers like Google Drive. You can also use these digital copies for printing if you decide that's the way to go later on.

Some photographers may also put the final images in an album. If you're hoping to share pictures with loved ones, this might prove to be the perfect package.

If you aren't sure, you can ask your photographer to make recommendations on the best format for your photos.


The length of your photography session will vary, but you should expect it to take at least three hours. It's always better to have too much time instead of not enough.

This way, you can give your baby as many breaks as needed. You'll also feel more relaxed. It's important to feel calm and comfortable to keep your baby stress-free.

A pleasant environment is better for everyone. Plus, feeling good can make a huge difference in the pictures! You'll get the best photos by avoiding the rush.


It takes a special kind of person to get great baby pictures. Your local baby photographer needs patience and kindness to work with babies.

Try and find someone who has taken pictures of babies and young children before. Their experience with portraiture will make them a great fit.

Before you settle on a photographer, you may want to find out about other people's experiences with them. Read a pro's reviews to find out what made people happy and what they thought of their photos. With this information, you'll know you've made a great choice!


Once you've decided on how your photoshoot will look, you'll want to think about the location.

Taking photos indoors is a great option for any time of year. Whether you go to a studio or the photographer's home, your baby will be well taken care of.

You can also have the photographer come to you. Keep in mind that this will add time and cost as your photographer will need to set up equipment. A few days before the photographer arrives, consider arranging a cleaning service to stop by. They'll get your home sparkling with cleanliness, and ready for the photoshoot!

To incorporate nature into the photos, you'll want to find the perfect outdoor location. If you don't know of a place, ask your photographer. They often know of good locations that can provide an ideal backdrop. Your backyard can be a great option as well after a quick tidy up by a local gardener it will create a stunning backdrop for photos.


It's important to preserve memories of your little one. Photos are a great way to remember today's special moments. You'll be able to enjoy them today and look back on them in the future!

Hiring a professional photographer will ensure you get great looking photos. With their help, you won't worry that you've missed out on your newborn baby's milestones!

Ready to find a professional photographer for your baby's photoshoot? Let Bidvine help! Just answer a few questions and submit a free request for bids from local pros. We'll connect you with trusted photographers who can give you great memories!