Capture Exciting 2017 Trends With These Top Renovation Projects

Capture the Exciting Trends of 2017 With These Top Renovation Projects - Featured Photo

Along with the new year comes a new opportunity to refresh and update your home. After all, if you’re investing the time and effort into your healthy living resolutions why not share some love with your home as well!

Yet when you are considering refreshing your entire home it can seem overwhelming. So, we put together this list of 5 top renovation projects for 2017, to make sure you have all the inspiration you need to capture the top 2017 home trends!

1. Refresh your bathroom

2. Update your kitchen

3. Finish your basement

4. Add a fresh coat of paint

5. Upgrade for energy efficiency

Refresh Your Bathroom

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1. Refresh your bathroom

It can be easy to neglect a bathroom renovation in favour of other parts of your home. Yet, a bathroom that is refreshed and up to date can make a huge impact on your home. So, be sure to add it to your list of home renovation projects for 2017.

When your bathroom has shiny new tiles, a new coat of paint and a new tub or shower stall, it will really stand out. Want to make sure your bathroom follows the 2017 painting trends? Don’t sweat it, we’ve included some of the top 2017 painting trends at the bottom of this article so simply keep on reading.

While you’re at it, consider updating your faucets or sink. Old faucets with rusted spots and sinks with soap scum that just won’t go away can make your bathroom feel less than stellar. A new faucet and sink will really help to give your bathroom a clean and refreshed atmosphere.

Then, don’t forget to upgrade your toilet. A new energy efficient toilet will not only look clean it will also help out the environment and reduce your water consumption!

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Update Your Kitchen

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2. Update your kitchen

Just like a refreshed bathroom, an updated kitchen is a sure way to keep your home on trend for 2017. There are several ways to update your kitchen from entirely remodelling it to updating a few key components.

Here’s a list of some of the top ways you can capture kitchen trends for 2017 as you tackle your home renovation projects!


A new tile backsplash around your kitchen is an excellent way to update your home for the new year. When designing your backsplash be sure to use subway tiles. They are one of the top 2017 backsplash trends! To make a statement, consider using a bold or vibrant colour that pops. On the other hand, if you would prefer a more classic gentle look opt for a cream or beige colour instead.

If subway tiles aren’t your favourite 2017 backsplash trend then why not opt for a metal or mirrored backsplash. If your kitchen is smaller a mirror will help to reflect the light and create the illusion of a larger space.

New cabinets

New cabinets will help to create a stylish setting in your kitchen. In 2017 kitchen cabinet trends will lean towards maximising storage space. Some cabinets even contain storage space on the interior of the cabinet door itself not just within the body. With more storage space for organising your kitchen wears, you simply can’t go wrong.

In 2017 more kitchen cabinets are also handleless. These handleless units create a linear look, that emphasises the simple modernity of today’s kitchen.

Yet, if you aren’t feeling up to installing all new cabinets you can still get in on the trends. A simple way to update your kitchen for 2017 is by adding a fresh coat of paint. Painting older cabinets with trending colours like those mentioned in the painting trends section below will breathe new life into your kitchen.

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When it comes to countertops, quartz is one of the most popular looks for 2017. There are plenty of benefits to a quartz countertop too!

Quartz countertops are manufactured unlike natural stone countertops like granite or marble. So, there is a wider variety of colours to choose from. This makes matching your countertop to the aesthetic of your kitchen far easier.

In contrast to natural stone countertops, quartz is also more durable. This means that it is less likely to chip or crack. In addition to being more durable, quartz also resists stains better than natural stone because it is a non-porous surface. So with a quartz countertop, you will have less reason to worry if you spill some red wine, coffee, tomato sauce or juice.

Opt for a smart kitchen

It’s not just your phone, tablets or computers that are smart now, technology is creeping into the kitchen as well, with the addition of smart devices.

2017 will continue to bring technology into the kitchen with Bluetooth speakers and pop up sockets where you can charge your phone.

