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How Much Does It Cost to Wallpaper a Room? (With Prices!)

One of the best ways to update and refresh your home is by giving your walls a makeover and wallpaper is a top way to do this. Yet figuring out what the average cost to wallpaper a room is, can seem like an impossible challenge.

Still, don’t fret we’ve packed this article with top pricing information, simple ways to reduce your costs and inspirational tips for your project so that you have all the information you need before hiring a wallpaper installer.

how much does it cost to wallpaper a room

How Much Does It Cost to Wallpaper a Room?

When you are planning home renovations, the budget is first and foremost on your mind. You need to know just how much each aspect of your renovation will cost in order to plan properly.

So we researched the median hourly rates and total costs that wallpaper professionals on Bidvine charge. Then, to help you plan a timeline for your project we’ve also included in the average time it takes to complete wallpapering projects.

 Median Hourly RateMedian Total CostMedian Total Hours
Wallpaper Installation£25£25011
Wallpaper Removal£8.25£2508

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Simple Ways to Reduce the Cost to Wallpaper a Room

1. Measure Your Room Accurately

One of the best ways to reduce your renovation costs is by measuring your room accurately. When you have an accurate measurement of your room you won’t waste money purchasing excess wallpaper. You also won’t end up wasting your time running back to the store because you don’t have enough wallpaper to finish up the room.

Bidvine Tip: Check out this article to learn how to measure the square footage of your walls.

If you don’t have time to measure the square footage of your walls yourself, don’t fret. When you submit a quote for your wallpaper installer simply mention this. That way your wallpaper installer for hire can bring the supplies they need to make an accurate measurement for you.

2. Choose Your Wallpaper Material in Advance

Figuring out the best wallpaper material for your walls is a great way to save money. The better a fit it is, the longer it will last, and the longer it lasts the less often you will need to re-do the room. So, thinking ahead and sourcing the wallpaper material which will last the longest can save you money in the end!

There are four main types of wallpaper materials, these are explained in further detail below:


Vinyl is perhaps one of the most popular types of wallpaper. The design is placed on a paper backing which is then painted with a coating.

This vinyl coating seals and protects the wallpaper. The vinyl coating means that it is excellent at withstanding water. So, if your wallpaper is dirty it will be fairly easy to clean. It also means that you can hang the wallpaper in a more humid area without concern that it will rip. This makes it a top option for areas like the kitchen and bathroom which can get steamy from cooking or showers.

It also means that you can hang the wallpaper in a more humid area without worrying that it will rip. This makes it a top option for areas like the kitchen and bathroom which can get steamy from cooking or showers.


Flock wallpapers are very delicate and are generally quite tricky to install. Like vinyl, they have a paper backing but instead of a vinyl coat, these wallpapers have a fuzzier texture similar to velvet.

The velvety texture of flock wallpaper also means that it cannot be washed. So, it is not the best choice for a humid room or an area which could get messy, like a child’s room. Instead, it is far better to place your wallpaper in a living or dining room, which doesn’t have as much traffic.


Fabric wallpaper most often refers to wallpaper with a fabric backing and a vinyl coating. The fabric pattern is sealed in by the vinyl coating for extra protection.

While this type of wallpaper is more durable than foil or flock, because of its vinyl coating it is still more delicate than vinyl wallpaper. To achieve the longest durability out of fabric wallpaper it is best to hang it in a room which doesn’t receive excessive moisture. This means that hanging fabric wallpaper in the bathroom should be avoided. The living or dining room is a far better alternative.

To achieve the longest durability out of fabric wallpaper it is best to hang it in a room which doesn’t receive excessive moisture. This means that hanging fabric wallpaper in the bathroom should be avoided. The living or dining room is a far better alternative.


Foil wallpapers are metallic by nature. They can be used to create gorgeous and modern metallic patterns.

However, your wall should be in good condition if you would like to install a foil wallpaper. Its general shininess will make wall imperfections stand out that much more.

Some kinds of foil wallpapers are more delicate to install, so it is important to take care not to rip it during installation. They are also far more likely to crease or wrinkle during installation.

Essentially, if you would like to install a foil wallpaper it is an all around more delicate venture that should be entrusted to a professional. After all, the last thing you want to do is damage your wallpaper before it’s even on your walls.

3. Find the Best Wallpaper Pattern Ahead of Time

One of the biggest mistakes to avoid when wallpapering your home is choosing the wrong wallpaper. The last thing you want is to realise after you have finished wallpapering that you don’t like your wallpaper.

To figure out the best wallpaper for your walls, take some time to consider what atmosphere you would like to set first.

