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Building a Tiny House Can Save You Money and Simplify Your Life

Have you ever thought about packing up and moving somewhere new? If your career is one that allows you the freedom of moving around, what’s stopping you? Maybe you have a home and mortgage payments to make. Maybe you’re stuck in a long lease in a flat you don’t like. If you’ve ever considered building a tiny house and getting away from your anchors, read on!

Whether you want a luxurious tiny house or a basic one, a pro can help you design and build it. A tiny house is an environmentally friendly form of affordable housing that can be personalised to you. Depending on the house plans, the floor plan can include storage space, a kitchen and bathroom, and even a full bedroom.

In this post, we’ll go over the basics of building a tiny house. We’ll also give you suggestions for design and usability of your tiny home. So, get reading and get excited to join the tiny house movement!

Building a Tiny House Can Save You Money and Simplify Your Life - Inside a Tiny House

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4 Reasons to Build a Tiny House

You’re probably asking yourself: “Why should I build a tiny house?” And we get it. They’re small. It’s hard to imagine having access to everything you need on a daily basis in a home that’s barely bigger than a Luton truck. But, you don’t have to feel restricted by a tiny house. You can show your personality through design (both interior and exterior), and travel the continent in your own home! Here are 4 reasons to build a tiny house in 2016:

1. They’re Portable

If you have a tiny house, you can move it wherever you want to go. That is, as long as that place is accessible by road and has space to hold your tiny home. If you have friends who own land with room to spare, ask them if you can let a bit and host your tiny home.

Tiny homes are especially good if you want to go “off the grid.” Have you ever considered getting away from the big city and living off the land? If you have a tiny home and a plan, you can! All you have to do is build a bespoke tiny house that has the tools you need to live in nature. You’ll need to include a generator, a way to get water, and anything else you need during your day-to-day life.

2. Building a Tiny House Is Less Expensive Than Living in a Regular House

Think about how much you spend on utilities in your current home. You likely have to pay for heating, electricity, water, and more. But what if we told you there was a way to cut these costs down significantly?

Well, you’re in luck. By living in a tiny house the size of a bedroom, you’ll be saving on all of your utility bills. You won’t need to heat multiple rooms and provide electricity to unused outlets. When you build a tiny house, you can live off of a small generator and water tank. Your tiny house can end up saving you hundreds of pounds a year in utilities alone! To make your home as energy efficient as possible, hire an auditor on Bidvine.

The cost savings don’t stop at utilities, though. The cost of building a tiny house alone is well below the average price of homes in the UK. This is especially true if you live in London. We’ll talk more about the cost breakdown of tiny homes later, though, so read on.

3. You Can Downsize Your Possessions

It goes without saying that your tiny home won’t have room for all of your belongings. So, if you’ve always been interested in living a minimalistic life, a tiny home might be for you. You can get rid of the things you’ve been hoarding since secondary school, and make way for memories in your little house. If you are getting rid of your possessions, we suggest donating them to a charity shop rather than throwing them out.

Many tiny homes have some sort of storage, though, so you don’t have to get rid of everything you own. If you’re developing a bespoke plan with a builder and interior designer, you can ask them for more or less storage space. There are plenty of tiny homes that have storage lofts or storage built into the bottom of the home, so you’ll be able to customise your home to your needs. But, if you have heirlooms or possessions you want to keep, you may want to get a storage unit near your tiny home. Then, you don’t have to clutter up your house with things you don’t use every day, but you don’t have to donate everything you own.

Building a Tiny House Can Save You Money and Simplify Your Life - Tiny House on Airbnb

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4. You Can Rent It out on Airbnb or HomeAway

Are you looking for a simple way to earn an additional income? If you want an inexpensive way to earn money from tenants or guests, build a tiny home and list it on a popular home rental website (like Airbnb or HomeAway). You can rent it monthly, weekly, or nightly, it’s totally up to you.

If you’re not comfortable with renting your tiny home out to strangers, a tiny house would make the perfect guest house or vacation home. You can contain the basic necessities in a cute little home. Park it in your garden if there’s space or take it on the road, travelling the country. If you want to travel Europe with your tiny home, you can do that, too! Just hop on a motorhome-friendly ferry and get ready to explore.

For help renting out your tiny home on a weekly or monthly basis, find an estate agent on Bidvine.

Average Cost to Buy a House in the UK

If you’re considering purchasing a house in the near future, you may be wondering how much it’s going to cost. In this article, we’ll break down the cost of buying a house in the United Kingdom in 2016. We’ll look at home prices in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

It’s becoming more and more expensive to own and live in a house in the UK. Of course, the average cost of living depends on where you live and its housing market, but the point still stands. There are even large price gaps within cities, as you can see in this graphic:

Building a Tiny House Can Save You Money and Simplify Your Life - London Tube Map Home Prices

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We were inspired by that map, so we put together some infographics with the average home prices across the UK, take a look!

If you own a house in the UK, your living expenses will likely include mortgage payments, utility bills, transit, food, and other costs. If you rent a home or flat in the UK, your living expenses will include weekly or monthly rent, maybe utility bills, transit, food, and other costs. How nice would it be to get rid of mortgage payments and rent and live relatively debt free?

Are you wondering about the average energy bill cost in the UK? Check out this infographic we put together with data from UK Power.

Building a Tiny House Can Save You Money and Simplify Your Life - How much does an energy bill cost in England?

To find more information on how much energy bills cost in the UK, head over to OVO Energy’s great guide.

When you’re buying or selling a house in the UK, you need to consider other costs, too. These costs include conveyancing fees, the land registry fee, moving costs, and more.

Average Cost of Building a Tiny House in the UK

When you build a tiny house, you’re not taking out a £100,000 or more loan to own a home. Most tiny homes cost less than £30,000, depending on the level of fixtures you’re installing. If you want a more luxurious tiny home, you’re going to be paying a premium, as you would with a fancier house.

What if we told you that depending on your house’s features, you might qualify for Feed-In Tariffs (FITs). The UK government rewards people for producing their own energy by offering FITs. Not only will you be saving money on your energy bills and reducing your carbon footprint, but you could be earning some extra income. According to AOL Money UK, you could earn up to £400 a year by living in an energy-producing tiny house.

There is a wide variety of tiny house plans available on the Internet, so find one that suits your fancy. Then, use Bidvine to find the perfect builder to make your tiny house a reality. We’ll match your request up with trusted, local builders, and you’ll receive up to five bids within your budget. Keep in mind that building a tiny house will be significantly less expensive than building a regular house.

When you’re building a tiny house, you’ll have to consider the price of materials, the plan, building, and land. You’ll also need to move the house, which could require a large truck depending on its size. But, with most base prices ranging between £17,000 and £40,000, a tiny house is going to be less expensive than a regular house.

Have we convinced you to fulfil your dreams of building a tiny house? Find a builder on Bidvine and make your tiny home dreams come true! Click the button below to get free bids from trusted, local builders!

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