It certainly doesn’t stop there either. New devices like the Genican, a garbage can that lets you scan the barcode on a package and then creates a grocery shopping list on your smartphone, are also on trend.

So, while you are updating your kitchen be sure to add a few smart appliances as well to keep your kitchen in the loop.

Basement Renovation 2017

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3. Finish your basement

If you have an unfinished basement that you have been putting off renovating, then 2017 is the year to do it.

Here is a list of top additions to consider for your basement home renovation projects.

Home Theatre

There are several ways to go about designing a home theatre and you don’t even need movie theatre seats.

When creating a home theatre in your basement you are essentially creating a cosy space where you and your loved ones can enjoy movies together. So, keeping that in mind it is important to add your favourite comforts like couches and blankets.

At the same time while designing your home theatre you will also want to create an immersive experience.

To do this you will want to add a tv or projector screen that is large enough to comfortably watch from your couches or chairs. Then consider adding surround sound speakers or your preferred audio equipment.

If you or your loved ones enjoy gaming then it may also be a good idea to install your preferred gaming system as well.

Do you need help to install all of these components for your home theatre? Don’t sweat it Bidvine can help connect you with a trusted, local home theatre installer.


Another top idea for your basement is to create a cosy den. A den is a bit of a combination of a traditional living room with its cosy couches or chairs and a home theatre.

Whether you watch your favourite movies and shows, play a few games or read a book is totally up to you! It is a space where you and your family can go to relax and recharge at the end of the work day.

Creating a den in your basement will transform our basement from a cold, damp space you’d rather not visit into your favourite relaxation space.


A kitchenette is the perfect comfort addition to your basement. If you have a space where you can refrigerate and heat up food to snack on while in your den, your space will be far more inviting.

If you are considering creating a basement in-law suite in the future a kitchenette will have added value. With a kitchenette in your in-law suite, there won’t be a need to worry about who gets to use the upstairs kitchen and when. Instead, everyone can peacefully coexist preparing food as they need to.


Just like a kitchenette, a basement bathroom is a top option for your basement home renovation project.

If you are finishing your basement, then adding a bathroom to the basement only makes sense. This is because a  basement bathroom is both practical and convenient.

Plus a newly renovated bathroom in your finished basement will surely gather some oohs and ahhs from visiting guests.

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Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

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4. Add a fresh coat of paint

Chipped paint can really drag down the atmosphere of a room, even if the rest of the room is in top shape.

So, make sure you beat the blues in 2017 adding interior painting to your list of home renovation projects.

2017 paint trends are set to be an intriguing balance between gentle, neutral tones and bright brilliant colours.

Several paint companies such as Behr and Dulux, have released select palates in line with 2017 paint trends. Behr’s colours contrast soft pastels in their comfort palate with bold blues and yellows in their confident palate.

Then, Dulux offers a soft blue denim as its colour of the year, with a playful palate of pinks and yellows, a romantic palate of blues and greys and a luxurious palate of white and beige tones.

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Upgrade for Energy Efficiency in 2017

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5. Upgrade your home for energy efficiency

If you’ve been putting off upgrading your appliances, then 2017 is the year to get them all up to date.

Upgrading your home for energy efficiency is not only great for the environment it can save you money too! Energy efficient appliances use less energy and so, you will have to pay for less wasted energy.

There are plenty of different ways to incorporate energy efficient appliances into your home renovation projects as well. For instance, you can install an energy efficient toilet in your bathroom, energy efficient light bulbs in your bathroom or an energy efficient dishwasher in your kitchen!

Yet, energy efficient appliances aren’t the only way to update your home for energy efficiency. Draught proofing is another great way to reduce the energy you waste.

To draught proof your home, you will want to keep an eye out for cold spots. Is there an area by a window where you always feel a light breeze? How about a wall which is so cold it seems to cool down the entire room? If this sounds like an area in your home then chances are that is the area you will need to weatherproof.

Bidvine TipInsulation is one of the best ways to draught proof your home!

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