The atmosphere or vibe that you want the room to have will make a big impact on which wallpaper you use. For example, if you want to create a child-like atmosphere for a kid’s room, then a fun pattern with polka-dots is a great choice.

Trying to open up a room and make it feel larger? Then cool colours like whites, light blues and soft greens are your best bet.

Bidvine Tip: Keep reading to the end of the article for top inspirational suggestions for wallpapering your room.

4. Ensure Your Walls Are in Top Shape

The state of your walls, whether good or bad plays a key part in how your wallpapering project will roll. For instance, foil wallpaper doesn’t suit a wall with imperfections all that well.

The Bidvine request form gives you the option to classify the condition of your walls. You can choose from the following wall classifications:

  • Excellent: Your walls are in top shape, they are smooth and ready for wallpaper
  • Fair: Your walls are in decent shape but they do have some minor scratches and holes to repair
  • Poor: Your walls need major repairs before wallpaper can be installed

This classification will inform your professional as to whether any work is needed to prepare your walls for wallpaper ahead of time. That way they can provide you with a more accurate quote which encompasses all aspects of the project.

5. Hire a Wallpaper Installer

Hiring a wallpaper installer is arguably one of the best ways to save both your time and money. Yes, you do have to pay your wallpaper installer and yes this is more money than you would pay yourself to install it yourself.

Yet, you can actually still save money by hiring a wallpaper installer. While you don’t have to pay labour costs if you install the wallpaper yourself, you will have to pay for new wallpaper if your rip it or crinkle it.

If you damage your wallpaper you will not only need to pay for the new wallpaper, you will also have to pay for someone to remove the damaged wallpaper panels. At which point, you may decide that it would be far more effective to hire a professional anyway.

8 Inspirational Wallpaper Ideas

Embossed Wallpaper

Image Credit

Emboss It

Embossed wallpaper is a stylish way to add a dramatic flair to any room, even if you don’t want to cover every wall. An accent wall that is papered with embossed wallpaper will catch the eye of anyone who walks in the room. To add extra drama, choose a bold or dark colour like the deep navy pictured above.

Set a Scene With Your Wallpaper

Image Credit

Set a Scene

When choosing your new wallpaper consider whether you want to set a scene. Many different types of wallpaper come printed with gorgeous outdoors nature or cityscape scenes. These can transform your wall into an enchanting work of art. You can bet that with wallpaper this gorgeous, your friends will all be sneaking snaps for their Instagram accounts.

Foliage Wallpaper

Image Credit

Add Greenery with Foliage

Do you get the winter blues? Then make your home a year-round tropical oasis with vibrant green foliage on your wallpaper. You can then accent your wallpaper with your furniture. Soft beiges, crisp whites and deep greens work well with a foliage style wallpaper.

Choose bold wallpaper

Image Credit

Make It Bold

Ready for a pop of colour in your home? Then you’re in luck! There are plenty of wallpaper designs which come in brilliant and bold colours like the one pictured above. A collage of bright shapes is a great way to add a pop of energy to any room.

If a collage has a few too many colours for you, don’t fret. There are several different styles of wallpaper which feature either one or two bold colours. You can then work these bold colours into the rest of the room through the furniture or rugs.

Shine With Metallic Wallpaper

Image credit

Shine with Metallic Wallpaper

Feeling like something a little bit shinier than vinyl wallpaper? Then foil wallpaper with a metallic pattern is a top choice. From feathers to flowers to paisleys or polka dots, your metallic wallpaper choices are simply endless. The only limit is your imagination!

vintage wallpaper

Image Credit


Nothing stands the test of time like a classic vintage pattern. If you are a fan of all things vintage then vintage wallpaper is simply a must. You can even pair it with classic vintage furniture to emphasise the aesthetic of your room.

Modern Wallpaper

Image Credit

Add a Modern Touch

Prefer a touch of modernity to vintage? Then you’ll simply love the clean lines which these geometric shapes create. A modern wallpaper like this will suit a minimalist lifestyle well.

Striped Wallpaper

Image Credit

Style It with Stripes

You simply can’t forget the stripes when seeking out inspirational wallpaper ideas. Stripes are a classic wallpaper choice and have come a long way. For instance, the white and grey stripes pictured above, add sleek modern style to the room.

No matter whether you are looking to infuse your home with bold colours, stripes, or a picturesque beach scene it is best to hire a wallpaper installer to complete your project. That way you can ensure that your project will be completed professionally and efficiently. Then you can cross your projects off your to-do list that much sooner and get back to pursuing your passions.

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